Top 10 Canadian Blues Musicians of All Time

2014 is the solid year for Canadian blues and the overall expectations has increased based on the quality as well as diversity expected as the blues artists continue to inspire. Canadian blues are the most popular music brand performers in Canada. Some of these bands have gained popularity both inside US, Canada, Europe as well as in other international countries. These band performers participate in various events in and around the city, radio shows as well as blues festivals.

Below are the top 10 Canadian Blues Musicians of all time:

1. Richard Newell

He used to perform under the nick name of King biscuit boy. An excellent vocalist, song writer, guitarist, harmonica player and an arranger. Mouth of steel and Red lightning are the 2 major music releases and was awarded Juno Award in the traditional and best roots category.

2. Powder Blues under the leadership of Tom Lavin

This band had excellent sales of their Unicut album and had the top 10 songs over decades. They won the Juno for Best new group. Thirsty ears in Capitol records made platinum sales year round.check more information at

3. Richard Carr

He is the French Canadian singer plus guitarist performing in quite a lot of blues festivals in US as well as Canada.

4. David Rutundo

David is a Toronto based blues singer, guitarist and song writer. He also played harmonica. He won the Rising star award for Blues Ignited from Canada’s national broadcaster.

5. James King and Jackhammer Blue band

They have performed in the in a number of blue shows and have been featured in US and Canada in the year 2009 to 2010.

6. Roxanne Potvin

She is a Canadian bilingual and a Quebec singer, song writer, guitarist, as well as stage performer and has participated in clubs, events, festivals across Canada and few international countries as well. She visited France in 2007 for her show on Women’s blue review show and was nominated as the best female vocalist at Maple blues.

7. David Gogo

He is a Canada based blues guitarist and solo recorded with EMI records. He was one of the top performers in Montreux Jazz festival. His album Vibe is a compilation of original songs written by Tom, Craig and John.

8. JW Jones

He is a blues singer, guitarist and the band leader. His group has recorded totally 5 albums so far. They have performed maximum number of performances in a year and hence awarded with Canada’s top touring blues act.

Duke Ellington

9. Sue Foley

She is a blues rock guitarist, vocalist and song writer and has 10 studio CDs. She won the Juno award which is Canadian equivalent to Grammy for her album Love Comin’ down. She was also awarded as the SOCAN song writer in 2002. She was also awarded best female guitarist in consecutive 3 years.visit this source for more detailed information.

10. Jack de Keyzer

He has performed in major blue events as a singer, guitarist and a song writer. His album 6 string lover in 2010 won the Juno award.

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