Ways You Can Avoid Getting Drunk

You have to realize that getting drunk is not a good thing especially if you are going to drive afterwards but some people cannot avoid it. They believe that they need to drink more in order to look good in front of their friends. There are also some who tend to drink a lot even though they should not because of peer pressure.

When you are in college and you would like to enjoy yourself in a party, there are just a few simple things that you have to remember. One is that you do not have to drink a lot in order to be appreciated by people around you. Second is that your personality can get you far. Lastly, you cannot take drugs. Alcohol can be flushed out of your system faster than drugs. Also, if you are caught doing drugs, you may even get kicked out of school. The best way to remember in how to pass a drug test is to never take drugs. Once you try it, it will be a hard habit to break.

Ways You Can Avoid Getting Drunk

Here are other things that you have to remember so that you can avoid getting drunk:

  1. Make sure that you will enjoy what you are drinking. Instead of gulping down your drink, you can take one sip at a time. You will appear to everyone like you are drinking wholeheartedly with them when in reality, you are just drinking enough to help you have fun. If you would only drink one drink per hour, then it will be easy for your body to flush out the alcohol from your system.
  2. If you have to pay for all the drinks that you are going to take, make sure that you will set a budget for the amount that you have to pay for the drinks. Once you run out of money, you know that it is time to stop drinking.
  3. If you weigh more, then it will take longer for you to feel that you are feeling drunk. This may explain why some people normally get drunk easier than others. Women may also get drunk easier as compared to men.
  4. Make sure that you will drink mindfully. Instead of just choosing random drinks and downing everything, you can savor each sip that you take. It will give you an appreciation of various alcoholic beverages and it will be easier for you to choose which ones you would like to drink more often.
  5. Do not forget to drink water. In order to increase your tolerance for drinking, make sure that you will drink water before you drink, while you are drinking and after drinking. This will allow you to get rid of the alcohol in your system faster. Make sure that in drinking water, you are going to sip slowly so your system will not be overwhelmed.

While drinking, it is best that you eat something in the process. Drinking in an empty stomach will cause you to get drunk faster.

College and Jewelry

We had a hard time picking what direction to take with this piece. Of course, we could always write about class rings, or the ever more popular class pendants, but that just seemed lame. We wanted to give you some far more interesting tidbits of information about college and jewelry. So, we hope that this list of the jewelry college girls’ love will suit your student curiosities.

First, let’s talk about One by One Jewelry. They are a purveyor of elegant silver out of the UK. In fact, at their site you will find some stylish pieces that represent the likes of Rhianna, Victoria Beckham, and even Kate Moss. One particularly well loved design is called the swing earring. A beautiful composition of a stud and a caressing under lobe cradle that sparkles and shimmers. This is the height of modern fashion. And, will certainly grab the attention of your professors and peers.

College and Jewelry

The Jewelry College Girls Love

We’re not jewelry experts, but we do know college girls. And, we also have the ability to do some research. That’s how we were able to discover the jewelry college girls’ love. Feel free to keep reading and determine whether or not we are correct in this supposition:

  1. Earrings– Obviously earrings needed to be on this list, especially since we just got finished describing a new design known as the swing earring. But, earrings have long been favorites of women of all ages. They enable you to be simple or daring. Studs work well for the more professional aspects of college life, like office hour meetings with your professors. But, then there are always the dangling designs that bedazzle and add fun to every outfit. When it comes to picking the right earrings for you, be certain that they are versatile and representative of your personality. Read this to learn the history of earrings.
  2. Pendants- You know you love to look your best, but your classes seem to start way too early for that kind of preparation. And then, you’re up so late studying that being on your Ps and Qs with your wardrobe is hardly probable. Yet, part of you still wants to stand out, even if you’re in your pajamas or sweats when you get to class in the morning. That’s why a simple pendant on an elegant chain makes the perfect accoutrement. Of course, you could always go all out and make the pendant a bright bold piece of art that draws far more attention than your My Little Pony sleepwear. The choice is yours. Just don’t sleep with it on, so that it doesn’t pull your hair in the middle of the night and ruin a sweet rest.
  3. Rings– Where the earrings and pendants are often pretty docile on the college campus, the rings become the bold statements. Eye-catching ring designs are sure to make you stand out whether you are at a celebratory dinner downtown with friends, or in the midst of class frantically recording exam notes from the mouth of a fast talking professor. Rings don’t have to be expensive to be fun and dramatic. Just like with the other jewelry options, pick something that seems to scream who you are. Learn more about rings.

Picking the right jewelry for the right moments might be a bit challenging, so follow this link to get some expert advice on the topic.

When Deep Cleaning Your Bar, Don’t Forget the Floor

Every so often, every bar and club needs a thorough deep cleaning. And while it is easy to think about all of the surfaces in a space, the idea of deep cleaning the floors might not always come to mind. It is important to think about that amount of drink and food can end up on the floor over time. Combine that with outside dirt and grime, and it is easy to see why taking good care of your floors can be an important part of keeping a safe environment for your customers and employees.

But what does it really take to deep clean a floor? Well, that depends on the type of flooring that will be cleaned. To help you understand what is involved, here are some common services to get you started.

When Deep Cleaning Your Bar, Don’t Forget the Floor


Whether you have wall-to-wall carpet in part of your space or simply use rugs to help prevent dirt from being tracked in from outside, it is important to take the time to get these deep cleaned on a regular basis. Not only will this help make them look better, but it can also help fluff the fibers. And, in cases where a rug is in place to prevent dirt from being brought into the main space, restoring the fibers can help them collect debris more effectively.

If you don’t want to take the time to deep clean the carpets yourself, the ideal solution is to select a carpet cleaning expert in Fremantle. Then, you simply need to be on the property while the service provider handles the work. You can handle other tasks while the carpet cleaning is being done, which may help you cut the total amount of time required to finish the cleaning process significantly in comparison to handling all of the tasks yourself.


The best way to clean tile often involves using a steam cleaner. These devices can break up dirt and grime with easy and, when the proper temperature is selected, can even sanitize the surface without the need for harsh cleaners. Often, this makes managing the clean up of bathrooms and kitchens must easier than traditional mopping or scrubbing on your hands and knees. Additionally, it can do a much better job when it comes to preventing bacteria from building up on surfaces.

Many carpet cleaning businesses can also steam tile floors, though it may also be available through traditional cleaning services. Alternatively, the equipment may be worth investing in especially if you have a full-service kitchen inside your bar or club.


Wood floors often require special care to ensure they aren’t damaged while being cleaned. Specialty cleaners can preserve their luster while also ensuring the surface is sanitary. Often, you can have wooden floors cleaned by a general cleaning surface. However, these may be fairly easy to manage on your own for the purpose of maintaining proper hygiene.

If your wooden floor is showing signs of damage, then it may be time to have them refinished. While this isn’t necessary to keep the floor clean, it can improve their look as well as their feel underfoot. There are many contractors who are able to refinish wooden floors quickly, limiting the amount of downtime required throughout the process. However, it is also a task you can choose to manage yourself if you are open to renting the right equipment.

In the end, keeping your floors cleaned is simply good business. So, make sure that the next time you schedule a deep cleaning that you make time for your floors too.

Easy ways to keep your dorm room clean

Attending university or college for the first time is one of the most exciting times of your life. It is important to keep your head up and realize that you are going to be responsible for your own life and surrounding and that there won’t be anyone that will clean up after you. It is important for hygienic reasons and health reasons that everything stays clean and reasonable tidy in your dorm room. You don’t want to get to the point where you can’t even find your bed or a clean set of underwear to wear. Before your room gets completely out of control get your mind right and start cleaning. Click here to take a look at dust mites that are in your mattress.

Easy ways to keep your dorm room clean

Start by creating a cleaning schedule that you can stick to. It is important to be realistic about the times that you would like to clean. If you share your room with someone discuss the schedule with them and share the tasks. Consider your party and study time to make sure you don’t skip the schedule. While you set up the schedule invest in purchasing a good vacuum cleaner. Take a look at the Shark Rotator NV752 which is a vacuum cleaner that will last for some years and that has enough suction power to get rid of the worst dirt students can conjure up. Vacuuming gets rid of many germs and is ideal for your carpets and your mattress.

Keep your clothes in your closet and keep your dirty laundry separate so that you don’t have to rummage through endless piles to find something decent and clean to wear. It is usually the first thing that happens in a dorm room. A tornado hits and the floor, bed and everything else is covered by clean and dirty clothes. Clothes hampers and a trash cans will make all the difference in your room. You can also invest in a duster to make sure you keep the hard to reach areas free of dust and in turn keep your sinuses clear and your chest open.  Click here to read more about maximizing space in your dorm room.

Invest in enough storage so that you can keep your books and personal possessions safely and neatly stored. Dorm rooms are usually small and it is necessary to make the most of the space that you have by packing everything that you use away. The simplest tip to keep your room tidy is to make your bed every day. It is easy to break this rule as you are rushing off to class. Try and refrain from skipping this because that is usually the point of no return for cleanliness. By tidying up after yourself and motivating your roommate to do the same you will make your living experience at college pleasant and almost as comfortable as home. This is your first independence and you want to show that you can handle it.

The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

We start off a lot of our pieces telling you how great college is. And, maybe you are one of the many who is truly enjoying your college experience. But, we shouldn’t neglect to assist those of you who are finding college to be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it would be in our best interest to take the time to discuss the top emotional issues college students face.

Maybe you have tried everything, including hypnosis for confidence, to make things at school seem a little easier. You thought that might help improve your memory and alleviate the panic attacks. You were so certain that it could help you face fears and phobias. And, maybe it did, but college still seems to be such a weight on your shoulders and you just don’t know what to do. The best thing we can say to you is, “You are not alone.” College is a great time of growth, but it is also potentially a place of disconnect.

The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

The Emotional Struggles College Students Endure

If you came from a great family, college might be the first time you are on your own and that loneliness might feel like a lead blanket on your heart and mind. On the flipside, if your previous home life was beyond the average dysfunction, college might feel like a warm bath. Or, maybe everybody has moments of each: comfort and anxiety. The important thing to note is that the emotional struggles college students endure are real, and can be helped. Keep reading to find out the top 3 issues:

  1. Depression– Loneliness coupled with the exhaustive stress of high achievement can be enough to put someone into a depressive state. A bad grade on a final or paper, a failed relationship, has the potential to put a student’s fragile psyche over the edge. Depression, and even suicidal thoughts, is common in college, but they are treatable as long as you seek out the proper avenues for help. Here are some additional tidbits of advice if you are battling depression.
  2. Anxiety Disorders– College is slam full of potentially anxiety-inducing situations. There is the ever-present necessity to meet new people each semester. And then, the professors like to request that you pair up in groups for presentations. The group situation can be stressful. But, having to stand in front of your peers is enough to give your anxious heart a quasi-heart-attack. If you’re struggling with anxiety, learn more about how to better cope with the triggers.
  3. Substance Abuse– Frequently, the “good kid” goes off to college and hits a wall of rebellion that ultimately decimates who he/she has always been. The availability of narcotics and booze on college campuses is astronomical. It is very easy to fall prey to the promises of a quick release, or an emotional stimulant. And, it is even easier to become taken by those things that seem harmless at the moment you first try them. Not everyone who drinks will become an alcoholic, but there are some people who drink one time, and gets alcohol poisoning (read more). It’s the same with many of the illicit drugs. Complete abstinence is always the best coping mechanism. Otherwise, make sure you have someone in your life to hold you accountable. Substance abuse is a dark road that damages the lives of all you love.

If you didn’t find your struggle on our brief list, go read this.

Getting it Right with Smart Casual for that Yale Life

If you are a person who looks forward to dressing to impress for all the informal occasions happening in your neighborhood, then smart casual if your choice. Gone are the days when casual dressing was only associated with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Innovations in the world of fashion have led to the discovery of new trends that are not limited to jeans. What’s more, you do not have to wear a baggy trouser or a faded shirt all in the name of smart casual. Stepping out with your pals should be one occasion you look forward to following the type of dressing you adopt. It’s an opportunity for you always to showcase your wild side. As such, the following four steps will guide you to bring the best out of you.

Getting it Right with Smart Casual for that Yale Life

Step 1: Getting to know the basics about a function

Primarily, smart casual are designed to bring the best out of you without putting so much effort into your dressing.  Since smart casual is intended to suit both genders, it is thus important for you to get best matches a given occasion to avoid embarrassment.

  • For a night out with friends to drink a few bottles, you do not need to appear official. But, you should appear as fashionable as possible. Showcase the wild trendy aspect in the way you know best. For bike riding event always get more boisterous by getting a pair of shorts and a light T-shirt. Thus, college bike enthusiasts should also make informed choices on what to wear just to look good and
  • Nothing gets into a good night out with friends like getting proper shoes for the evening. For your ultimate comfort into a night out with friends, get yourself a nice pair of shoes that make you comfortable and complement your attire.
  • Depending on the crowd you are likely to hang out with; you can choose to wear a smart casual shirt for the evening. Additionally, to break the long tradition wearing jeans for all the evening occasions, wear fitting chinos.

Step 2: Evaluating the occasion

Not all the night parties have the same levels of formalities, as such; it is important to find out beforehand level of formality of any party. The crowd you are likely to meet gives you the judging point on what to wear. For instance, if you are going to meet with old friends you have the freedom to go wilder as opposed to if you are going to hang out with colleagues and your seniors.

Step 3: Dressing up or down depending on the items of clothing

Whatever your choice of clothing is, do not overdo the dressing. Overdressing or undressing for an occasion is a mistake many people make. It is imperative you avoid overdressing for an occasion especially when you are carried away by the wave of matching all your items. Judge when it is necessary to wear a blazer or sweater, to avoid sweating and getting uncomfortable during a night out with friends.

Likewise, if you choose to get informal, avoid underdressing. Your choice of dressing tends to tell people a lot about personality. Thus, avoid getting mistaken for something that you are not. For ladies, choose to dress fashionably in a way that earns you respect among your peers.

Step 4: Put in your touch of style

Despite choosing what best suits you, it is important to break customize your clothing to ensure the dress gets to please your personally. Always have it at the back of your mind that smart casual is intended to bring the best image about you effortlessly.

You can achieve that by adding a touch of individuality to what you have chosen to wear. Thus, get comfortable to add your touch of style to that smart casual wear of choice. Hence, do not get to guess work while dressing for any occasion get it customized, and do not get stressed overdressing for an occasion.

Best Colleges in Australia to Study Abroad

You might currently be attending college in the United States or Canada, but perhaps that has become a bit tedious. You almost always know what to expect culturally, and you are tired of hearing the same accents and thought processes. Perchance, you have decided that you would like to study abroad. The night life in your current country of choice has gotten old. And, you aren’t interested in going where everyone else who goes abroad does. Therefore, it might be time to check out the best colleges in Australia.

Of course, going to college in Australia is not going to be cheap. You will need to get a job. Maybe you can become a BPO virtual assistant in Perth. You can be part of the world’s “reliable remote staffing solutions.” The staff at BPO have college degrees and tons of experience. You can learn about accounting and finance, IT, and even HR. This might be a great beginning to your business focused career while you study abroad. Once you have a plan for employment, it is time to make a choice about the university you wish to attend.

Best Colleges in Australia to Study Abroad

Top 10 Universities in Australia

If you have never been to Australia, it isn’t surprising that you don’t know much about their colleges and universities. That is why we have narrowed the list down to the top 10 universities in Australia. We are hoping to make this process considerably easier for you as the move itself will be a challenge. After all, you will be leaving people you love, the friends you hold dear, and a culture you are intimately familiar with to face new people in a new country. Consider these college options carefully:

  1. University of New South Wales
  2. University of Sydney
  3. Monash University
  4. Australian National University
  5. University of Melbourne
  6. University of Queensland
  7. University of Adelaide
  8. RMIT University
  9. University of Western Australia
  10. Curtin University

Read more about going to school in Australia.

Studying Abroad

So, you have now chosen which college you want to attend in Australia. However, you are still wondering why you should study abroad. Or, at the very least, you are having to explain to everyone you are getting ready to leave, why this journey is important for you. Therefore, here are some great reasons for studying abroad:

  1. Opportunity to travel: College is a time of freedom. A time when you don’t have the ties of a family. Therefore, it is a great time to travel.
  2. Learn another culture: Going to Australia, or anywhere else for school, will open your eyes to a new culture. Though they speak English in Australia, there is no doubt they live quite differently than you do. Learn more.
  3. Friends around the world: How else will you meet people on a different continent? You will meet people from another country and know them far better than you ever would, had you chosen to take up the pen-pal concept instead.
  4. Worldview expansion: Many of us are so ill-informed about the lives of people in other countries. When you study abroad, you will return with a far less biased, ethnocentric, ideology about life.
  5. Enhance your degree’s value: Employers find those that have studied abroad to be far more valuable than those who have stayed safely in their own hometowns and countries.

Learn more about the value of studying abroad by reading this piece.

Great ways for students to stay healthier in their first year

Most people might laugh at the prospect of a healthy student at college especially in their first year. With parties, junk food and heaps of fun it is hard to think of gaining weight and perhaps consuming too much unhealthy carbohydrates. The campus gym is usually the last thing on a student’s mind and for this reason it is important to be weary and to make sure you consume all the necessary nutrients and keep up an exercise routine. Click here to read more about essential nutrients in every diet.

It is important to avoid spreading germs at college. Wash your hands as frequently as you can to avoid spreading or getting nasty germs. As important as washing hands you should also cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough. Don’t share utensils with your college roommate. It is also great to carry a trusty hand sanitizer with you to avoid the spread even more. Daily showers are a good idea but make sure you wear flip flops as this could be quite unhygienic.

Great ways for students to stay healthier in their first year

As previously mentioned a good exercise routine is crucial to stay healthy. You don’t necessarily have to sign up with a gym as there are many ways to stay fit on campus. Take a look at this fitness blog to find inspiration and practice some of the best exercises for ultimate fitness and health. You will really benefit from the information and different exercise routines you will find on this website.

It is hard to get used to food that is not lovingly prepared by your mom at first. This is why it is incredibly important to eat smart. Eating heavy meals late at night is no good for you. Try and stick to high fiber and high protein diets to get the most of your day. If you have to live on takeaways make sure you make healthy choices. Click here for some great student recipes.

You will be enjoying a whole new social life and it will be challenging not to be sleep depraved at this time in your life. It is important that you make sure you get regular and sufficient sleep. It needs to be good quality sleep that will give you the rest you need to be able to deal with the daily challenges that you will have to face. Try and keep your bedtime as consistent as you possibly can. As a student you should also try and keep your mood up by avoiding depression and anxiety and giving yourself enough time to relax and unwind after a long study session. Eating right, sleeping and exercise combined will give you the tools you need to stay healthy in your first year.

Stay happy by dating safely and getting rest when you need it, this is your first independence in life and you should have a ball but you should also do it in moderation so that your studies and more importantly your health doesn’t get affected. It is in your hands to keep up the good routines that you used to practice at home.

A Guide to Eating Healthy on a Night Out

One of the most ideal approaches to ensure you abstain from giving into impulses and cravings when eating out is to ensure you don’t go out hungry. Eating a simple snack like an apple or a modest bunch of almonds will guarantee you are not eating with your eyeballs. In the event that you are not feeling starving, it will be easier to pick solid alternatives and eat smaller portions. Make sure you consume organic spirulina powder before heading out to ensure that your energy levels stay up.

A Guide to Eating Healthy on a Night Out

Check the menu beforehand

Most eateries nowadays have their menu listed on the web. Set aside the opportunity to take a look at it and plan what you will be eating. Break down what they bring to the table and which alternatives are on the sound side. A few eateries have the nourishment data of their food on the web as well. On the off chance that they don’t, you can utilize a calorie counter application to make sense of generally how much calories the dinner would have. Choose what you need to arrange in advance, that way, you are not offering into desires or settling on hurried choices at the eatery.

Request half portions

More often than not, the serving sizes at eateries are sufficient sustenance for two individuals, in some cases even for a whole family. When requesting, it’s justified, despite all the trouble to inquire as to whether they offer half portions for courses. If not, ask them split the portions down the middle before it even gets served to you. Maybe request that a companion split the dish with you, then you are both not over-eating. On the other hand, ask the server to simply present to you a half portion of the feast and box up the staying half at the kitchen for you to bring home later. That way, you don’t risk indulging on the grounds that the food is before you.

Arrange a side plate of mixed greens first

Don’t arrange a full-sized plate of mixed greens from the serving of mixed greens menu. Regularly, these servings of mixed greens are a full feast all alone and are recently heaped with undesirable fixings like heaps of cheddar. Rather, ask the server whether they offer simple side servings of mixed greens or a veggie plate. You simply need a basic and little, no favor dressings, sound starter to hold you over till your feast and ensure that you are not gorging in light of the fact that you’re excessively eager.

Request the dressings to be on the side

A serving of mixed greens is pretty healthy, right? Sorry to break it to you, but not really. Although basic servings of mixed greens are healthy in principle, most eateries include so much additional items. Vegetables are beneficial for you, however then you include cheddar, bread garnishes, meat, a huge amount of dressing… Well, you should decide on the burger in case you’re numbering calories. When requesting a serving of mixed greens, recognize the unfortunate additional items, for example, dressing, cheddar and bread garnishes, and request it to be on the side. That way, you can control the amount you have on your plate of mixed greens and you’re not eating vegetables doused in greasy dressings.

Best College Movies of All Time

College is a time of growth and discovery. It is a time to dig deeper into who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. Sometimes that means walking away from people and things that are bad for you and embracing those things that will drastically alter the course of your life. Whatever you might be facing in college, we are certain there was a movie made about some aspect of the issue. That’s why we are presenting to you the best college movies of all time.

Some of these might even be Netflix movies. The link that’s attached there can take you to a site that will allow you to look for your favorite college, and other genre, movies. You will be able to ascertain which ones you can watch for free with your Netflix subscription and which ones you will have to purchase. So without further ado, let’s see which college movies you should begin searching for.

Best College Movies of All Time

15 Great College Movies You Need to See

Most of the movies on this list will be humorous, as college seems to be a time of laughter. After all, when else will you consider attending a Toga party, or racing cockroaches (read this)? You probably won’t have another time in life playing competitive Frisbee, either. So, while you are enjoying your college years, you might want to take a break from studying and partying and consider these 15 great college movies you need to see:

  1. With Honors– Brendan Fraser gets duped by Joe Pesci (a homeless man) in this intense film.
  2. Drumline– You can’t mess with the band geeks in this movie.
  3. Accepted- Well, this guy creates his own college, but after some of your exam grades, you might have considered doing the same.
  4. Mona Lisa Smile– College isn’t just for your “Mrs.” degree according to Julia Roberts.
  5. Love Story– This is an oldie, but it shows that all kinds of people go to college. And sometimes, they fall in love.
  6. Wonder Boys– There are big names in this movie: Michael Douglas, Katie Holmes & Tobey Maguire. That might make it worthy of your time.
  7. The Waterboy– We would be remiss if we didn’t add this comedic break. If the waterboy can get a scholarship to play football, there’s hope for anyone.
  8. 21- Perhaps this movie is representative of the darker side of college life.
  9. Elmo’s Fire-An oldie but a goodie with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and the rest of the gang. Read more.
  10. Real Genius– College students inventing high powered lasers is a pretty cool basis for a movie.
  11. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder– If you have spent more than your 4 years in undergrad, you can probably appreciate this movie. However, one day you will have to grow up.
  12. The Paper Chase– No carousing with the professors. But what about the professor’s daughter?
  13. A Beautiful Mind– The story of John Nash is revealed in this film.
  14. Legally Blonde– Reese Witherspoon. Need we say more?
  15. Back to School- This wouldn’t be a proper list if Rodney Dangerfiled didn’t make an appearance.

Once you are done with those movies, you can always take a gander at this list too.