The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

We start off a lot of our pieces telling you how great college is. And, maybe you are one of the many who is truly enjoying your college experience. But, we shouldn’t neglect to assist those of you who are finding college to be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it would be in our best interest to take the time to discuss the top emotional issues college students face.

Maybe you have tried everything, including hypnosis for confidence, to make things at school seem a little easier. You thought that might help improve your memory and alleviate the panic attacks. You were so certain that it could help you face fears and phobias. And, maybe it did, but college still seems to be such a weight on your shoulders and you just don’t know what to do. The best thing we can say to you is, “You are not alone.” College is a great time of growth, but it is also potentially a place of disconnect.

The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

The Emotional Struggles College Students Endure

If you came from a great family, college might be the first time you are on your own and that loneliness might feel like a lead blanket on your heart and mind. On the flipside, if your previous home life was beyond the average dysfunction, college might feel like a warm bath. Or, maybe everybody has moments of each: comfort and anxiety. The important thing to note is that the emotional struggles college students endure are real, and can be helped. Keep reading to find out the top 3 issues:

  1. Depression– Loneliness coupled with the exhaustive stress of high achievement can be enough to put someone into a depressive state. A bad grade on a final or paper, a failed relationship, has the potential to put a student’s fragile psyche over the edge. Depression, and even suicidal thoughts, is common in college, but they are treatable as long as you seek out the proper avenues for help. Here are some additional tidbits of advice if you are battling depression.
  2. Anxiety Disorders– College is slam full of potentially anxiety-inducing situations. There is the ever-present necessity to meet new people each semester. And then, the professors like to request that you pair up in groups for presentations. The group situation can be stressful. But, having to stand in front of your peers is enough to give your anxious heart a quasi-heart-attack. If you’re struggling with anxiety, learn more about how to better cope with the triggers.
  3. Substance Abuse– Frequently, the “good kid” goes off to college and hits a wall of rebellion that ultimately decimates who he/she has always been. The availability of narcotics and booze on college campuses is astronomical. It is very easy to fall prey to the promises of a quick release, or an emotional stimulant. And, it is even easier to become taken by those things that seem harmless at the moment you first try them. Not everyone who drinks will become an alcoholic, but there are some people who drink one time, and gets alcohol poisoning (read more). It’s the same with many of the illicit drugs. Complete abstinence is always the best coping mechanism. Otherwise, make sure you have someone in your life to hold you accountable. Substance abuse is a dark road that damages the lives of all you love.

If you didn’t find your struggle on our brief list, go read this.

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