Getting it Right with Smart Casual for that Yale Life

If you are a person who looks forward to dressing to impress for all the informal occasions happening in your neighborhood, then smart casual if your choice. Gone are the days when casual dressing was only associated with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

Innovations in the world of fashion have led to the discovery of new trends that are not limited to jeans. What’s more, you do not have to wear a baggy trouser or a faded shirt all in the name of smart casual. Stepping out with your pals should be one occasion you look forward to following the type of dressing you adopt. It’s an opportunity for you always to showcase your wild side. As such, the following four steps will guide you to bring the best out of you.

Getting it Right with Smart Casual for that Yale Life

Step 1: Getting to know the basics about a function

Primarily, smart casual are designed to bring the best out of you without putting so much effort into your dressing.  Since smart casual is intended to suit both genders, it is thus important for you to get best matches a given occasion to avoid embarrassment.

  • For a night out with friends to drink a few bottles, you do not need to appear official. But, you should appear as fashionable as possible. Showcase the wild trendy aspect in the way you know best. For bike riding event always get more boisterous by getting a pair of shorts and a light T-shirt. Thus, college bike enthusiasts should also make informed choices on what to wear just to look good and
  • Nothing gets into a good night out with friends like getting proper shoes for the evening. For your ultimate comfort into a night out with friends, get yourself a nice pair of shoes that make you comfortable and complement your attire.
  • Depending on the crowd you are likely to hang out with; you can choose to wear a smart casual shirt for the evening. Additionally, to break the long tradition wearing jeans for all the evening occasions, wear fitting chinos.

Step 2: Evaluating the occasion

Not all the night parties have the same levels of formalities, as such; it is important to find out beforehand level of formality of any party. The crowd you are likely to meet gives you the judging point on what to wear. For instance, if you are going to meet with old friends you have the freedom to go wilder as opposed to if you are going to hang out with colleagues and your seniors.

Step 3: Dressing up or down depending on the items of clothing

Whatever your choice of clothing is, do not overdo the dressing. Overdressing or undressing for an occasion is a mistake many people make. It is imperative you avoid overdressing for an occasion especially when you are carried away by the wave of matching all your items. Judge when it is necessary to wear a blazer or sweater, to avoid sweating and getting uncomfortable during a night out with friends.

Likewise, if you choose to get informal, avoid underdressing. Your choice of dressing tends to tell people a lot about personality. Thus, avoid getting mistaken for something that you are not. For ladies, choose to dress fashionably in a way that earns you respect among your peers.

Step 4: Put in your touch of style

Despite choosing what best suits you, it is important to break customize your clothing to ensure the dress gets to please your personally. Always have it at the back of your mind that smart casual is intended to bring the best image about you effortlessly.

You can achieve that by adding a touch of individuality to what you have chosen to wear. Thus, get comfortable to add your touch of style to that smart casual wear of choice. Hence, do not get to guess work while dressing for any occasion get it customized, and do not get stressed overdressing for an occasion.

Best Colleges in Australia to Study Abroad

You might currently be attending college in the United States or Canada, but perhaps that has become a bit tedious. You almost always know what to expect culturally, and you are tired of hearing the same accents and thought processes. Perchance, you have decided that you would like to study abroad. The night life in your current country of choice has gotten old. And, you aren’t interested in going where everyone else who goes abroad does. Therefore, it might be time to check out the best colleges in Australia.

Of course, going to college in Australia is not going to be cheap. You will need to get a job. Maybe you can become a BPO virtual assistant in Perth. You can be part of the world’s “reliable remote staffing solutions.” The staff at BPO have college degrees and tons of experience. You can learn about accounting and finance, IT, and even HR. This might be a great beginning to your business focused career while you study abroad. Once you have a plan for employment, it is time to make a choice about the university you wish to attend.

Best Colleges in Australia to Study Abroad

Top 10 Universities in Australia

If you have never been to Australia, it isn’t surprising that you don’t know much about their colleges and universities. That is why we have narrowed the list down to the top 10 universities in Australia. We are hoping to make this process considerably easier for you as the move itself will be a challenge. After all, you will be leaving people you love, the friends you hold dear, and a culture you are intimately familiar with to face new people in a new country. Consider these college options carefully:

  1. University of New South Wales
  2. University of Sydney
  3. Monash University
  4. Australian National University
  5. University of Melbourne
  6. University of Queensland
  7. University of Adelaide
  8. RMIT University
  9. University of Western Australia
  10. Curtin University

Read more about going to school in Australia.

Studying Abroad

So, you have now chosen which college you want to attend in Australia. However, you are still wondering why you should study abroad. Or, at the very least, you are having to explain to everyone you are getting ready to leave, why this journey is important for you. Therefore, here are some great reasons for studying abroad:

  1. Opportunity to travel: College is a time of freedom. A time when you don’t have the ties of a family. Therefore, it is a great time to travel.
  2. Learn another culture: Going to Australia, or anywhere else for school, will open your eyes to a new culture. Though they speak English in Australia, there is no doubt they live quite differently than you do. Learn more.
  3. Friends around the world: How else will you meet people on a different continent? You will meet people from another country and know them far better than you ever would, had you chosen to take up the pen-pal concept instead.
  4. Worldview expansion: Many of us are so ill-informed about the lives of people in other countries. When you study abroad, you will return with a far less biased, ethnocentric, ideology about life.
  5. Enhance your degree’s value: Employers find those that have studied abroad to be far more valuable than those who have stayed safely in their own hometowns and countries.

Learn more about the value of studying abroad by reading this piece.

Great ways for students to stay healthier in their first year

Most people might laugh at the prospect of a healthy student at college especially in their first year. With parties, junk food and heaps of fun it is hard to think of gaining weight and perhaps consuming too much unhealthy carbohydrates. The campus gym is usually the last thing on a student’s mind and for this reason it is important to be weary and to make sure you consume all the necessary nutrients and keep up an exercise routine. Click here to read more about essential nutrients in every diet.

It is important to avoid spreading germs at college. Wash your hands as frequently as you can to avoid spreading or getting nasty germs. As important as washing hands you should also cover your mouth if you sneeze or cough. Don’t share utensils with your college roommate. It is also great to carry a trusty hand sanitizer with you to avoid the spread even more. Daily showers are a good idea but make sure you wear flip flops as this could be quite unhygienic.

Great ways for students to stay healthier in their first year

As previously mentioned a good exercise routine is crucial to stay healthy. You don’t necessarily have to sign up with a gym as there are many ways to stay fit on campus. Take a look at this fitness blog to find inspiration and practice some of the best exercises for ultimate fitness and health. You will really benefit from the information and different exercise routines you will find on this website.

It is hard to get used to food that is not lovingly prepared by your mom at first. This is why it is incredibly important to eat smart. Eating heavy meals late at night is no good for you. Try and stick to high fiber and high protein diets to get the most of your day. If you have to live on takeaways make sure you make healthy choices. Click here for some great student recipes.

You will be enjoying a whole new social life and it will be challenging not to be sleep depraved at this time in your life. It is important that you make sure you get regular and sufficient sleep. It needs to be good quality sleep that will give you the rest you need to be able to deal with the daily challenges that you will have to face. Try and keep your bedtime as consistent as you possibly can. As a student you should also try and keep your mood up by avoiding depression and anxiety and giving yourself enough time to relax and unwind after a long study session. Eating right, sleeping and exercise combined will give you the tools you need to stay healthy in your first year.

Stay happy by dating safely and getting rest when you need it, this is your first independence in life and you should have a ball but you should also do it in moderation so that your studies and more importantly your health doesn’t get affected. It is in your hands to keep up the good routines that you used to practice at home.

A Guide to Eating Healthy on a Night Out

One of the most ideal approaches to ensure you abstain from giving into impulses and cravings when eating out is to ensure you don’t go out hungry. Eating a simple snack like an apple or a modest bunch of almonds will guarantee you are not eating with your eyeballs. In the event that you are not feeling starving, it will be easier to pick solid alternatives and eat smaller portions. Make sure you consume organic spirulina powder before heading out to ensure that your energy levels stay up.

A Guide to Eating Healthy on a Night Out

Check the menu beforehand

Most eateries nowadays have their menu listed on the web. Set aside the opportunity to take a look at it and plan what you will be eating. Break down what they bring to the table and which alternatives are on the sound side. A few eateries have the nourishment data of their food on the web as well. On the off chance that they don’t, you can utilize a calorie counter application to make sense of generally how much calories the dinner would have. Choose what you need to arrange in advance, that way, you are not offering into desires or settling on hurried choices at the eatery.

Request half portions

More often than not, the serving sizes at eateries are sufficient sustenance for two individuals, in some cases even for a whole family. When requesting, it’s justified, despite all the trouble to inquire as to whether they offer half portions for courses. If not, ask them split the portions down the middle before it even gets served to you. Maybe request that a companion split the dish with you, then you are both not over-eating. On the other hand, ask the server to simply present to you a half portion of the feast and box up the staying half at the kitchen for you to bring home later. That way, you don’t risk indulging on the grounds that the food is before you.

Arrange a side plate of mixed greens first

Don’t arrange a full-sized plate of mixed greens from the serving of mixed greens menu. Regularly, these servings of mixed greens are a full feast all alone and are recently heaped with undesirable fixings like heaps of cheddar. Rather, ask the server whether they offer simple side servings of mixed greens or a veggie plate. You simply need a basic and little, no favor dressings, sound starter to hold you over till your feast and ensure that you are not gorging in light of the fact that you’re excessively eager.

Request the dressings to be on the side

A serving of mixed greens is pretty healthy, right? Sorry to break it to you, but not really. Although basic servings of mixed greens are healthy in principle, most eateries include so much additional items. Vegetables are beneficial for you, however then you include cheddar, bread garnishes, meat, a huge amount of dressing… Well, you should decide on the burger in case you’re numbering calories. When requesting a serving of mixed greens, recognize the unfortunate additional items, for example, dressing, cheddar and bread garnishes, and request it to be on the side. That way, you can control the amount you have on your plate of mixed greens and you’re not eating vegetables doused in greasy dressings.

Best College Movies of All Time

College is a time of growth and discovery. It is a time to dig deeper into who you want to be and what you want to do with your life. Sometimes that means walking away from people and things that are bad for you and embracing those things that will drastically alter the course of your life. Whatever you might be facing in college, we are certain there was a movie made about some aspect of the issue. That’s why we are presenting to you the best college movies of all time.

Some of these might even be Netflix movies. The link that’s attached there can take you to a site that will allow you to look for your favorite college, and other genre, movies. You will be able to ascertain which ones you can watch for free with your Netflix subscription and which ones you will have to purchase. So without further ado, let’s see which college movies you should begin searching for.

Best College Movies of All Time

15 Great College Movies You Need to See

Most of the movies on this list will be humorous, as college seems to be a time of laughter. After all, when else will you consider attending a Toga party, or racing cockroaches (read this)? You probably won’t have another time in life playing competitive Frisbee, either. So, while you are enjoying your college years, you might want to take a break from studying and partying and consider these 15 great college movies you need to see:

  1. With Honors– Brendan Fraser gets duped by Joe Pesci (a homeless man) in this intense film.
  2. Drumline– You can’t mess with the band geeks in this movie.
  3. Accepted- Well, this guy creates his own college, but after some of your exam grades, you might have considered doing the same.
  4. Mona Lisa Smile– College isn’t just for your “Mrs.” degree according to Julia Roberts.
  5. Love Story– This is an oldie, but it shows that all kinds of people go to college. And sometimes, they fall in love.
  6. Wonder Boys– There are big names in this movie: Michael Douglas, Katie Holmes & Tobey Maguire. That might make it worthy of your time.
  7. The Waterboy– We would be remiss if we didn’t add this comedic break. If the waterboy can get a scholarship to play football, there’s hope for anyone.
  8. 21- Perhaps this movie is representative of the darker side of college life.
  9. Elmo’s Fire-An oldie but a goodie with Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Judd Nelson, Emilio Estevez, and the rest of the gang. Read more.
  10. Real Genius– College students inventing high powered lasers is a pretty cool basis for a movie.
  11. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder– If you have spent more than your 4 years in undergrad, you can probably appreciate this movie. However, one day you will have to grow up.
  12. The Paper Chase– No carousing with the professors. But what about the professor’s daughter?
  13. A Beautiful Mind– The story of John Nash is revealed in this film.
  14. Legally Blonde– Reese Witherspoon. Need we say more?
  15. Back to School- This wouldn’t be a proper list if Rodney Dangerfiled didn’t make an appearance.

Once you are done with those movies, you can always take a gander at this list too.

Prom Tips and Cost Breakdown for Guys

Your prom night as a student is one of the nights you will remember for your entire life. There are numerous things you can do that will make the night a particularly charming one. Obviously everybody’s concept of fun is different, so each of you will have somewhat unique needs, however there are a few concerns and thoughts that are generally the same for everyone. Check out the cost breakdown and tips for making the best of the prom night.

Prom Tips and Cost Breakdown for Guys

How much will it cost?

The cost of Prom Night can vary incredibly from around $150 to as much as $1500. Be that as it may, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a decent time on the off chance that you prepare and settle on careful decisions. Simply make certain that when you choose to burn through cash on a specific thing the cash spent is justified, despite all the trouble to you. It is your cash and your night; spend wisely. The accompanying is a rundown of things that will most likely be a piece of your night’s costs:


This will differ from school to school. A few schools still have their proms in their school gymnasiums, and in these cases, the cost of the ticket could be as low as $20 per couple. In any case, most secondary schools have their Junior-Senior Prom off-grounds at an inn, nation club, or other dance hall office. In a couple of these cases, the ticket will cost $40-$50 per couple, yet most prom tickets now cost between $100-$175 per couple. In these cases, dinner is incorporated into the ticket cost and your whole night can be gone through with your companions at the prom itself. On the off chance that your prom’s ticket is in the $100-$175 range, you and your date might need to consider part the cost of the ticket. Most students do. It is quite recently excessively costly for one individual, making it impossible to pay for the entire thing.


Most guys wear tuxedos to their proms, which falls under semi-formal attire. But in the event that you have a decent colored suit, you may have the capacity to wear that, contingent upon your specific dance. The school or social mores where you live may require a tux for the night. If you rent a tuxedo (which can incorporate shoes) for the night, the going rate is $50-$150 relying on what additional items you may need. The fancier the tuxedo, the costlier it will be.


A limousine is an exceptionally costly extra for your prom night. It can be a good time for three or four couples to go together to the prom in a limousine, and some do. Simply make certain that you need to do this and spending plan in like manner. The standard cost for a limo for the night begins around $400. On the off chance that you split the cost between you eight, it may be something you might want to do. The Limousine Royalty offers limousines at the best prices, and at the end of the day, it will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.


It is standard for the person to purchase a corsage for his date. It can be a stick on sort corsage, or one she can wear around her wrist. Some even purchase an adjusted nosegay that a young lady can carry in her grasp. It is a smart thought to recognize what color dress your date is wearing so that the corsage you pick doesn’t mismatch. A few couples jump at the chance to go together and pick the flowers. Once more, the amount you spend on this thing differs enormously and what you need decides the cost. A great many people spend through $25-$50 on a corsage.

First Time at a Bar – Things You Need to Know

First time going to a bar? Check out this guide and tips to gain some insight on what to do at your first visit.

  1. Go through “1001 cocktails”:

When you’re 21, you would need to stroll to a bar to get yourself a drink however what you will see will be a staggering scope of cocktails. In this way, before you go to your bar, you may require some learning about the basic beverages that are served in your bar, or besides any bar. The choice of your drink will rely on upon the liquor content, your taste and furthermore the cost. You can browse extensive variety of vodka, tequila, bourbon, brew, rum, wine, blended beverages or mixed drinks with extra flavors and shifting liquor content. Some extremely famous beverages to arrange at bars are sex on the shoreline, Jack and coke, tequila dawn, bourbon acrid, cosmopolitan, white Russian, lemon drop, blue Hawaiian and screw driver.

First Time at a Bar – Things You Need to Know

  1. Tabs:

The vast majority of the general population going by bars realize what a tab is, yet in the event that it’s your first time, or in the event that you have constantly paid in real money some time recently, then you should know how to open a tab. On the off chance that you need to pay with your charge card, most bars will ask for you to open a tab. This implies they would clutch your charge card while you’re drinking and you need to pay toward the finish of the night. In any case, in the event that you open a tab, you ought to watch out for it. Know the cost of your beverages and ensure your companions are not abusing it by saying “Put it on his tab” unless you plan. Likewise, bear in mind to gather your Visa toward the finish of the night or they will charge you extra. Remember to keep your money and cellphone at the same place in case you get too much drunk and need to call someone. One way to do this is to get a mobile phone wallet case from It will help keep your cash, cards as well as your cellphone all in the same place. Something else is that when you exchange a tab starting with one barkeep then onto the next, you are likewise exchanging the tip.

  1. Lipsmacking foods:

Presently bars are not just about beverages however beverages are the real reason. There are some superb and lipsmacking food alternatives offered by a few bars. Most bars offer snacks till late night hours, since they realize that is there’s food on a table, individuals will undoubtedly have it, regardless of the possibility that they guarantee that they are not eager to do so. In any case, one critical thing that you should know is that, for beverages you don’t pay charges, however in the event that you order some food stuff, you should pay assess on the whole bill including the beverages. Most basic are hors d’oeuvres like fries or nachos, which are quite recently idealize alongside the beverages.

  1. Tips:

Tips are what the barkeeps are serving you for and managing you at 2 am the point at which you practically carry on like an intoxicated moron. You ought to tip them liberally, no less than 20% or your bill or more. You can tip $2 per drink as well. Barkeeps will doubtlessly recall that you on the off chance that you give them a decent tip and will serve you brisk whenever. In the event that you need some insane or extraordinary drink or some other support, tip them more. It may get costly however it is the tradition that must be adhered to. Likewise take after some bar manners while you give out a tip. Try not to ask the barkeep the amount he needs as a tip and don’t call attention to the amount you cleared out for the tip.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Keeping Your Energy Up for a Night Out

If you spend your days putting in serious effort at work, sometimes you just want to cut loose and have a great night out. But if you are giving your job everything you have, how do you find the energy for a fun night in the clubs? By following some of the tips below.

Eat a Healthy Dinner

When you’re planning a night out, it can be tempting to grab some greasy bar food instead of having a proper meal. But choosing something fried and heavy may actually make it harder to keep yourself going into the wee hours of the morning. Instead of diving into the nearest plate of nachos and hot wings, give yourself a real meal featuring lean protein and some fresh vegetables. That way, you have the right kind of fuel in place to keep your body moving, and you’ll avoid some unhealthy fats too.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Keeping Your Energy Up for a Night Out

Stay Hydrated

The mild symptoms of dehydration include a tired feeling and sense of fatigue, and neither of those will help you have a great night out on the town. So, before you hit your first bar or club, make sure you give yourself a chance to have a glass of water or two. And then make sure you have a drink here and there that doesn’t necessarily contain alcohol or caffeine to help keep you going throughout the night.

Now, it is important to note that drinking water does not counteract the effects of alcohol in any notable way, but it can help alleviate any effects of dehydration that a night of drinking and dancing can lead to.

Consider Supplements

Some supplements may help you feel more energized and alert, allowing you to have fun throughout the night even if you already worked through a long day. The best nootropic stack options available may improve cognitive function, which might help you stay more alert or think more clearly. It may also give your energy levels a boost.

But, just like drinking water, supplements won’t counteract the effects of alcohol, so it is best to plan accordingly.

Take Breaks3

You don’t have to literally dance the night away to have a good time. Instead, listen to your body and, if you feel you need to have a seat for a few minutes, don’t be afraid to take a break. Most clubs and bars have a reasonable amount of seating available, so options should be available at least periodically throughout the evening.

No When to Call It

Sometimes, everything is just going to catch up with you. After a long workday (or week), you might not have as much energy as you were hoping for. If you find yourself getting tired, then it may be better to call it a night and head home. Then, you can get a good night’s sleep and get back to your life the next day.

However, if you have had a few drinks, make sure that you arrange for a ride home even if you drove your car to the bar or club. Between traditional taxis and other car services like Uber and Lyft, you should be able to find a ride pretty quickly. Then, you can make it home without putting your or anyone else’s safety at risk.

Travel Abroad This Spring Break

It is important to take a good rest from your studies during your spring break so you can be ready and focused on studies when the next semester starts again.  And by break I don’t mean lay around in bed or in front of the TV for your summer break.  A good break means getting out, enjoying plenty of fresh air and sunlight, seeing and exploring different things, relaxing, having adventures and all of those crazy things you never get to do while you are giving your all during studies.  One of the best ways to make the most out of your spring break is to travel abroad because you can see the world, gain experience, have great adventures and relax in just a few days.

Travel Abroad This Spring Break

Go with Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways has the best traveling programs for students. They offer over 90 different summer programs from which you can choose.  The programs have different focuses such as community service, education and adventures.  You can even find a program that suits your skill and practice these skills while you are having fun on international tours.

Travel affordably

One of the best reasons to give Rustic Pathways a try is the affordability of the programs. The spring break programs mostly have duration of 8 days and include various activities and adventures.  Some programs like the Sacred Valley Service program only cost $1995 plus airfare while others like the Surf and Service spring break program cost $2 195 excluding airfare.

Things you will do on your spring break

All of the Rustic Pathways programs include a great variety of activities, travels and learning and there are different types of programs for different types of skills.  The most common things you will enjoy on all trips are;

Community service – Community service is part of most of the programs.  You can help communities by building schools and more.  Some programs involve limited community service while others like the Rebuilding New Orleans Spring Break include a lot of hard work.

Explore – You can explore any country when you enjoy these trips.  Rustic Pathways has programs in more than 20 countries that all have terrific sights to see, activities to enjoy and services you can try.

Travel – The spring break programs are perfect for students who would love to travel and see the world.

Have fun – You get to enjoy a lot of different activities while on these programs.  Activities like surfing, swimming, rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, island hopping and mountain climbing makes out a big part of each program.

Learn Internship programs are great for gaining experience in a certain line of work like photography, teaching, business management, community uplifting and more.  If you have your heart set on a certain career path then you can get some valuable insights and ideas for your future career and get a taste of what it will be like to work in such a position one day.

Help others – One of the best parts about these spring breaks is that you get to help other people by giving them physical assistance or teaching them.

Mountain Biking Through College

College is your opportunity to explore your interests and to determine what it is you wish to do with your life. That doesn’t mean that you have to put aside your childhood delights. In fact, if you are still enamored with the thrill found in mountain biking, but it’s time to go to college, we’ve got good news for you. You can read this article to learn about mountain biking through college. Now, that doesn’t mean you will ride through various campuses. But, if you’ll read on, you will discover which colleges offer you the best mountain biking opportunities.

As a biking enthusiast, you should probably check out Two Monkeys Cycling. They are located in Australia, but if you order $200+ you can get free international shipping. This means you will have access to top of the line bikes and gear. And, if you visit regularly, their blog will keep you abreast of biking news and great places to explore. With that resource in the back of your mind, let’s determine which college is best for your biking desires.

Mountain Biking Through College

The Four Best Colleges for Biking Enthusiasts

If you haven’t already chosen your college locale, this list might be of great use to you. That is particularly true if you would like to use your free time to mountain bike all over the place. These are the four best colleges for biking enthusiasts:

  1. Fort Lewis College– Located in Durango, Colorado it is considered a powerhouse in mountain biking circles. NCCA Division I championships have placed them as winners for the last 13 years. Their mountain biking team is considered a club sport, but the school is offering them funding thanks to their tremendous competitive success. Anyone can join. So, you don’t have to be a die-hard biker to enjoy the thrill of the ride with those who are. Learn more.
  2. University of Colorado– Colorado is a great place for sports enthusiasts of all kinds, including those with an affinity for biking. The Boulder campus has done quite well in the NCAA Division I championships too. They came in second place. Those of you who love mountain biking and are focused on aerospace engineering, will find that this is the school for you. Especially since they are ranked in the top 10 for graduate programs in that field, according to US News and World Report.
  3. California Polytechnic– If you are desirous of attending school on the West Coast, this is the place for you. The Great Loop and Stenner Canyon are available for your exploration and enjoyment. The Great Loop is useful if you are just beginning your mountain biking focus. You can traverse a 6.5 mile trail that is designed for mountain biking beginners. The biking team there might have only achieved 4th place in the NCAA Division championships, but that’s still impressive. It’s the top-ranking engineering programs that should really draw your attention anyway. Read more.
  4. Warren Wilson College– Located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, it’s a great school for college level mountain biking. Their mountain biking team is considered varsity. That is a good thing since they don’t offer football or baseball. If you are looking to stay on the east coast, while enjoying the mountains, don’t miss the trails in the Blue Ridge area.

College is a great time to explore. You can seek out new adventures and methods in which to take them. Mountain biking might be the best option for you. Feel free to learn more about it here.