Best Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron

Even students need to have good looking hair, and that is why in this article, we are going to look at some tips for straightening hair with a flat iron. We will also review the BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium.

Get the Start Right

Always start when the iron is fully hot and the hair tong at the right temperature. If these rules are not adhered to, the hair will curl up again after a short while.

Clean It to Maintain It

The flat iron should be clean and well maintained. Dirt tends to affect the heat and reduces the performance of the iron. A dirty rod will bring dust, grime and grease into the hair, easing the damage process. There is also the risk of hair clumping together. Make sure that the hair is cleaned thoroughly before using the iron.

Comb It Right

The hair should be combed and brushed well before using the iron, and in the event that the hair is extra curly, one would have to comb during the straightening so that it gets the shape and holds for longer.

Best Hair Straightening Tips When Using Flat Iron

Always Start Backwards

It is best to always start at the back of the head, moving towards the front progressively such that the hair in the front is the last to be straightened. This is something that is done by most professionals and an excellent tip.

One Inch at A Time

When straightening hair, it is divided into different sections to make it easier. When straightening, go for one inch sections at a time, ironing it well. The process can be slow but that will let you know that you have nice long lasting straight hair.

Those are some of the best tips. Remember to always use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner for your hair if you use the flat iron every day, and don’t forget to use a heat protectant.

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Review

Nano Titanium is an exceptional heat conductor. It maintains consistent, high temperatures while emitting negative ions in their most beneficial form. Which means faster straightening and hair’s natural moisture sealed into smooth hair shafts. You’ll love this iron’s ultra-thin design and extra-long plates that cut straightening time in half. Straighten wide sections of hair with the iron’s extra-long plates, while reaching roots with ease. Nano Titanium yields maximum far-infrared heat, penetrating the hair from within for gentle straightening without damaging hair. It has heat retention, weight and smoothness that help reduce time and fatigue. The ultra-thin profile of these high-tech irons makes them exceptionally lightweight and easy to use, with housing made of Ryton to resist high heat.

You’ll love this iron’s ultra-thin design and extra-long plates that cut straightening time in half. Straighten wide sections of hair with the iron’s extra-long plates, while reaching roots with ease.

Sleek Design

Sleek, soft metallic-toned Ryton housings withstand ultra-high temperatures, and the well-balanced, ergonomic design ensures sustained comfort while styling. The extra smooth titanium plates allow the iron to glide through the hair without pulling.

  • Ultra-smooth titanium plates conduct ultra-high heat and resist corrosion
  • Ceramic heater instant heat & recovery
  • 5″ extended plate for faster straightening
  • 50 heat settings – up to 450°F
  • Slim design and ultra-lightweight for maximum comfort
  • Ryton housing resists ultra-high heat


If you are looking for the ultimate flat iron for your hair, the BaBylissPro Nano is the ultimate tool for you. Despite a few negative reviews, most of the reviews are positive. The negative reviews look like they are from people that don’t really understand how to use the iron and don’t fully understand every feature of the iron. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Reasons why you should keep your dorm room clean

Being a student can be rather demanding with study schedules, parties to attend and just learning about independence. It is no wonder that cleaning is the last thing on your mind. Having to deal with piles of clothes and a floor that is barely visible isn’t ideal for anyone. Your living conditions needs to be suitable for general living and to achieve that some cleaning is required. It is easy to use the excuse of organized chaos but is it sanitary? Those takeaway containers and dirty laundry piles can actually make you feel depressed and could make you sick. It is important to keep a clean dorm room even if you are sharing your room with someone that is messy. You might just influence them in the right way and get them to join you for the cleanup. It is generally the norm that good habits are contagious and that you will only be a positive influence on your roommate. Here are a few reasons why it is a good thing to keep your dorm room tidy and clean. Click here to get tips on making the most out of small spaces.

Reasons why you should keep your dorm room clean

First of all feeling organized is a good feeling and after cleaning life just becomes much more organized. Studying in a pile of disorganization will leave you feeling disorientated and won’t give you the same pleasant feeling as organization does. Get hold of some storage containers to make sure all your personal possessions are stored effectively and that you can always find what you are looking for. Invest in a good carpet cleaner that won’t take up too much space so that your carpets and other surfaces can also be dust-free. Take a look at these good options so that you can find a carpet cleaner that is just right for the job at hand. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg on a carpet cleaner and with your roommate agreeing to add a bit of money you both will benefit from a dust-free environment.

It is no secret that while studying new friends can always be made in certain locations. This includes the laundry room. You might be able to meet the love of your life while getting rid of dirty laundry. Keep your dirty laundry separate from the clean rags to make sure you always have something fresh to wear. A clean room obviously means less germs and less chance to get sick so this is a good enough reason for anyone to pick up a broom and get cracking.

The benefit of finding what you are actually looking for is one of the greatest reasons to keep your space clean. You will love having the extra time that you used to spend on searching for books, keys and other items in your messy room. If your roommate is a tidy person they might actually get along with you now that you also live a clean and organized life. It is important to keep your dorm relationships friendly. Click here to learn more about making friends while studying. You also never have to wear wrinkled clothing again which generally is a good enough reason to look and feel good.

Take a Break from Studying

Studies show that it is highly significant for students of every level to take a break for some time to keep producing great results. However, due to the increased pressure of studies, nowadays, students tend to spend too much time on books and lessons, making their mind physically tired. This is why vacations were introduced; however, several students still do not go on for vacation. It causes various mental illnesses and other diseases; this is why students need to take a break. Following the research, universities like Yale, offer a suitable nightlife to students so that they can reduce the pressure of studies by doing parties in moderation.

There are plenty of things you can do as a student to ease yourself. However, you should stay moderate in doing parties because it may turn out as an addiction. Parties and even indulging in leisure activities can cause fatigue and might slow your mind.

Take a Break from Studying

We have listed down a number of ways to keep your mind healthy and let you enjoy yourself on a break, especially for students. Try these on for size:

  1. Find An Interest Outside The University:

This world is filled with innumerable activities besides studies. For example, technology has reached new levels, numerous students tend to find time outside universities and engage themselves into video games, virtual reality gadgets, etc.

Some students just like to play with these gadgets while others go beyond limits and create various masterpieces like the obd2 scanner android compatible. This scanner can be fixed in your car and combined with the android software. It shows the specs of your car and its maintenance details just by clicking a button.

  1. Enjoy Music:

Music is scientifically proven to relax and enhance your mood. Generally, colleges have music nights and talent shows. These are extremely beneficial for students therefore, you should participate in these events to learn new things and making your mind tranquil. Moreover, music stimulates you to follow your passion in your life and attain whatever you would like to achieve.

Several students also participate in these events because they are very fond of learning music and these shows encourage to take up a music class or a lesson so that you know how to play at least one instrument. A musical instrument acts as a best friend as well as help you vent in a creative way.

  1. Campus Bars:

There is nothing more exciting than visiting campus bars with your classmates once in a while. Bars are one of the best places to relax at a reasonable cost. You can find the best cocktails and drinks which you can share with your friends.

It’s the best place to hang out with your friends. You can also reach out to new people and make new friends. However, it is highly advised to not consume alcohol because it damages your brain and performance.

  1. Campus Parties:

Either you are an introvert or an extrovert, campus parties are especially for students to bond and take a night off. These parties are hosted by the best party planners and you just don’t enjoy these parties but at the same time, you find the way to climb the social ladder and make great friends.

In addition to that, campus parties usually allow outside interaction, so you can meet students from other campuses as well and create wider horizons for you. You may also find your study partner by attending a campus party!

Is Sleep Deprivation Causing Your Bad Grades?

Are you struggling to improve your grades despite your extra classes and all of the hours you spend on studies?  The chances are pretty good that your bad grades are resulting from not getting enough sleep.  Adults need about seven hours of sleep a day and not just any sleep.  You need good quality, uninterrupted, relaxing, ache and pain free sleep.  Not getting enough sleep has many terrible health and psychological effects on your body and mind and by focusing on improving this one aspect in your life, you can get surprising good improvements in the classroom.

Is Sleep Deprivation Causing Your Bad Grades?

Sleep deprivation is bad for your health

Researchers are frequently investigating the effects of sleep on your mind and body simply because sleeping is such an interesting topic. They have found that sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of terrible health conditions such as;

  • Accidental death when you are too tired to focus on the roads or on the task at hand.
  • A weakened immune system which leaves you vulnerable to infections and diseases.
  • Weight gain which is bad for your heart and your self confidence
  • You are much more likely to suffer from frequent colds and flue
  • You can get Type 2 diabetes
  • You can get heart disease

By now you probably know how tough it is to study while you are ill and it is shocking to realize that many of your diseases might result from simply not getting enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation is bad for mental health

Too little sleep also causes many mental conditions such as depression, moodiness and especially impaired brain function and memory problems which will definitely affect your ability to remember your work and your ability to concentrate in the exam rooms.

How to get better sleep?

The good news of overcoming sleep deprivation is that there are plenty of remedies and techniques that you can try to improve your quality sleep. The top ways for you to improve your sleep are;

Schedule dedicated sleep times – If your brain and body is used to sleeping certain times of the day, you will automatically start feeling tired when it is time for bed which will improve your ability to fall directly asleep.

Get a better mattress – A good quality mattress will help you sleep much better because health mattresses improves blood circulation throughout your body, prevents body and joint aches, promotes your breathing and allows you to relax much better.

Get a good pillow – A bad pillow can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain and can even affect your body posture.  On you can check out the best contour pillows that will help you sleep better and overcome bad posture and pains and aches.  The website gives a good review on all of the best contour pillows on the market, some of which are specially designed to keep you cool during the summer like the modern PharMeDoc cooling gel contour memory foam pillow that has cooling Aloe Vera gel that promotes health.

Go to College in Israel

We know that we generally write about fun things for college kids to do, but it seemed to be a pertinent time to write about going to college in Israel. Israel is all over the news and if you care to do some research, you will discover that historically this is a very significant country to align yourself with. That’s why we wondered what it would be like to go to college in Israel.

Moti Ferder, owner of Lugano Diamonds actually established his company in Israel before coming to the US. But, once he made that move he found great renown. His extensive collection of jewels and precious stones are highly coveted. They’ve also been award winning. And since he originated from Israel, where his company was known as diamond cutters, it seemed like a good idea to know more about the value of attending college there.

Go to College in Israel

Why go to College in Israel?

Israel is not gigantic. In fact, there are only three major cities, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. But that doesn’t mean Israel isn’t a very diverse country. Each of the three cities will offer you a different view of Israel’s unique culture. And, getting a cultural experience is certainly great when you’re going there to learn, but you are probably wondering what other reasons there are to go to college in Israel. So, here are some of the answers we found:

  • You won’t have to learn Hebrew. That’s probably a big relief as thinking about going to school in another country always includes the language barrier potential. Most Israeli’s speak English and on campus you can trust that everyone there will be fluent in the language. If by some odd chance you fit in so well that someone speaks to you in Hebrew, it’s ok to tell them that you don’t know the language (but you can, go here), they won’t be offended.
  • Enjoy the Day of Rest. Shabbat, the day of rest, is observed every week. This begins just before sundown on Friday and is over about 40 minutes past sundown on Saturday. You’ll probably find that a lot of businesses are closed on that day. Just be prepared.
  • It’s well developed. You won’t be going to a third world country if you choose to get your education in Israel. There are actually a good deal of popular companies that call Israel home. Plus, there are plenty of doctors and medical professionals. So, if you get sick you won’t have to worry about flying home for help.
  • Israel is a welcoming country. There are churches and mosques in every city. It’s the land of the Bible so studying there will enable you to get an education unlike any other on the planet. The people will not judge you for your personal beliefs as their country is rife with significant spiritual historicity. Learn more.
  • It’s fascinating. What better reason to go to college in Israel than the sheer fact it is a historic hotbed with significant landmarks that will forever change your college experience. You can visit the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The culture there is so rich you might find you simply want to stay.

If you discover that going to college in Israel is as amazing as it seems and you want to become a resident, this information should help you. Shalom.

Tips to Get Rid of College Stress

Going to college is one of the most exciting things that you are going to experience in your life. After you have gone through it, you will most likely remember some fond memories but while you are there, you have to brace yourself for some stressful moments. Whether your stress comes from looming deadlines or breaking relationships, you have to know a few tips on how you can manage your stress effectively.

You have to expect that the moment you go to college, there are some changes in your life you have to embrace. For example, you are going to start living away from home. You are going to meet new people. Some of them will be your friends and some may be your enemies but most of them will stay as your acquaintances.

Tips to Get Rid of College Stress

There will be moments when you feel like your head is just going to get crushed because of all the things that you are thinking about. Do yourself a favor and listen to music that will soothe you. Make sure to listen to songs that you can love and appreciate. Check out Bogo Beats. You will find songs there you may have never heard before but you would love to listen to again and again.

If listening to songs are not enough to get rid of your stress, here are a few other tips:

  1. Sleep Well.

When you are in college, it can be tempting to stay up all night when you are trying to finish a project or an assignment. It will also be tempting to stay up when you are partying with your friends but most days of your life, you should realize that sleeping well is going to get rid of your feelings of stress. Remember that when you do not get enough sleep, you will also be at risk of developing certain diseases that will affect your health.

  1. Avoid Stimulants.

Do you find yourself addicted to taking energy drinks? You should not be. When you take artificial energy boosters, you will feel energetic for a certain period of time but the moment that your energy depletes, you are going to find yourself extremely tired that you can barely function. You do not want this to happen to you. When you get enough sleep and you eat the right types of food, you will get the right amount of energy that you need.

  1. Bond with your friends.

It is a well known fact that no one can live alone without seeing or talking to anyone for a long period of time. You should bond with your friends when you get the chance and unwind. You do not have to be cooped up in your dorm room all the time just to study. You are allowed to have fun and enjoy your college moments. Having friends will give you the emotional support that you need even when you are away from home.

You are always encouraged to follow your passion when you are in college. Do not work against the things you want. This will allow you to have fun.

Love Video Games? Try a Social Gaming Lounge

If you’re looking for something different to do during a night out on the town and you consider yourself a fan of video games, then a social gaming lounge might be an ideal destination. Whether you just have an hour to spend or an entire night, these businesses cater to gamers of all kinds looking to share their interests with like-minded individuals.

If you’ve ever wondered what a social gaming lounge has to offer, here are some of the highlights.

Check Out the Newest Games

Social gaming lounges don’t require you to bring your own game in to play. Instead, you can choose a title from their onsite library, including some of the newest and most popular releases. This gives you a chance to try out the latest game without having to commit to a purchase or use a rental service. You can also take advantage of the onsite consoles to try games that were released on a system other than the one you currently own.

Xbox One Headset

Food and Drink

Most social gaming lounges offer access to a variety of food and drink to keep gamers fed and hydrated while they play. The options available will vary by location, though some franchises may have more standard offerings.

Many of these businesses are targeted to players of any age, selling food and drink based on the wide player base. However, some choose to operate as bars. This means the players are all 21 and up, and adult beverages may be available onsite.

Party and Event Hosting

Sometimes you want to spend time gaming with your nearest and dearest, and many social gaming lounges can give you the space you need to have a large group game together. Parties can reserve a certain number of gaming stations, guaranteeing you and your guests have access to all of the gaming equipment they need. Private events may also be available, allowing you to have the entire location to yourselves for the duration of the gathering.

Competitions and Tournaments

Social gaming lounges often host a variety of competitions and tournaments to entice players. Leaderboards are common, and many locations offer rewards or prizes to top performers in numerous games.

Local and national tournaments are also widely used, giving players a chance to compete head-to-head in order to advance to the next round. Often, employees of the facility keep an eye on the activities, making sure the playing field stays even by stopping cheaters and modders in their tracks.

What You Need to Bring

The vast majority of your gaming needs are handled by the lounge. They’ll provide access to consoles and gaming stations, video games, controllers, and even online accounts. However, you do have the option of bringing some of your own items as well. For example, you can choose to bring your best Xbox One headset instead of using that is available onsite. You may also be able to log into your own online account, though you want to make an extra effort to remember to sign out when you are done.

Otherwise, everything you need to enjoy a gaming experience is provided by the social gaming lounge, ensuring you can have a high-quality experience even if you don’t own your own system or accessories.

Promotional Tips for Student Entrepreneurs

With the current cost of a good education, more and more students are seeking out ways to earn money while they are completing their studies.  Some work part time at businesses; others work full time and study part time. And some students have their own small businesses on the sideline.  The great thing about a small business on the sideline is that students can be much more flexible.  They can plan their study and exam hours around their work and get much more done on an average day.  Most of these student entrepreneurs have small businesses such as cleaning services, gardening and landscaping businesses, party planning services, baked goods and more.  A business is a business no matter how small and using the right marketing methods will help you make a much bigger financial success of your small business, even if you are only running the company as a temporary income.  Here are the best promotional tips to help your sideline business grow so you can enjoy a great income while you study.

Promotional Tips for Student Entrepreneurs

Use DropMock to create online content

Anyone can create a social media page like a Facebook business page and anyone can post adverts for their business.  But not everyone has the skill and software to create content to post.  When you are promoting on social media you have to focus on creating visual content because visual content like photo adverts and video adverts capture is much better for capturing the interest of your audience.  DropMock is a great site that you can use for all of your virtual content. This Mock Up Online website enables you to create just about any promotional content that you will need for your social media site.  You can crate wonderful video adverts, photo adverts and even for creating a catalogue that showcases images of your products or services.  You can also use DropMock for basic editing such as cropping, color adjustments and to add text to any image.

Use social media management tools

Buffer, IFTTT, SocialOomph and TweetDeck are just a few of the many terrific social media management tools available online these days.  With these tools you can schedule your social media posts ahead of time. This enables you to plan and schedule your entire week or even months posts ahead so they will automatically load onto all of your social media pages. You can promote your products or services of your small business to numerous social media sites without lifting a finger and schedule important adverts ahead of time so your clients can still enjoy info on your products even though you are busy with studies or examinations.

Facebook VS website

If you are only running a temporary business then paying for a domain can be a bit extreme, especially since your business is already just a part time job.  Facebook is a great alternative to a website because you can even add an ecommerce store to your business Facebook page, include your contact details and feature all of your adverts on the same page without paying a dime for your virtual presence.

Ideas for Your First Office Christmas Party

It is still pretty early in the new year which means your next Christmas party is probably still far from your mind. But the sooner you get to plan your next big Christmas party the better, especially if the next Christmas party is your first office Christmas party ever.  A lot of students will plunge into their careers before finishing their formal qualifications and many students start their first jobs right after graduating and the Christmas parties are usually the first big celebration that you will enjoy along with all of your new co-workers.  You will soon realize that most of the office parties are quite tedious because everyone feels that they need to be on best behavior even though it is a party.  Here are some good ideas that will ensure that you will have a blast on your first office Christmas party without breaking the bank for your boss.

Ideas for Your First Office Christmas Party

Consider shared Christmas office parties

Shared Christmas Office Parties in Birmingham is one of the best ways to make the most out of your office party.  Even the smallest of businesses can enjoy a glorious and glistening party with exquisite shows, fun gambling games, great music and the best four star beverages and food when they join in on the fun at Moonlight in Mistletoe. This fantastic company hosts the biggest shared Christmas parties for businesses ever.  The parties include 1920’s dance spectaculars, photo booths with prints, stilt walkers, casino tables, a ‘Gatsby Ball’ themed entrance with red carpet, DJ’s, live performances, a 3 course Christmas dinner and much more.  Moonlight in Mistletoe’s Birmingham venue hosts for up to 650 guests and welcomes small to large offices to join in on an unforgettable evening of fun.  There really is no better way to enjoy a first office Christmas party than this and with affordable packages, you are bound to be able to convince your boss to give such a party a try.

Ask your boss if you can be the party planner

Want your first office Christmas party to go off without a hitch and to be far from dull?  Then perhaps it is time to ask your boss if you can handle the party arrangements.  You can ask what for the office party budget limit and draw up some of the best party ideas with budget plans that will convince your boss that you absolutely have to be in charge of the arrangements.

Scout the best office party ideas on Pinterest

With a great site like Pinterest on your side there is no way your ideas will ever be too dull.  On Pinterest you can find the best ideas for work party themes, decorations, food and snack ideas and get the best tips on how to plan a work party.  Pinners and businesses from all over the world dish out their best ideas for office parties and with all of the ideas on this site you can plan the perfect and most interesting party each and every year and you can do it surprisingly affordable with the right ideas.

College Students Love These Party Songs

Obviously we understand that one of the thrills of college life is the partying that goes on. Surely you have wondered what songs are making the top playlists in the college party circuit. Not to worry, we are ready and willing to provide those best drinking and dancing songs to you so that you can ensure they are on your mp3 list the next time you host a gathering.

But, if you really want to score some points in college, learn to play your own rad music. We recommend trying out the ESP LTD EC 1000. They call this a crunch machine. It has a lightweight mahogany body and its fretboard is made of either rosewood or ebony depending on which color you get. And, there are abalone flags with gold hardware. This is a vintage looking machine that will make you the envy of the party, especially if you can play some jams and demonstrate the crunch.

College Students Love These Party Songs

Party Songs from Across the Country

Every area of the country has its own style and party preferences. So, if you are looking for a giant list of great music for your upcoming soiree, these songs should help you get a playlist together. There’s no doubt that you will recall hearing some of these songs at the bar or another off-campus party you attended. Check them out and determine which songs you want on your list:

  1. Sorry- Justin Bieber
  2. Lean On- Major Lazer
  3. Truffle Butter- Nicki Minaj
  4. Roses- The Chainsmokers
  5. Hotline Bling- Drake
  6. I Like Tuh- Carnage
  7. Come Get Her- Rae Sremmurd
  8. Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  9. Classic Man- Jidenna
  10. Shout- The Isley Brothers (listen to this one here)
  11. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna
  12. 679- Fetty Wap
  13. Trap Queen- Fetty Wap
  14. Jumpman- Drake & Future
  15. How Deep is Your Love- Calvin Harris & Disciples
  16. Antidote- Travis Scott
  17. Brightside- The Killers
  18. Gold Digger- Kanye West
  19. Pop That- French Montana
  20. Jordan Belfort- Wes Walker & Dyl
  21. Intoxicated- Martin Solveig & GTA
  22. Dessert- Dawin
  23. Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne
  24. Country Roads- Hermes House Band
  25. Birthday Sex- Jeremiah
  26. All Night Longer- Sammy Adams
  27. What do You Mean- Justin Bieber
  28. Again- Fetty Wap (learn more about Fetty Wap)
  29. Pretty Girl Dance- Yalee (feat. Fetty Wap)
  30. I Don’t Mind- Usher (feat. Juicy J)
  31. Runaway- Galantis
  32. Bricks- Carnage & Migos
  33. I Don’t F*ck With You- Big Sean
  34. Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  35. Birthday Cake- Rihanna
  36. Back to Back- Drake
  37. Hood Go Crazy- Tech N9ne
  38. Tipsy- J-Kwon
  39. Gasolina- Daddy Yankee, Lil Jon
  40. Ignition Remix- R. Kelly

We’re not sure you noticed, but some of the songs on this list are pretty old-school. We were particularly shocked by the presence of Shout by the Isley Brothers. That song was released in 1959! And, Mr. Brightside, by the Killers was released in 2004. That seems like an odd song for a current party scene. But maybe we’re just too old to understand. Although, we are fond of Come on Eileen.

We will admit that there were people on this list we never even heard of. That will tell you just how long we’ve been out of the college crowd. But, if you’re in it, then we hope these songs are just what you’ve been looking for. If you need some additional ideas, this is a great article.