Tips to stay safe at college parties

College is great fun and with your first independence you will be faced with many options and situations where you are going to have to take charge and make up your mind while considering the consequences of your decisions. It is ideal to have fun during this part of your life but that doesn’t mean you should get rid of all responsible behavior. You should in fact make sure you think responsibly and take time to take care of your safety and wellbeing. Partying is a rite of passage in college and you should enjoy yourself at all times and there are ways to make sure you are always doing this in a responsible and calm way.

Tips to stay safe at college parties

First of all make sure that you always go out in groups because there is safety in numbers and you might avoid being targeted for unwanted pursuits. With the wrong people adding drugs to student’s drinks it is great to know one of your friends has your back and makes sure you are safe as you will return the favor. Make sure that the people you go out with is trustworthy and can be depended on if you are in a sticky situation. Click here to learn more about avoiding getting drugged at a party. As a student you should always have a plan and a backup plan to make sure you don’t get into any nasty situations.

By taking a ride from just anyone you might be in danger and place yourself in harm’s way. Take a look at this awesome and fun solution.  It is called and it will give you information on purchasing a cheap but still effective little vehicle that will get you where you need to go. You don’t need to be concerned about maintenance and as long as your ride is charged you will be able to get home safely from any party that you may attend. You might even want to take your nifty ride on a date with you so that you can always get yourself home if things go south. Another great way to protect yourself it have mace with you at all times. No one is saying you have to walk around with a holstered weapon but mace in your bag or on a key ring might just give you that advantage that you need in a dangerous situation.

A golden tip is to realize that because you are at college you don’t necessarily have to binge-drink. Click here to read about the negative effects of drinking too much. Long-term drinking has very negative physical consequences so make sure you drink very little or not at all. It isn’t important to constantly be wasted at college and you can have just as much fun with a sober mind plus you will be in charge of every situation that you find yourself in. it is unfortunate that too many students become alcoholic with their newfound freedom and find it hard to cope without booze.

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