How to Dress for Style and Comfort for a Night out at the Club

When you plan for a night out at the club, you want to make sure you look good. But feeling good while you dance the hours away is also important. Luckily, there are numerous ways to dress with style without having to sacrifice comfort. To help you choose the best options for you, consider these tips when buying your next outfit.

Why Busy Moms Need to Focus on Ergonomics When Working from Home

Focus on Footwear

One of the biggest points of pain for ladies at the club relates to their footwear. While you want to make sure your shoes look great, that needs to be balanced with a style that allows you to dance (and walk) comfortably.

Luckily, certain styles provide more physical support while also being a cute part of an outfit. For example, wedges provide more stability than traditional heels. They have more surface area that contacts the floor and provides a solid foundation under your foot.

If you want the look of traditional heels, consider a pair with a platform under the toe. That lets you get the additional height with a less dramatic difference between the height of your toe and heel. And, as most women know, a three-inch heel can feel significantly more manageable than a four-inch heel. If you add a one-inch platform under to a traditional three-inch heel design, you get four inches of height with three-inch heel comfort.

However, no matter the design, your first time wearing a pair of shoes should not be during a night out. Even if you just take a test run around your home, try to wear the shoes for at least a few hours while doing normal activities, such as walking around. That way you can find out if any spots rub your feet wrong and you can compensate accordingly.

Understand Materials

Generally, natural fibers breathe more than synthetic ones. That means, if you tend to overheat while dancing, you might be more comfortable in natural materials or blends. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t find luxurious fabrics just because you are avoiding synthetic materials. Silk is a natural option as well as cashmere.

If one part of your body tends to have issues with heat, then consider choosing the associated clothing pieces based on being more comfortable and then use synthetics elsewhere if you have a certain look in mind. There is nothing that says your top can’t be natural fibers while your skirt is synthetic (or vice versa).

Consider Leggings

One easy way to make a cute dress or skirt an option during cooler weather is through the addition of leggings. You can find options in a wide range of styles, colors, and prints, letting you choose options that work with your existing wardrobe or as a piece of a new outfit.

If you want to make sure you look and feel great, then the best leggings for you may be compression leggings. Not only can compression leggings make you look slimmer and more toned, but they can also reduce muscle fatigue. That can make it easier to dance the night away without the traditional aches and pains associated with spending the evening on your feet. Leggings also work well with a wide variety of shoes, so you can still wear your favorite pair with a well-chosen pair of leggings.

Fun things to do instead of clubbing

Students find that they are exposed to a lot of independence when they start studying for the first time. Enjoying clubs and their newfound freedom for the first time can sometimes wear thin and take a toll on their budget. If you study you need to keep your funds available for study material food and living costs so partying around the clock is sometimes out of the question. Alcohol and partying can also take a toll on your health which means you need to find some other activities that are a little calmer and a bit more productive. If you are a social butterfly that enjoys going out at least four nights a week, kudos to you but if you would like to save a little money and have fun in other ways there are many alternatives to choose from. Click here to learn more about saving money as a student.

Fun things to do instead of clubbing

Start a side business with arts and crafts. It is a great idea for students to make a little extra money by showing off their entrepreneurial skills. You can learn so much from starting your own little side business and you will enjoy the benefit of actually making and saving your own money. Learn how to bead or perhaps make clothing or jewelry and start selling it on campus. You will love the idea of becoming famous for your designs and after purchasing the crafting materials you will enjoy the profit you make.

By saving all your clubbing money you can invest in a few cookbooks so that you can start your own food adventure. Experiment with different things and see how far your culinary skill goes. Make the most out of every meal by getting rid of anything instant and cooking from scratch. You might think you are unable to create any meals like mom does but you will surprise yourself. It is also great to get involved in a student campaign that you feel passionate about. See which campaigns are running and get active with likeminded individuals that feel the same way you do about a certain cause. Take a look at the foundation for defense of democracies to learn more from this foundation that so actively stands for democracy and heads up many activism situations.

Read a book at a café. Enjoy a cup of good coffee or tea and read a book. Reading is great for you and by just enjoying the relaxing environment in the café you will feel rejuvenated and ready for any tests or assignments. While you are at it you can also actively get involved in a charity project on campus that will provide you with a satisfying experience and a fulfilled mindset. These are all activities that will give you a reason to save a bit of money instead of spending it and you will feel the pleasure of doing something meaningful in your free time. Click here to read more about relaxing during examination times.

Fun and safe girl’s night ideas while studying

Your studies can take it out of you at the best of times and downtime is most definitely a pre-requisite. Take time out of your busy schedule and get together with your girlfriends and have fun in a safe and relaxing way. It is always good to enjoy your time off by checking out the clubs and pubs on campus. For relaxation though you might want to look at doing a few things that will be just as satisfying but also calm. Here is a compiled list of great activities that will keep you and your girlfriends occupied and out of trouble. This is ideal if you are coming down from a frenzied week of tests and exams.

Fun and safe girl’s night ideas while studying

Host a cooking evening

If you love cooking or you are a person that likes to learn how to prepare new dishes you can involve your friends and have a bit of fun exploring new dishes. This is ideal for bonding and you can actually learn from it. By taking time out and making something you can share and taste each other’s masterpieces. This will be a lot of fun and a safe activity. Find the best traditional recipes here. Make your cooking night interesting with experimental ingredients and a delicious bottle of wine. This will make your night just a little more fun and bring endless chattering to the table while you are exploring your meals. Click here to take a look at some delicious meals from around the world.

Indulge in a good TV series or movie

It is fun to enjoy a movie at your own place. The great part about hosting it at your own place is that you will save a bunch on travel, movie tickets and snacks. Decide on your favorite genre and make the most of your evening by preparing popcorn and snacks at home. Click here for some fantastic and low-budget movie snacks.

Find out what the future holds

Book a psychic to do a few readings for you and your girlfriends. It is fun and interactive and will give you the best experience with a bit of mystique. Take a look at psychic source review for ratings and reviews about the best psychics in your area. You don’t have to be a believer to enjoy finding out what the future holds for you. You might find out that your tall, dark and handsome stranger is waiting around the corner for you.

Arts and crafts

This is another fine and dandy way to spend an evening. Learn a new craft and get hold of the materials that you need to start beading, knitting or painting. It depends on what you are interested in but will provide you with hours of safe fun plus you actually learn something. Arts and crafts are great for relaxation and will actually be therapeutic at the best of times. Knitting a scarf for winter is a great project to start with.

Great Bar Activities to Relieve Stress

Whether you are a hard working professional or a busy college student, every now and then you need to take some time to destress and have some fun. And that doesn’t always mean jumping into a research article from Dove Medical Press or working on your work presentation for next week. Instead, consider hitting a nearby bar or club that offers some of these classic gaming options. Not only can they be a great way to socialize, but they can also be a fun way to relieve some stress too.

Great Bar Activities to Relieve Stress


When done socially, shooting pool can be very relaxing. Though the game does involve skill, concentration, and an understanding of geometry, it is also about hitting heavy objects into one another. If you give the game a try with a few friends and participate purely for fun, it can be a great way to forget the worries of the day for a little while. Just try not to get too competitive, or you may find yourself even more stressed than before.


Another bar staple that does involve some skill is darts. However, like pool, it can be very entertaining when planned solely for fun. First, you get to throw sharp, point objects, and that can be cathartic on its own. Second, it is generally a social game when played recreationally, so it provides the opportunity to chat with friends while you have some fun.

Giant Jenga

Some bars offer enlarged versions of the classic home game, Jenga. This is one that involves the tower of wooden pieces. Everyone has to take turns removing a piece and stacking it on the top, all without knocking the tower over. It’s a game that generally wouldn’t be played alone, and it can be fun to watch the whole thing come crashing down when the time finally comes.


While bowling isn’t a bar game in a traditional sense, most bowling alleys offer adult beverages just like a traditional bar does. And, as far as stress relief, bowling can be a great choice to relieve some aggression. The game can be somewhat physical, so it is great for burning off anxious energy. And the act of knocking down the pins can be quite invigorating.


Against popular belief, you don’t need to be a great singer to enjoy karaoke. Instead of choosing options with complex vocals, select options that don’t necessarily require you to carry a tune. For example, Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping is a classic bar song that isn’t complex. It is also great for a group performance, so, if you don’t want to jump up on stage alone, consider giving it a try.

Other classic options include Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks, Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus, 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, and Self Esteem by The Offspring.

There are a wide range of other options that can be just as appropriate as the ones above. The important part is to pick an option that feels fun to you and enjoy yourself. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the drinks, especially if you have work or class the next day, and always arrange for a designated driver if you are going to partake. Otherwise, the occasional night out might do you some good, especially if you find yourself fighting more stress than usual. So grab your friends and see where the night takes you. You might be thanking yourself for the break by morning.

Take Your Night Out to the Next Level with These Additions

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star like Stephen Collins or Jeffrey Dean Morgan to party like one. In fact, just a few simple additions to your normal night out on the town can make an average experience feel extraordinary. So, whether you are looking to bring something new to a celebration, or just want to have some additional fun, here are some easy ways to elevate your next night on the town.

Dress the Part

If your normal night on the town involves jeans and t-shirts, consider dressing up for a change. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to go as far as suits and ties or cocktail dresses (though it can). Even giving your appearance a little extra effort can make it feel more glamorous.

Take Your Night Out to the Next Level with These Additions

In some cases, dressing up means your normal hole-in-the-wall bar destination won’t feel right, so be open to trying someplace new if your attire calls for it. Who knows, you might be introduced to a new hotspot that you would have otherwise never seen.

Upgrade Your Ride

A fun way to help make the evening feel more special is to upgrade your transportation to something more fun. For example, you can rent a limo for the evening or upgrade your Uber experience from the standard to one of the luxury options. Either way, you can make the night feel a little classier by taking your transportation up a notch.

Not only will these options help you feel more like a rock star, but they will also keep everyone safe without having to choose a designated driver.

Make Reservations

Choosing a restaurant that takes reservations can feel upgraded even if you occasionally visit the establishment anyone. Knowing that there is a table waiting for you at a specific time can feel very luxurious. It also guarantees that you and your party won’t have to sit in a waiting area any longer than absolutely necessary.

If you do have some time to plan, then consider choosing a restaurant that almost requires a reservation to get a seat. It can make the night feel noteworthy through the illusion of exclusivity, and might not cost any more than you would spend elsewhere.

Try a New Drink or Food

Whether at a bar, club, or restaurant, consider giving an upgraded drink a try. It can be as simple as choosing a new imported or craft beer or trying the establishment’s signature cocktail. This isn’t necessarily about spending a large sum of money. Instead, it is about doing something special or unique, and about reaching out at least a little past your comfort zone.

The same can be done with dinner or light appetizer options. Consider branching out and selecting at least one option outside of your traditional go-to foods. Yes, there is a risk you might not enjoy it, so feel free to include some tried-and-true selections as well. But, this is another area where you might discover something new that you really enjoy, and that can help make the night more memorable.

Often, upgrading your night out doesn’t have to increase the cost significantly. Plan ahead, check out your options, and select items that will work for your budget. Then, you can have the occasional extravagance to make your night out feel special.

The Best Internship Opportunities Available for College Students

As you move towards completing your degree in your field of interest, you may discover that an internship is required. These are invaluable opportunities to get your foot in the door of phenomenal companies within your career field. Therefore, it is a great idea to take some time out of your hectic schedule to ascertain the best internship opportunities available for college students. Luckily, we are providing a list of them for you here.

Before we jump into that list though, we would like to draw your attention to a political internship opportunity that might help you better understand the whole government process. Let us introduce you to Philadelphia 3.0. Although this is definitely a nonpartisan organization, the Penn Dems support your interest in applying for an internship. This is an 8 week program that requires a minimum of 10 hours a week. You will learn a lot about the political process and have the opportunity to affect the City Council while participating.

The Best Internship Opportunities Available for College Students

7 Incredible Internships that Open Doors

If we are honest about life, open doors generally are attached to who you know. As much as we all want to get out in the world and be successful based on our own merit, it doesn’t usually happen that way. Sure, you can be a phenomenal student but like the adage says, “it isn’t what you know, but who you know.” So, try out these 7 incredible internships that open doors. And then prove yourself while there, so that you can utilize the who and what to make a name for yourself:

  1. Microsoft- Who doesn’t want to set foot in there? There are actually a good deal of non-techy positions. These are 12 week internships and they include travel benefits and other perks that make you feel like a real employee. Read this.
  2. Pricewaterhouse Cooper– This is another big boy in the accounting realm. Their internships last for 2 months. And, believe it or not, half of those people who intern with them are offered a job!
  3. Ernst and Young– With a hire rate of about 2000 interns a year, chances for success seem pretty high. They extend offers of full time employment to about 90% of those who choose to intern with them. So, if you are a business major, this is a great position to grab a hold of.
  4. Disney- You know you want to work there! Their internships are paid. And, since you can serve in either California or Florida, you know it will be beautiful. Learn more.
  5. Nike- You know the name, now join the fame. 10 week internships in a bunch of different areas could lead you to a lucrative full time position in the future.
  6. St Jude Medical– If you are in the medical field this is the place you want to be. In fact, they offer full time employment to 75% of their interns and that name looks great on your resume.
  7. Amazon- Did you know they had an intern program? You will get to work on big projects and attend their brown bag events. Besides, they hire 80% of their student interns.

If you are still looking for other opportunities, there is a great list located at this site.

Before You Buy a Kansas City Bar, Run These Tests

If your dream has always been to own a bar or nightclub in Kansas City, and you decided now is the perfect time to buy, it is important not to rush into a purchase. Not only do you need to examine the quality of the property, but you also need to make sure that it is safe for your future customers. To help you determine if everything is in the proper state of repair, make sure to run these tests before you buy.

Before You Buy a Kansas City Bar, Run These Tests

Basic Building Inspection

Your first test of a property you are considering should be a building inspection. A qualified inspector can move throughout the location and identify any potential issues or hazards that may not be noticeable to those without training in the field. Once everything has been reviewed, they will provide a thorough report regarding any findings. From that point, you often have the ability to renegotiate with the seller for a lower purchase price, required repairs before the purchase goes forward, or a combination of the two.

Roof Inspection

While your building inspector may examine the roof on the surface level, a professional roofer will be better equipped to determine whether any smaller issues are present. Roofing repairs can add up quickly, and damaged roofs can let in water and cause other issues. Having the roof carefully inspected will help ensure that you are stuck with any surprise costs after the property changes hands. It also gives you more bargaining power if issues are discovered, allowing you to either lower your offer on the property or request that the repairs be made by the seller.

Sewer Line Video Inspection

A regular inspection rarely includes a video inspection of your sewer line. Some inspectors offer it as an add-on while others do not have the equipment. In those cases, you can arrange an inspection with a local plumbing company that has the tools required to perform the inspection.

The reason for this inspection is based on the amount of water and waste that can run through a Kansas City bar or nightclub. Between bar activities, customer bathrooms, and other regular activities, your sewer line will get heavy use. And a seemingly small issue can quickly get out of control. Not only can a plumbing issue temporarily shut down your business, but it can also be quite an expense. Spend the extra money on the inspection and get the plumbing checked before you buy.

Mold Testing

Most bars and clubs are fairly dark which can make mold hard to see. One way to ensure that the building does not have a mold problem is to contact services that offer mold testing in Kansas City. These service providers can test the air and take samples of any suspected mold. Then, once the samples are analyzed, they can create a report dictating what is required to correct any issues.

Since your business will be open to the public, it is critical that you provide a safe environment for your patrons to enjoy.

Electrical Inspection

Another area that can lead to significant repair costs involves electrical system issues. Consider working with an electrician to have the key points reviewed, such as the state of the electrical panel and the age of the wiring. You will get a more thorough picture regarding its current state by working with a specialist.

How to Make the Best of Your Prom Night

We all know pretty well that prom is a major deal. It would be a real bummer if your prom night does not turn out to be how planned it would be. Between getting a date, finding the ideal dress, and finding the cash to pay for it all, what should be the greatest night of college can rapidly transform into the most distressing occasion all year. With some proper and sharp planning, you can abstain from blowing a gasket on your special night.

How to Make the Best of Your Prom Night

We’ve chosen to make a short rundown for you and your companions to guarantee you have a calm and enjoyable prom night.

# 1 Buy A Portable Phone Charger

Nothing can take a toll on your Snapchat story than having your telephone battery kick the bucket. Make sure you get a convenient charger to help you keep your telephone alive throughout the night so you can post to Instagram as much as you need to.

#2 Bring Gum With You

Unquestionably the LAST thing you need to have on prom night is breath that could disturb your date. Get a few sticks of gum or a modest bunch or mints to bring with you. Your date will bless your heart.

#3 A Credit Card or Cash

You never know when will require additional cash during prom night. You and your companions may get some gum in transit or grab some snacks afterwards thereafter so it’s best to be ready in advance.

#4 Perfume or Deodorant

Prom will be hot (in context of temperature). Let’s be honest: a room loaded with moving young people may get sweat-soaked (and smelly) so you ought to bring a little antiperspirant stick or perfume in the event of some unforeseen issue.

#5 Anti-flammatory or Upset Stomach Meds

You will be standing and moving A LOT so you ought to have some soothing and calming medicine in your pocket. In case you’re inclined to stomach issues, you might need to carry with you something to facilitate your stomach also yet you would prefer not to bear a cluster of pharmaceutical the whole night so simply bring a medicine that would cater to all such problems.

#6 Bring Hair Spray/Gel

As we said earlier in this article, things could get sweat-soaked once you’re moving up here and there and dancing your shoes off. Due to this, your hair may keep running into a few problems and might possibly get messed up if not taken care of. A simple trick is to have some hair spray (and possibly a little towel) with you to whip that hair once again into shape.

#7 Book the Limo in Advance

Make sure that you book the limo before time to avoid any disappointments. Be sure to get the best Limo service and specify all details such as number of passengers, time slots for the booking and so on while you make the booking.

#8 Have Fun!

This is the most essential prom tip we could give you. Despite the fact that it is a major night for you and your friends, never forget that you are there to have some good times. Try not to worry if things don’t go precisely the way you thought they would. Be cheerful and make the most of your night!

College Cocktails for Students with Limited Budgets

You do know that when it comes to hanging out with your friends especially after the finals or after you have passed certain tests, you would like to have a few drinks. You may be used to taking cheap wine. Perhaps you do not like wine because you prefer drinking beer instead. The taste will get old after a while and you would start craving for something new.

If you would check out Micropub, you will see different types of cocktails and beverages that you would like to try. From ales to other beverages that you can try, you will surely have a great experience that you would like to check again and again. You can check out their website to see what they can offer and if you want, you can try creating your own cocktails.

College Cocktails for Students with Limited Budgets

Your next house party does not have to be full of beer and wine alone. You can test your creativity by making a few cocktails that your other college mates will love. Here are a few cocktails that you can do easily:

  1. Irish Cream with Chocolate Milk

If you would like to have a dessert that will get a lot of people talking animatedly, this may be the best drink to have. You can simply mix the Irish Cream with the Chocolate Milk in order to make the drink even more delicious than ever. It will make a lot of people hyper hopefully not too hyper that they will begin to trash the place.

  1. Lemonade and Whiskey

If you would like to create lemonade with a twist, this may be the best cocktail for you to try. The best thing about this is that you can barely taste the whiskey and you would feel like you are just drinking normal lemonade. You are free to choose the lemonade and the whiskey you would like to mix together just make sure that you will stick with fresh lemons as this will greatly improve the taste.

  1. Gin and Grapefruit

The thing about grapefruit is that you can mix it up with either gin or vodka. It will be up to you to choose which one you think is the best. It can taste great with gin because grapefruit is tart and fresh. It will surely be refreshing when you drink it at the party.

  1. Pina Colada

If you want to have to experience the tropics even for just a short while, you may do this by having the best drink available. You simply need a bit of rum, coconut cream and pineapple juice and you know that you are already good to go. Making this is easy to do because you simply need to mix everything together.

  1. Woo Woo

Making this is extremely easy as long as you have vodka, cranberry juice and peach schnapps. The amount of each will depend on how many drinks you are going to make but this is guaranteed to be easy to do. This is an enjoyable drink too.

Can you still think of other drinks you would like to try?

Choosing A Music University in Canada

Choosing a music university can be a tough task, and if you are looking to attend one in Canada then your options are endless. There are various factors that should be given weightage while making your choice, but you need to prioritize them according to your personal preferences. Whether you want to become a music teacher in the future yourself, or whether you want to play music on your own, also counts a lot.

Workforce/Teachers: Your decision of a post-secondary music institution ought to be vigorously in view of what teacher you want to study with. As a general rule, finding a reasonable educator/guide can represent the moment of truth for your music profession. Each individual functions admirably with an alternate individual, so this positioning will basically be founded on the span of the workforce and in this way is important in that it means the quantity of educators you need to browse. We exceptionally prescribe that you set aside the opportunity to have trial lessons with the greatest number of instructors as you can before accepting an offer from a University to see who you work best with.

Choosing A Music University in Canada

Class Size: Generally, the smaller the class estimate, the better. A smaller class size will profit both your performance and academic classes: your educator will be more open for any inquiries or additional help you may need AND you will have the capacity to perform all the more regularly.

Area: The music world is small, so on the off chance that you pick up a positive reputation in one place, it will doubtlessly spread all through the whole business. That being said, in the event that you can begin making a reputation for yourself in the bigger melodic scenes in Canada (Toronto, Victoria, Montreal, and so on.) you will be in an ideal situation. Additionally, remember, that the nearer your vicinity is to the significant music groups, the more competitive it gets to be. Consider where you are as far as your expert development and ask yourself if you are ready for such an aggressive competition.

Reputation: Reputation of the University is most critical for the individuals who are seeking after a career in academics or education. In the event that you move on from a school that has an astounding reputation, landing a teaching position or applying for a post-graduate program will be much simpler. Be that as it may, reputation of the instructive establishment is not as basic for the individuals who are planning to seek after a profession in musical performance. On the off chance that you discover a University that will help you refine your art and deliver an amazing item for audition then the audition board won’t be excessively worried about which University you went to.

Before applying, make sure that you have complete knowledge about all musical instruments and music players. Make sure that you have all vinyl players reviewed to increase your knowledge base. The most reputed universities in Canada include University of Western Ontario, University of Toronto, McGill University, Wilfred Laurier University and University of British Columbia. While making your choice, be sure not to disregard smaller universities, make sure you have trial lessons and apply for both larger and smaller schools.