Tips for Buying Your First Car

Buying your first car is one of the biggest first time experiences of your life.  It is always exciting to own your very first car and if you buy your own car you learn a lot of responsibility and you instantly become a lot more proud of your vehicle and yourself.  It’s never easy to buy a car because you are always worried about whether you can afford the payments and whether the vehicle you choose will be the right choice. But in the end, an own car is worth every penny and every bit of stress you had to endure because your own car means pure freedom for your life.  You can travel anywhere you like, as often as you wish and go where you please without having to ask permission ever again.

Tips for Buying Your First Car

Find out what your car budget is

Before you go car shopping, you should establish what you can afford.  Can you handle a vehicle premium and still afford your living expenses?  And if you cannot, what can you do to cut some expenses so you can own your own vehicle?

Save up for the deposit

The bigger deposit you have for a vehicle the better because a bigger deposit means a lower monthly fee.  Try to save up as much capital as you can before you buy.

Don’t go for something too expensive

Find out what payment options car dealerships have.  Some car dealerships will give you a fixed payment plan over the course of five years while others have an option to pay less the first two years with a big bomb payment at the end of the second year.  Don’t buy a car that is too expensive for you to afford because if you cannot make the payments you will lose your car.

Buy from a respected dealer

Only buy from a good quality, respected dealer when buying used cars in Lehigh Valley.  That way you stand a much higher chance of getting a good quality pre-loved car and you can query the sale, should you encounter any problems with the vehicle.

Do some researches before you buy

Before you buy a car, you should find out if the car is suitable for you.  Do research on the type of car to ensure that their services are affordable, find out if the vehicle is fuel efficient and research the capacity of the vehicle.

Take the car on a test drive

During a test drive you can listen for any strange engine noises to establish if the car and engine is still in good condition.

Get financing for the vehicle

Most car dealerships will contact your bank for the financing.  Don’t let being too young or not being credible put you off buying your own car.  You can always make a plan and perhaps partner up with your parents and buy the vehicle in their name while you remain responsible for the payments.

Remember to take a photo!

Remember to ask the car dealer to take a good photo of you in your car.  The photo will be a good memory even if you don’t have the best, most expensive of cars.  Once you are done posing, it is time to take off in your very own car.

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