Let’s Yale, “Hurrah”_________________

It is college and that can only mean one thing. If you work hard, that will only justify you partying even harder. Going out with friends, sharing a few drinks, cracking jokes, or just staying back home and playing unimaginably stupid games that you just made up in the last ten minutes. So are you almost done with those last minute term papers, finals and looking forward to partying till dawn? Are you in the mood to throw a party but you feel like there’s no bar or club that you have not been to?


Check out The Yale Nightlife!

They have it all ranging from the best College campus bars to which DJ is currently making waves in the country. The website provides all the necessary information that you are looking for when it comes to either partying out with your friends or if you plan on throwing the craziest party of a lifetime that everyone would talk about even after they graduate. They include lists of campus bars, best bars in the towns and also the kind of food and service one can expect there. They keep in mind that college kids are tight on cash most of the time so they also include the sort of costs that students would have to bear at these places

Spread the Word

The success of a party can be judged by the turnout of people. We would all unanimously agree that the only way to get people to come to a party is by broadcasting about the event. If you are planning to throw the party of all parties; that one party that everyone in your college will rave about even after graduation it will require some serious advertising. That is exactly what the singapore digital agency is offering. Hurrah Productions is one of the leading television commercial and film production houses in Singapore. They are known to come up with innovative concepts, when it comes to their digital content. Their all star client list includes big names such as BBC, Volvo etc. Some of the work displayed on their website just comes to show the level of talent this agency embodies. So leave it up to them to get the word out. You can rest assure that they will not disappoint you.

Valued Memories:

Why go through all that trouble for one party? College life is that last step we take before we submerge ourselves into the concrete jungle. Nothing beats bumping into that old college mate of yours in the middle of a busy street and reminiscing the old times. Reliving memories of your college days and possibly that one crazy party that you threw or attended with your social peers. All the crazy things that you did. Recollecting how much simpler and care-free life was back then. Memories such as these are what allow us to regret less in the coming days. It helps us appreciate the present and be grateful to the past.

Everything You Need To Know About Term Life Insurance

Choosing the right type of life insurance for yourself is very important, and one has to take considerable amount of time to carefully look at all the pros and cons of each type of life insurance before getting one. Some life insurances tend to be more expensive than others, and it might not be very affordable for everyone. One has to find a life insurance that is both affordable and useful, and term life insurance is just that. Term life insurance is the most preferred life insurance by most people as it is both affordable and which provides adequate amount of coverage. Visit http://www.liic.ca/ for more information on other types of insurances as well, and to compare it with the term life insurance.

Requirements of Term life insurance

The cost of your life insurance would generally depend on a few factors. Aside from your age and sex, your health levels are also checked through a physical exam. Those with extremely poor health or those who suffer from life threatening conditions might not even qualify for a life insurance policy. Those who smoke, drink above moderation or those who are obese are also at a risk of either not qualifying for the life insurance, or for a much higher premium. So looking after your health before obtaining a life insurance would most probably be a good idea.


How it works

Any life insurance is a risk protection, and companies would try to reduce their liabilities to a minimum and prefer to give life insurances to those who are younger and healthier. Term life insurance provides protection for a short duration of time at fixed rates. Once that time duration expires, the client has to apply for the term insurance again. If the insurance owner passes away during that specific period of time, the beneficiary (a person chosen by the insurance owner to receive the insurance money after his/her death) will receive the death benefit.

A Few Types of Term Life Insurances

2 of the most common form of term life insurance is the annual renewable term (aka ART) and the level term life insurance. In the ART, a year’s premium is paid with the promise of continuation for up to 10 years and more. Although the cost of the premium increases during every renewal period, the chances of the benefit being paid out also increases a lot, making this a profitable choice. However, in the level term life insurance, the premium paid is the same every year for either 10, 15, 20 or 30 years and eventually the longer the duration drags on, the more expensive the premium becomes.

Bottom Line

Getting the right amount of insurance coverage for yourself is important, and since some of them tend to be expensive, most people opt for the common one, term life insurance. With term life insurance one can be insured for a period of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years, and one has to remember that this is just a means of risk protection for your loved ones just in case something happens to you.


Which power wire size will suit to your car amps?

It can be amazing when people buy some amp worth $500 and simply go for a substandard amp kit. Later on, they will realize that it will not suffice for their car amps. The truth is, it is not simple to determine if you will need thick or small cable. On the contrary, it is not advisable to set up a 10 gauge amp kit for your 1500 watt amp or a gauge 0 amp for a 250 watt amp.

If it is your car amp and you need to select the best amp kit, it is ideal to make sure that the cable that you will buy is top quality. In the market, there are cheap standard cables to be found. An example is the copper plated platinum. When looking for a good one, the first thing to check is if the cable is free from oxygen, OFC or copper. Ask this information from the seller, when they seem unsure of it, it is an indication for you to buy from someplace else. The usual good quality is advertised like such. On the web, you can also shop for various cables. The thing is, most of such are cheap quality. In addition to cables, wire gauge chart can also be bought both online and from an actual shop.

power wire

Another consideration to keep in mind is the insulation thickness of the wire. There are many two sets of the side by side 4 gauge. The one at least have twice cable as opposed to the other one. As for cheap standard cable, it has thick insulation. Hence, it gives the 4 gauge wire look. There is also good quality 8 gauge wire that had more wire than it. Thus, to be careful when shopping for amp kits is very advisable.

There are two factors to consider to properly address as to which is the well suited power wire for the car amps. The first is to determine the system’s total amperage. To know this, all you need is to look at the car amps fuses. It is simple yet should be done carefully because there are times when fuse are replaced with the wrong ones.  The amps size fuse takes the amperes. This means that if you use 25A fuse, it also uses 25 amperes. So, if it has three units of 20A fuses, the total amperes is 50.

The second consideration is to know the length of the power cable. To determine this, measure it from the outside of the car starting at the front. This is where the battery can be found and were the car amps are located. Simply add some feet and there you will find the car parts. Usually, the ground wire is not with the same length like the power wire. If you run the power wire, ensure that it will run from the car’s opposite side like the cables of RCA. If not done correctly, it is likely that your engine will have noise coming from the system.

How To Make Money In The Field of Fashion and Style

While this site is mainly about fashion tips and styling guidelines for men and women, we thought we would present something new to our readers. There are many young men and women who are known to make money using their sense of style and fashion. Today; there is no dearth of talent in this field and the one thing all top designers have in common is that they all started out small. You might be good at sketching or might have an incredible sense colors, hair styles and makeup. You might even have an inherent sense of what works best for every season. If you think you have these qualities, then a career in fashion and styling may be just perfect for you.

Make Money Fashion and Style

Here are few tips and ideas to help you make money in the field of fashion and style:

  1. Develop your sense of style further

Today, there is a plenty of literature available on this subject. You can browse through online and offline catalogs to get a sense of what’s in vogue. You can even start by designing your own wardrobe so that your friends and family starts to take notice. Once you are famous as a stylish dresser, you might find your friends turning to you for help during their weddings/parties or even to help them shop for clothes. You can slowly build on this reputation.

  1. Style is personal-so you need not follow rules

You could naturally get a degree or a basic diploma in the field of fashion designing or hair and makeup- if you can afford it and have the time. Else you can intern with a local designer or hair/beauty specialist in order to learn the ropes of the trade. Remember that no amount of theoretical learning can beat hands-on learning. In fact; one must not follow rules here; rather break them to make a difference!

  1. Consider opening a small boutique or hairdressing/beauty salon

The fact that this field is much in demand means that you can make a good business out of it. Naturally things depend on how much competition you face in your chosen neighborhood. Many stylists and designers start really small, sometimes even apprenticing with the reputed brands in the beginning. Today; many of these are known to have franchises in all parts of the country and are even outsourcing Payroll services Australia. An initial investment may be necessary but the returns are bound to be awesome.

  1. Think about fashion merchandising

Many people who have a sense of style as well as knack for business can turn to fashion merchandising. In this field, one can work with top designers who wish to get their wares displayed to the public and for this job they are expected to stay abreast of fashion as well as consumer trends. This job requires you to have a head for numbers as well as a sense of style. You will also need thorough knowledge of top brands and strategies for sales and marketing as well as people skills to manage staff and get things done.

  1. Production and manufacturing

This is a field where you’d work at the very basic level including working with textiles and production of the clothes. These days, green and zero-wastage production is very much in. In this concept, one uses eco friendly textile manufacturing processes and also ensures that there is little wastage of yarn and raw materials.

If despite these tips you are feeling confused as to which career to opt for, make sure to read magazines, blogs and industry publications to know what works in the field. That is sure to inspire you!

4 Things Every 20-Something Must Know To Remain Financially Motivated

To enjoy nightlife in college, one must have his/her finances in order. Naturally, this means working hard and making money in order to support that clubbing. Some youngsters are in dire need of motivation when it comes to keeping a steady job in college. The thing about hard work is: you must make it an active choice. This way, you do not need to take any extra efforts or learn new skills as all these things automatically fall in place. They ensure that you will remain in the grove to work and make money. Naturally, you must, on your part, ensure that these side jobs do not hamper your studies or college work.

financially motivated

Here are 4 things every 20-something old must have in order to earn money and stay financially motivated:

  1. Dreams and visions

Jack Canfield of ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ fame suggests making a vision board to make financial dreams into a reality. College students can find and cut out pictures of things they want to attract in life: a Mercedes, a beautiful mansion, vacations in the tropics, a beautiful life partner and so on. He also recommends keeping this vision board near the bed where one can see it each night before sleeping. One can even write down the date on which the board has been created. This is a guaranteed way to help those dreams come into reality in a speedy manner. Many people who have kept vision boards like these in college are successful entrepreneurs today who are even hiring payroll services Australia for managing payroll of their employees.

  1. Debt

For most college goers, student loans and debt can actually be a great motivation. Many students, for example, are actively blogging in hopes of making money on the side through PPC campaigns and Google Adsense. Naturally, students who wish to have an active nightlife and go clubbing every week can use that as a motivation to earn money steadily. Some students are naturally motivated enough to send money back home to support their siblings or parents who have had a job cut or are going through a divorce or illness etc. Still others wish to pay off their car loans. Naturally, one must not go rushing to get into debt and keep buying things just to get into one, just for the sake of motivation. There are many other ways one can spend money in positive manners including saving up for a future home, one’s wedding, future family and so on.

  1. Friends and family

You might naturally hit a rough patch and feel extremely unmotivated to work. This is where a great circle of friends can help you stay motivated. If you are staying away from home, calling up your family from time to time can be a great motivation. If possible visit them on weekends or during the holidays as this is a great way of staying upbeat and positive. A great person has once said that to remain motivated, it is important to stay away from negative people- ones who pull you down and rub their negativity on to you. Such toxic relations can cause harm and make one feel listless and unmotivated.

  1. Dropping the stress

Stress can be a great de-motivator. Find out ways and means to de-stress. Going to the club to experience the college nightlife is a good way; additionally, one can take up exercise, Yoga, meditation etc to remove stress that has built up over the years. Other simple and inexpensive ways to de-stress include jogging or running daily, keeping a journal, volunteering at charity organizations etc.

These are 4 ways to remain motivated to make money in your 20s.



How to Stay In Shape during College

Sure, everybody knows how important it is to stay fit and healthy throughout our entire life – but sometimes, life’s demands make it difficult for us to focus on that goal, especially during our college years. College is one of the busiest and most demanding times in people’s lives. There are always school papers that need to be done, lessons that need to be learned, exams that need to be passed, etc. And of course, the worse thing is that there are several temptations out there, such as partying, that make it easier for us to fall into bad habits, which eventually ruin our healthy lifestyle.

Well, that’s college, and we can never do anything about that – but of course, you still need to be careful. If not, you will find yourself graduating fat and unhealthy. In this post, we will help you stay fit in college in a way that you can still go out and have fun. Ready?

staying shape during college

Bring healthy food

College is full of social gatherings. Planning ahead what meals to bring during social events or parties will help you stay committed to your diet. Remember that in parties, or even in school cafeterias, there are a lot of unhealthy food choices, and you’ll be likely to get tempted to eat those things if you get hungry or there’s no other available option to choose from. So the best thing is to bring your own food. In that way, you’ll never worry about eating foods that you will later regret. The best thing about bringing your own food is you can share it also to your friends, so all of you can enjoy a party that is healthy!

Be active

Every party or gathering has something somewhat activities to do. Activities could be something like playing a certain sport, dancing, singing, swimming, or running, depending on the theme of the party. Take advantage of all these activities when attending such events. In that way, you’ll be able to burn off some fats even while socializing. After all, joining is much more fun than watching.

Go to gym

Almost every college has a gym that students can use to stay fit. And mostly, these gyms are well-equipped, so students will have a variety of options to use when working out. Take advantage of this benefit, after all, you’re paying for it. If you don’t have the time to go there, though, or you’re a bit shy to exercise with other students you hardly know, then consider setting up your own home/dorm gym and purchase the type of gym equipment that you wish to have, such as a treadmill or an upright exercise bike. If you don’t have enough budget, just purchase one item at a time.

In college, being responsible doesn’t just mean completing your homework on time and passing your exams, it also means taking care of yourself physically. If you want to be healthy for the rest of your life, you should learn how to maintain your health even when temptations are around.

How to Enjoy and Stay Safe during Hunting Season

One of seasons that most outdoor enthusiasts always look forward to is the hunting season. It is the time of the year when people are legally allowed to hunt animals, particularly deer, rabbits, and birds. Hunting season occurs at different times of the year depending on the place you live in, but commonly, it takes place from September through February.

Hunting is one of the most enjoyable outdoor recreational activities you can do. It is so much fun that you wish the season would just go on for the whole year. While there are people who enjoy hunting, there are also people who don’t consider it as an enjoyable activity. For others, hunting is dangerous. But contrary to what many people believe, hunting is safe and fun. In fact, it ranks third in safety compared to other outdoor recreational activities, such as golf, baseball, and wrestling, according to National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). If you follow these simple safety rules, you will stay safe while having fun during the hunting season.

A hunter with his German Shetland hunting pheasant and quail.

  • Wear bright clothing. During hunting season, the first important thing you must consider is to wear proper clothing. Although it rarely happens, it is possible for you to be mistakenly identified as a game animal if you do not wear the right attire. You can protect yourself by wearing bright-colored clothing, particularly blaze orange, which is required in almost all states. Make an effort to make yourself as visible as possible. It is best to not wear white, blue, black, or brown.
  • Make yourself heard. Be sure that other hunters can hear you – make noise to alert other hunters to your presence. Well, there’s no need for you to shout or make too much noise. If you’re alone, you can sing or whistle to indicate your presence there. If you’re with someone, you can keep up a steady conversation to make yourselves heard. Or if you’re with your dog, you would want to put a bell around his neck. If you hear or see other hunters, let them know that you’re in the vicinity.
  • Follow the rules of firearm safety. As a hunter, you must be aware of hunting and firearms safety rules and comply with them to avoid any hunting incidents. When it comes to firearms safety, there are seven basic rules:
  1. Treat every firearm as loaded, whether it is the worst or best rifle, handgun, or shotgun.
  2. Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  3. Only load a gun when ready to fire.
  4. Be sure on your target and what’s behind it.
  5. Always check your firing zone.
  6. Securely store your firearms and ammunition.
  7. Avoid alcohol or drugs when handling a gun or any type of firearm.

Hunting is truly a wonderful thing to experience, and it’s something worth to try. It’s not a dangerous and frightening activity, but of course, it is recommended to follow the rules strictly. With a little preparation and planning, you can certainly have a safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable hunting experience. Happy hunting!

How to Save On Your Electrical Bill?

Most of us (if not all) rely on electricity to power our lights, televisions, radios, mobile phones, computers, air conditioning units, clothes washers, blenders, hair dryers, and other electronic devices in our homes. We almost use it every minute of every day that we can’t even imagine life without it. But as more and more people demand for electricity, it also gets more and more expensive – and this becomes a burden for everyone. Here are the top 10 tips on how to save money and energy at home.

saving electricity

  1. Install efficient lighting. Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs or light-emitting diode (LED) lamps. CFL and LED bulbs are more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, while giving off the same amount of light. Energy Star CFLs use about 75 percent less energy and last 10 times longer than regular bulbs. Energy Star LED bulbs use about 75 percent less energy and last 25 times longer than regular bulbs.
  1. Turn off lights when you leave the room. This one is pretty obvious, but many people still don’t do it. Make a habit of switching off the lights when you leave your room; believe us, it works.
  1. Turn off appliances when not in use. As with lights, one of the easiest ways to save on electricity cost is to turn off appliances when they aren’t in use. As much as possible, unplug them because appliances that are plugged in still keep using energy even if they are switch off.
  1. Replace old appliances with Energy Star-qualified units. Today, most appliances are designed with energy-efficient feature to help people save energy and reduce utility bill. If you have an old appliance, a refrigerator for instance, consider replacing it with an Energy Star label, which indicates that it meets a certain energy-efficient guideline. Replacing an old unit with an energy-efficient model can save you hundreds of dollars a year or more in electricity.
  1. Use less hot water. We know that heating water takes a lot of energy. To save cost, learn how to efficiently use your hot water as well as your water heater. Insulate your water pipes, so it keeps your water hot enough for a longer time. It is also wiser to set your temperature lower than usual (just enough to keep your water hot) – this will save you significant amount of energy. And as much as possible, shorten your shower times.
  1. Reduce your reliance on electric appliances. In the old days, people could function and run their homes effectively without electricity. Well, it doesn’t mean that you need to do the same – it just means that you need to reduce your reliance with modern technology. If you can (and if you have the time), wash your dishes by hand instead of using a dishwasher, hang your clothes to air dry instead of using your dryer, grill out more often during summer instead of using your oven, and wear warmer clothing during winter instead of using a heater.
  1. Insulate your home. A home with a proper insulation can save a lot of energy usage and cost. Good insulation can keep your home warmer during winter and cooler during summer; thus, helps you to use your heating and cooling system less frequently.
  1. Hire an expert technician to repair home electrical problems. One of the best ways to also save energy is to make sure that all your equipment are running efficiently. Inefficient and damaged systems work harder; thus, consume more energy; not to mention that they pose safety and fire risks. Make a habit of checking your appliances, particularly air conditioning systems and filters, regularly so they run at peak efficiency. If possible, hire an expert to check your systems – they will help you fix any issues quickly.
  1. Choose the right electrical company. Not all electric suppliers offer the same prices. If you think that your current supplier is charging you too much for your electric bills, consider switching. Choose the one that offers the best value for your money.
  2. Install solar electric system. If you want more savings and longer solution, install a solar electric system. It uses sunlight (which is free) to produce electricity. Although installation of solar electric system may cost you a little bit upfront, it will save you a lot in the years ahead.

Making a Striking Statement with Personalized Gifts

Every now and then we all have someone we have to give a gift to. This is especially more so on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and Valentine’s days. There are even unique ideas for gifts that can be given to a man or woman – for example, you can click here for sample gifts that may be given to a woman. However, if you really wish to make a positive impression that lasts, you should consider giving the special people in your life personalized gifts. Why should you do that?

Why is it Good to Give Personalized Gifts?

Thoughtful – Personalized gifts are good indicators of how thoughtful a person is. It is usual for the recipient of the gift to feel it was thoughtful of the person giving it to have shown awareness of their uniqueness. After all, you could as well have bought a generic gift just like everyone else instead.

Measure of affection – It is also possible for that special someone in your life to see a personalized gift as a sign of the depth of affection you have for them. Put yourself in the place of the person you are giving the gift; assume you are given such a gift. You will most likely feel valued that the person giving the gift had to go the extra length of putting your name or initials on it – at least, that requires extra effort than just buying any gift.


Memorable – Yet another reason why you should consider giving people personalized gifts is that such gifts creates a good memory. Every time that individual to whom you gave the gift looks at it, pleasant memories are brought back. Although this is also possible with generic gifts, the feeling is usually not as strong.

Deepens love or affection – In addition to personalized gifts being memorable, they can help deepen the affection or love those people have for you every time they see that gift. Imagine giving a friend a gift with the phrase, “Best friend ever.” Emotions are likely to well up every time they see the phrase.

Personalized Gift Options

One thing to also like about personalized gifts is that they are available in different forms. Monogrammed gifts such as those offered by I Flew The Nest are good examples of items that you can give that special someone. You can have clothing items such as jackets, napkins and handkerchiefs embroidered with the names or initials of those you wish to give gifts. Bags, flasks and pocket watches are some of the other items that you can have monogrammed and sent to recipients.

Stationary items such as pen, notebooks and envelopes may also be customized and given to people. Some people also chose to give loved ones personalized canvas portraits that are made from their photographic shots. The options of personalized gifts available for loved ones are simply numerous.

Gift giving can sometimes help to cement your place in people’s heart. It is even more helpful when such gifts are customized. Already, more people are going the way of personalized gifts. Don’t be left out. Make that special someone really feel special.

Balancing your studies and your social life

Most college students face the challenge of balancing the time they spend studying and the time they spend having fun. Although studying should be the priority when you are in school, it’s important to let lose sometimes and have fun. It could actually prevent burnt-out and make you more productive and efficient when you do study.

How much time should I spend studying?

Finding the right balance between your social life and your studies will depend on a variety of factors. First of all, the demands of your school and degree program will affect how much time you actually have to spend studying. For example, a degree program in radiology at a top university would probably be more demanding than a degree program in art from a community college. The University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill) School of Medicine is known for having an excellent, but demanding, study program in radiology. Therefore, student of this school may not have much time for a social life, but when they do there are many fun and popular bars in this area to try out. In fact, according to this article this university has one of the 5 biggest campus bars in the country. So, for example, if you want to be an xray technician with a lot of career advancement opportunities, this school would be an excellent choice, but you may have to sacrifice some fun if you want to succeed at the program. With this career, as an example, the type of school and type of degree (it is also possible to have an associate’s degree to work in radiology) will determine how much studying you’ll need to do, and also the professional opportunities you will have in the future (the better the school and the higher the degree, the more advancement possibilities you’ll have).

balancing studies and social life

Tips for finding the right life balance for you during college

If you find that you’re struggling to find the balance you need to enjoy both good grades and a rewarding social life, here are some tips that could help.

First of all, you’ll need to learn to study effectively and set realistic goals. If you’re over-tired or burnt out you’ll just be wasting time if you try to study. Make sure you plan out when you’ll study, and try to be well-rested, calm and without other worries or issues pending. By being organized with your, you’ll be more efficient.

Secondly, being as healthy as possible will keep your mind sharp and allow you to retain more information, study more effectively and more efficiently, and be able to join your social life as well. So, eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and practice relaxation techniques. You won’t have any kind of life balance if you’re not feeling good.

Whether you’re studying something demanding at a top-notch school, or doing a less intensive program at a community college, you’ll need to find a way to balance your studies and your personal life. Spending time relaxing and socializing is important to your well-being, but at the same time studying should be your priority. By staying healthy, organized and efficient, you’ll be able to enjoy a full life and be successful with your education.