Keeping Food Costs Down While in College

Many college students find themselves short on funds on a regular basis.  Whether it is long hours of studying that limit one’s ability to work, or the high cost of attending classes, finding ways to help bring certain costs down can make a big difference for a student on a budget.

One way to keep costs down, even for students in dorms, is to consider starting a small container-based vegetable garden.  Not only can this help improve the food costs down by providing a supply of fresh vegetables, it can also bring in a pleasant, natural element into a living space.

Keeping Food Costs Down While in College

Preparing for a Garden

In order to get the most use of your indoor container garden, it is important to plan for the basics.  First, you will need to determine what you would like to grow, as this will help determine the size of the containers you will need.  In cases where space is limited, it will be wise to use container sizes to help determine what plants will be ideal.  Vegetable plants may be available in dwarf sizes, allowing them to be more easily planted in small containers, allowing for a wider range of options than if only full-sized variants are considered.

Since the plants will be placed in containers, you can choose to gather and prepare the soil in multiple ways.  Some soils can be purchased by the bag from home improvement stores, though it is important to examine which options are best for the vegetables you are looking to grow.  If you want to improve the quality of a soil yourself, creating your own compost may be ideal.

Jora makes a great composter for looking for a simple option to start composting on their own as long as you have the outdoor space.  For those living in student housing, consider speaking with decision-makers at the university about starting a composting program using cafeteria waste for use by students or the public at large.

Planting the Vegetables in their Containers

In order to plant the vegetables in the most ideal fashion, you will need containers with drainage holes in the base as well as a dish to catch the water runoff.  In the base of the container, you will want to add a layer of gravel to further promote proper drainage, followed by a layer of the proper soil.

Carefully remove the plant from its original pot from the retail store by gripping the plant firmly, but gently, near the roots to remove it from the pot.  Place the root ball in the middle of the new container making sure it lies approximately two inches below the rim.

Add or remove soil accordingly to fill the space, and then press down firmly on the soil to compact it a bit in order to provide the necessary support to the plant.  Water the plant where the base of the plant meets the soil, adding more as necessary based on the needs of the specific variety.

Maintenance and Harvesting

Continue to water the vegetables based on their individual needs, and consider adding an appropriate fertilizer on approximately a month basis to provide additional nutrients.  As the vegetables reach the desired size, carefully remove them from the rest of the plant and enjoy the results of your hardwork.

6 Things to Make Dorm Life Easier

Heading to college can be very exciting; living in a dorm room, not so much. Here are a few things that might make your dorm life a bit easier for you. Check them out:

6 Things to Make Dorm Life Easier

  1. Brita Pitcher

Let’s be honest. Fountain water does not taste THAT good. Supply yourself with new, fresh water sifted in a Brita water pitcher for as low as $20! Particularly valuable in making espresso or tea. They make thin, smaller adaptations of the filter which you can easily fit in a small-sized dorm refrigerator.

  1. Electric Kettle

Yet another extraordinary thing to have in the dorm; it warms water without utilizing a microwave. Purchasing an electric kettle can save you from the hassle of heating up water in a microwave turn-by-turn, only to make a cup of coffee or some instant noodles.

An electric kettle can warm a lot of water quick, effortlessly and without a wreck. Soup can likewise be warmed in it, as an additional comfort.

  1. Bed Risers

For only around 10 bucks a set, these are not to be missed. You might have considered them useless before heading off to college, or more specifically your dorm, but now they are a must-have to make your dorm life easier.

The additional space under your bed (which is most likely really low at any rate) adds up an entirely new storage room under your bed. Having that storage space could help you in keeping things sorted an organized, as opposed to having a messy room.

In addition to that, you can get some container boxes or foldable drawers and put them under your bed to store your shoes, or even your books!

  1. Garment Steamer

This is something you regret not purchasing when you are running late for that 8am class, or your clothes look shabby and wrinkled during your oh-so-important class presentation. A garment steamer can help you press your clothes without needing an ironing board. This will be handy for you because keeping an ironing board in an already congested dorm room can be really difficult.

With a garment steamer, you can directly steam and press your clothes while they are on the hanger without having to take them off from the hanger. Check out these Best garment steamers and purchase one for yourself before heading over to your dorm.

  1. Some Extra Containers

Numerous individuals detest having mess in their room so it’s generally decent to have some extra containers for organizing and storing purposes. Obviously, being in school, we would rather have our stuff look decent.

Cigar boxes offer strong storage room for pens, stationary, and so on and are effortlessly stacked. Regularly, Cigar shops will give away these boxes for nothing or at an extremely cheap rate. Numerous home change stores additionally offer brilliant plastic stackable boxes; mesh shelves will serve the purpose too.

  1. Hand Vacuum

Keep in mind the significance of a vacuum cleaner. We aren’t at home any longer, and soil we track into our rooms and pieces that fall onto the floor don’t mystically vanish when mother cleans the house. A small vacuum cleaner takes up almost no space, keeps the room new and won’t cost you a lot. You can get one for as low as $15.

Why Tourism Students Should Start Working As A Travel Agent on the Sideline

Most students have big dreams that are inspiring their studies and simply cannot wait to get started on their careers so they can start living their dreams.  Studies can take years to complete which is quite frustrating to most students who are eager to start earning their own living.  Tourism students have the advantage here because they are some of the few students who can start living their dream careers well before they are done with their studies.

Why Tourism Students Should Start Working As A Travel Agent on the Sideline

Top reasons to start freelancing as a travel agent

  • You can start earning some terrific extra cash from your freelance job that you can use to help cover some of your study expenses.
  • By freelancing as a travel agent you will earn terrific experience which is sure make you stand out above all of the other tourism students and ensure that you land the best job in the best travel agencies.
  • You save a lot of time when you start freelancing as a travel agent because you already have the experience and can get that diploma much quicker.
  • If you have exceptional skills you can even start your own travel agency right out of college.

How to start working as a freelance travel agent

  • The first step is to make sure that you know how to plan trips by planning dummy trips. You should request quotations and get prices for all things associated with trips to see if you can arrange cheaper trips than other companies.
  • The biggest way to make some good money on the sideline is to build contact that will enable you to earn good commission on the trips you plan for clients. DiscountMyFlights is one of the best websites that you can scout because you can score cheap tickets here which will enable you to make some good extra cash on trips for clients. On DiscountMyFlights you can book flights to destinations all over the world with airlines from all over the world and you can get some of the best deals and discounts for flights. DiscountMyFlights is one of the best flight sites for travel agents because you can always use the site to get the latest prices on trips to all locations so you can budget and calculate the price of trips much easier.
  • You need some experience and the only ways to get some experience is to either work for a travel agency on the sideline or to start working on trips for other people. You could even plan your family or friends trips for them voluntary in order to get the experience which is sure to improve your skills a lot.

Next you need to start marketing yourself.  You can enroll with freelancing websites to see if you can perhaps land a few projects there or advertise locally, on social media sites and create yourself a mini webpage which can feature all of your skills so clients can get ahold of your contact information easily.

5 Reasons Why Students Should Quit Using Drugs

On the off chance that you are searching for motivations to quit using drugs, odds are great that you have seen that your life is not as cheerful, agreeable or effective as it was some time recently. Perhaps you’ve been persuaded that you can use drugs and still keep things together. Infrequently it should be possible for some time, contingent upon the individual. The first thing you need to do is test yourself for drugs. Head over to to grab your kit.

Ideally, you’re understanding this before you’ve gotten to that point. To give you some consolation, here’s eight fantastic motivations to stop using drugs.

5 Reasons Why Students Should Quit Using Drugs

You’ll be much healthier. There’s not a drug out there without some hurtful impacts as all drugs are essentially harmful. The accurate impacts change by drug. Heroin or painkillers smother the activity of the lungs and this can prompt tuberculosis, pneumonia or abscesses. Marijuana causes changes to the brain like the those that happen with schizophrenia, also they cause harm to your lungs. Methamphetamine is to a great degree hard on the whole body, particularly the nervous system and cerebrum. The overwhelming usage of numerous drugs or liquor prompts compelling weight reduction and lack of healthy food that can influence one’s capacity to fight disease.

You’ll reduce your danger of death. Numerous drugs can bring about death the first occasion when you use them, and others can have a harming impact in the long haul. Cocaine is exceptionally unpleasant on the heart and veins which can trigger a quick heart failure or heart assault. Liquor can kill by overdose or increase the danger of mischance. Any sedative can bring about a lethal overdose. Synthetics like Ecstasy can make you overheat which can bring about organ breakdown. Quit getting the drugs and you have a superior chance at a long life.

You will probably keep a great job. One of the normal indications of the slide into habit is lost job. It’s exceptionally regular for a man using drugs to point the finger at others for this mishap. Be that as it may, typically, this is on the grounds that the individual quit performing good at work. There’s a higher number of sick leaves taken. Tasks are not being fulfilled. Slip-ups were made. Clients were disregarded and colleagues were estranged. The deciding result: You lose your job.

You can protect your relationships. In the event that one’s life partner or relatives are not drug users, it is regular for the relationships to be genuinely harmed, or to be finished when the other individual won’t endure the drug use any longer. On the off chance that everyone around you are using drugs with you, then any kids might be taken away. Every one of your lives will likely go on the same descending winding together.

You’ll have more cash. On the off chance that you have a dependence on heroin, it’s typical to pay $150-$200 every day on this propensity. Cannabis may in any case cost thousands every year and heavy drinkers may burn through $300 to $500 a month. It relies on upon one’s tastes and area. This cash could go into your pocket to enhance your life. In the event that you were submitting illicit acts to get the cash, you will now safe from being caught.

How to Check If Your Dorm or University Is Haunted

Sometimes the thing in your dorm that can give you the biggest scare is you.  You forget the window open and think that there might be a robber hiding underneath your bed.  You don’t click the fridge shut completely and see it open all by itself.  You keep misplacing your items and it seems like your dorm is haunted!  But there is a big difference between scaring yourself with your own forgetfulness and noticing something truly bizarre in your place.  It can be quite nerve wreaking to realize that you are sharing a room with a paranormal being and only with a bit of investigation will you be able to tell if you are truly being haunted.

How to Check If Your Dorm or University Is Haunted

How to find out if you have a ghost in your dorm

Making sure that you are not being haunted is a terrific way of putting your mind at ease so you can focus better on studies and be fearless when it comes to spending long hours in your dorm all alone.  Here are the best ways to find out if you are being haunted;

Buy a Geiger counter – Geiger counters or radiation counters are usually used to detect ionizing radioactive particles in just about any object by picking up alpha particles, beta particles and gamma rays.  They are usually used by people who work in a nuclear power plant, in a laboratory or with the production of granite counter tops.  But ghost hunters also use Geiger counters to pick up some signs of paranormal activity in your home or in your dorm when the ghost becomes active.  You can get a radiation counter fairly cheaply these days and scan your bedroom when you notice something odd or some odd activities that happens.

Misplaced objects – Everyone misplaces something from time to time but when you are certain that you did not put something in a certain spot then it can be a sign that you are not alone.

Light a candle – Ghost hunters claim that spirits think candles are lit for them so turn off all the lights and sit by a single candle to see if anything strange happens or if any ghosts appear.

Make a recording – Those with experience in paranormal activities claim that ghosts can often be heard off recordings by playing the recording backwards or you can pick up sounds while you sleep and see if there are any sudden noises on the recordings.

Take pictures – By now you have probably seen ghosts captured on a lot of photos.  Try to capture some photos whenever you feel scared or whenever you feel like someone might be watching you.

When to seek help

Mental illness is a serious disease that can have terrible effects on your life.  Anyone can become mentally disturbed.  Mental illnesses are becoming much more common due to all of the chemicals that are being poured into food and products and all of the stress that is being loaded onto everyone by society.  If you seriously see something or hear voices then it is time to get yourself checked out so you can be sure that you are sound and that there is in fact something real in your dorm.

Top 5 Night Jobs for College Students

Since classes are most often day time endeavors, your ability to be gainfully employed can be hindered. Therefore, it might be a good idea to start researching night jobs for college students. There are certainly a number of decent paying opportunities available to you if you don’t mind pulling an all-nighter at work.

Top 5 Night Jobs for College Students

  1. Babysitter: This is the most obvious answer as people are always looking for college kids to watch their children while they go out. If you advertise in the right places, online and at fitness clubs, you might be lucky enough to score a wealthy client. That can easily bring you $50 a night and most kids have a preset bedtime. As long as you stay out of the refrigerator and don’t snoop, you should be able to maintain the position and get great word of mouth referrals too!
  2. Server: While not necessarily an easy job, this is a position that can prove quite lucrative. There are 24 hour restaurants available but they probably won’t pay as much as those that have a high traffic dinner hour. If the tips are good you should do well. However, if you aren’t able to keep your tables happy, then you might want to consider some serving advice by reading more.
  3. Cleaning Services: Cleaning is probably not top on your list but there are a number of companies that hire college students to do overnight office cleaning. Or, if you are interested in a job in the flooring industry, like Tile & Grout Cleaning, Sealing, Grout Coloring – Click Here. Of course, there are always other cleaning type jobs available. Since most people don’t like to clean, these jobs are usually well paid.
  4. Security Guard: Your school might very well have its own safety and security department (most college campuses do). This is a relatively simple way to make money, especially during the night shift. Plus, there’s always the occasional thrill when someone is trying to break into a car or seen wandering after curfew. There is some risk in this position as those who are trying to do illegal things are often armed. So, you should consider taking security guard certification courses to protect yourself just in case the need ever arises.
  5. Help Desk: This could be a position available on campus in either the student center or the dorms. College kids stay up late so questions can abound into the wee hours. But there are also all kinds of companies that hire students to work their overnight help desks. Hotels would be an excellent source to investigate. If you’re more inclined toward the helping field, look into your local shelters and runaway centers. They are always hiring people to work overnight “helping” positions. Learn about these types of positions here.

College is a stressful and eventful time. You might find yourself in need of extra money to make it through. That’s why we have provided these top five night jobs for college students.  No matter what you are majoring in, these jobs are sure to fulfill your money making needs. And, they are pretty much year round opportunities. You could even mix and match them. However, if you think you’d prefer some other evening, or part time career, feel free to click here and read about these other options.

Personal Hygiene of Students

There are a lot of college students who feel so stressed with their schooling that they do not know what to do anymore. You still need to have good hygiene practices so that you will not be one of the students that people do not like to be with.

Since you are still a teenager transitioning to a young adult, your hormones may not have adjusted to your body yet. You have to change your personal hygiene at this point in time if you have not done it yet. Do remember that the food that you are going to eat will also have a huge effect on how you are going to smell so pay attention to your diet.

Personal Hygiene of Students

If you have not found the best hair trimmers just yet, you can start looking for reviews online. You have to find the right tools that will trim your hair whenever you want to. If you do not know how to use the hair trimmer, search for the instructions. The directions will always be easy to follow. Do you want to know the other things that will help you improve your personal hygiene? Here are other things that you can do:

  1. Remember to make it a habit to wash your hands especially before and after eating.

One of the reasons why you are more prone to germs and bacteria is because of the way that you hold different things in your hand. You can always stop the spread of germs and bacteria by washing and soaping your hands often. You may become surprised with the results.

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day.

You may only brush your teeth when you are going on a date or when you are going to meet up with your friends but you have to make it a habit to brush your teeth about twice a day. Some people would have to brush their teeth more depending on the recommendation of their dentists. Be sure to follow what the school dentist has told you about taking care of your teeth. Do not forget to floss too in order to further remove germs and bacteria that are stuck in between your teeth.

  1. Do not forget to use deodorant.

One of the reasons why people dislike hanging out with certain people is because of the way that they smell. You do not want to be that one student who always smells even when you just go from one class to another, right? You also do not want to be that one person people do not want to dance with because you smell. Wear the right deodorant and you can say goodbye to the bad smell that used to hound you.

  1. The use of some skin care products may be necessary.

A lot of young women are more concerned about this than men but there is a need for some skin care products to be used in order to get rid of acne and other skin problems. Even though you are young, you have to start taking care of your skin now.

Your personal hygiene will speak a lot about how you take care of your body and your appearance. Make some effort into looking good because after some time, you will also start to feel good.

Get Active- Politically

College is great. It’s time to hang out with new friends, learn new concepts, and debate philosophical ideologies. It’s also time to grow up and understand that being active in the political arena will have profound effects on your future.

A number of college students have become disillusioned by the state of this country and are therefore proclaiming their desire to avoid political discussions. This is to the detriment of the future of America. If we sit by, declaring our rebellion against the system, while thwarting our responsibility to truly foster change, we have wasted our educations and are in danger of relinquishing our future rights.

Get Active- Politically

Why Care?

It’s a valid question when it seems everyone claims to be voting against someone rather than for a candidate. We hear all the time about choosing the lesser of the two evils. However, it is our own stagnancy as a country that has allowed this two party system to eclipse all semblance of what true democracy is.

The Foundation for Defense of Democracies is fighting terrorism and defending freedom for the sake of maintaining the value of democracy. They want to defend democratic ideology and fight all things that fuel terrorism. This movement for national security and foreign policy is possible because people have exercised their voting and political rights in previous years. However, if college students don’t step up to the plate these entities could dissolve.

The Huffington Post reports that college students are apathetic and disinterested in the upcoming election. It appears that this generation of individuals does not see the relevance of political activism and that position is what keeps them from pursuing more knowledge on the topic. You can read more about that study here.

So what is the value in being politically active? Why care?

Here are some things to consider:

  1. You’re the only one who knows what’s important to you and can show that by voting for the things that matter. You can’t depend on someone else to vote for you.
  2. If you don’t participate you are only enabling the problems to continue. You can be part of the solution or part of the problem, essentially.
  3. You may make new friends by cooperating with communities and groups that believe the same things you do.
  4. You will know what’s going on in the world around you because you have taken the incentive to be an active and informed member of society.
  5. You will begin to understand how seemingly non-political things are actually attached to very political things. Tariffs and food regulations, which are controlled by political activity, can directly affect your brand loyalty (if you know what’s going on).
  6. Politicians and government entities can continue to lie to the populace if we don’t start doing our research to keep them honest.
  7. Propaganda will have less of an affect once you become active because you will know who’s just mud-slinging and who’s legitimate.
  8. Voting is a privilege that people have sacrificed their lives to provide for you. Don’t take their sacrifices for granted. There are plenty of places to live where your voice makes no difference.

Don’t take the easy way out. Get politically active and initiate a change in this great country. Surely you don’t want to lose your right to democracy. And, if you don’t think your vote means anything, read this.

What Students Can Accomplish With a Degree in Interior Decorating

What did you want to become when you were just a small child?  Did you always dream of becoming a doctor because you get to save lives?  Did you want to be a fireman because you got to ride a fire truck?  Was your big dream to become a pilot because you got to see the world?   As you grow older that big dream job doesn’t seem to pay enough to earn you a life worth living and you have to start looking for a real job that gives you real life freedom and a real income. Interior decorating is one of the few dream jobs that can actually be as dreamy and beneficial as you have always heard off and is a career choice that you definitely should consider right now.

What Students Can Accomplish With a Degree in Interior Decorating

How high can you go in interior decorating?

Interior decorating does not have limitations.  You are not restricted to just the clients in your home town or home city.  Famous interior decorators live a life of ultimate luxury because they travel across the globe and they how.  You can work for an interior decorating company, practice in your own name or perhaps even one day start your very own firm and handle large scale projects.

What is it like to be a famous interior decorator?

If you want to know what it is like to make it big in the interior decorating world then you should definitely read this article about Juan Pablo Molyneux.  Molyneux is an infamous interior decorator who transforms homes, mansions, palaces and businesses all over America, Europe and the Middle East.  He has his own interior decorating firm and is known as one of the best and most successful interior decorators ever.

Top choices for students when it comes to interior decorating

Interior decorating is highly unrestrictive.  When you pursue this fantastic career you can choose from a great variety of sectors to specialize in.

Choose local – Some interior decorators love to excel in a certain area and will work their way to becoming the best in that specific are by doing all of the interior decorating for a certain town or city.

Specialize in a certain area – Some interior decorators love to work on only certain projects such as bedrooms, kitchens, offices or large retail stores and they become reputed for specializing in that line.

Choose to travel – Juan Pablo Molyneux is one of the interior decorators who are not afraid to work on projects that take him abroad and you can choose your career path for traveling as well.

Choose to work for a firm – Working for a major interior decorating firm is one of the best starts you can make since you are sure to land a lot of projects which will gain you valuable experience for when you want to go on your own one day or perhaps start an own firm.

Choose to start your own firm – When you want to specialize in a certain location then it is probably best to create a large firm so you can handle a greater variety of clients.

Earn an Extra Income for Your Studies by Making and Selling Compost

Student life is quite expensive.  Your books are expensive, your living cost is expensive, your clothes are expensive and spending time with friends is expensive.  Student life is also one of the toughest times of your life because you have to spend a lot of hours in front of the books and probably don’t have time much time for a part time job.  If you want to earn a bit of spending money easily then it is time to consider making compost and selling it.

Why compost is the best money project for students

  • You can make compost completely free since all you need for good quality compost is waste products.
  • It doesn’t take up much of your time to make compost. One hour a day is plenty of time!
  • Compost is the only business type that has a 100% markup profit.
  • Every home owner, gardener and nursery uses compost for their plants and especially for potted plants which means you will always have plenty of clients.
  • You can make compost anywhere when you have a good quality tumbler.
  • You can grow your own mini veggie or herb garden from your own compost and save money on groceries.
  • Your dorm potted plants will flourish and grow much better with your own hand grown compost.

Earn an Extra Income for Your Studies by Making and Selling Compost

Get a good quality compost maker

As a student you probably don’t have time to waste.  Compost making and making your own compost barrels or compost makers requires a lot of time and skill.  A good quality compost tumbler will help you make much more compost in less time and will cut back on a lot of the effort involved in mixing your compost heaps.  If you are going to buy a compost maker then the compost tumbler by Yimby is one of the best possible choices you can make because it has a 37 gallon capacity and you can have good quality compost ready every second week which enables you to cash in frequently.

Get free compost ingredients

Compost ingredients are available freely since compost is made of processed plant materials.  But if you want to make good quality compost that your clients will learn to trust then you should try to be a bit more diverse than just sticking to grass cuttings and falling leaves.  There are plenty of other plant sources that you can add to your compost maker to improve the quality of the compost such as;

Coffee and tea – The minerals in coffee and tea is sure to give your compost a much richer feel and will boost plant growth a lot.

Eggshells – Hear from local bakers about all of their eggshells since these are an excellent source of calcium.

Veggie and fruit offcuts – You can use all of your fruit and veggie peelings and even hear from restaurants about theirs to fuel your compost.

Newspapers – Newspapers and cardboard boxes are also wood and is will help your compost bind much better.

Sawdust – Sawdust is also terrific for your compost and will help you make much more at a much more affordable rate.