Show Off What You Learned In School Today By Taking It to the Nightlife

nightclubWhat better way to showcase what you’ve learned in school when you get to practice it and see it in action. See if you’ve mastered your craft and how it works outside of the classroom. One in particular way is if you attend beauty school. It’s a fun way to see what you’ve learned by seeing it in action and there’s no better way to show it off than in the nightlife!

Chances are your friends will be more than happy to volunteer what beauty schools have taught you so far. Get your gal pals together and do a little shopping for the perfect outfits to wear on a Saturday night out. Then get together that day to do their hair and makeup in the latest fashions. They’d love to see their hair set in the most popular styles all done by you. Then enhance their appearance even further by giving them smoky, sultry looks to complement their style on a party night. Then it’s time to hit the streets in styles all done by you and see how they blend in the nightlife. You’ve learned skills that actually take them from blending in to going above and beyond the list and instead be the ones to look at as they show off your work that is totally on point.

Once all of you are all “glamorized” for the evening, step out. You and you’re friends will hit the nightlife knowing you’re getting looks and you’ll feel good seeing their confidence in their appearance. In the end, they are actually wanting to learn about beauty schools and if they can find beauty schools too. Tell them that they can find a beauty school near or even check yours out.

They have this on their mind now because of the night they had when you put them in style and had their hair and makeup bringing out their features and giving them the looks they are always saying they wish they could have like the people they see on television. They admire their looks and now you’ve shown them that they can wear the same styles as well as their favorite stars too. Honestly, you’d be glad to see them off at school on their own because now every time you’re having a girl’s night out they have been coming to you to get them fixed up. Once they learn the skills it takes to ‘get the look that gets the look’, they can do their own styles.

The nighttime is the best time to see your techniques at work. Who knew you could practice what you learned over a mojito or other drink while checking out the scene. It’s especially pleasing when someone says that they like your lipstick, or how did you get your eyes to look so cool. There’s a plethora of careers out there that are looking for makeup and hair stylists. In the industry there’s always jobs available from working on television sets to even having your own salon someday. So after class on Friday, put your skills to practice and grab a drink or two to go along with the attention you’re grabbing with your stylish looks.

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