Top 5 Vancouver DJs

Whether it is wedding, graduation party, birthday party or any other function, DJ’s are most wanted in Vancouver. They are mostly invited by top companies, planners and the widest variety of DJ’s along with the musical bands with over 300 artists are available for functions at your choice. Some of the DJ’s are called as complimentary entertainment coordinator in order to ensure they have good entertainment for their audience and everything goes perfectly.

Here are the top 5 DJ’s in Vancouver as rated down by the DJ review sites.

1. Mobile DJ services

● They are great entertainment company which offer mobile DJ services on all the occasions.

● These DJ’s are a band of musicians who specialize in weddings, birthdays, concerts, night clubs, charity events, BBQs, company party, sports events, fashion shows, anniversaries, graduation, seasonal parties and many others.

● They have huge collection of music libraries with speakers and lighting arrangement included.

● One best thing is that they do not expect you to pay the rental fee for any of these accessories they offer.

● They are reliable and experienced professional who are in high demand in the city.

2. Family friendly DJ services

● DJ P-Daddy (David) is a wedding, dance as well as any kind of party DJ. Depending upon the occasion and upon request this DJ is ready to keep his manners on par.go to for more updates.

● If you have budget constraints, then do not worry at all, he is easy to work and takes requests in a friendly manner.

● They also have new equipment like speakers, wireless microphones, subs and lavalier.

3. Wedding DJ Services

● They belong to Echo productions and include wedding packages such as planning, music customization and consultation.

● They have highly professional DJ services with event management services

● They offer different sound packages in their service. The basic sound package (BSP) uses quality pro equipment for any event. The basic package costs around $299 for 4 hours. Echo deluxe package is very suitable if you want to go partying all night and costs $349 for 4 hours. They also have the most expensive Echo premium package where recordings are shown on LCD screens and provide everything you want. The price starts from $499 for 4 hours and can extend to higher price depending upon additional their latest comment on this website.

Dj Arems

4. Fidelity entertainment

● This is a DJ band of 3 and they serve both Vancouver as well as cities in Oregon.

● The services they provide are above and beyond expectations. The amount of time spent on every event and creativity is included in their package.

● This DJ service is specialized in different music genres and can customize the music as per your needs.

5. Just dance DJ service

● This DJ service was started by former dance teacher and they offer elegant as well as ever entertaining options for your special occasions.

● They focus on making the event just for you and your guests.

● They also assist you in time management of your event apart from entertaining your audience.

● This DJ service offers Ballroom dance lessons and choreograph your dance shows.

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