Tricks to Inexpensive Travel while in College

Listen, there will be no better time in your life to explore the world than during your college years. If you don’t take these opportunities while you are young and seemingly free, you will probably have a mass of regrets as a forty something. Believe us, we write from experience. So, when it comes to traveling in college, the main thing is learning the tricks necessary to acquire inexpensive travel. That’s why we’re here.

The world has gotten a little crazy, well maybe a lot crazy, over the past few years so some travel rules and regulations have changed. Before you think about preparing to take some time abroad, ensure that you have a TSA approved laptop bag. You will want to be able to access email and other potential school related things while away. Having your laptop with you is pretty important.

Tricks to Inexpensive Travel while in College

5 Tips for Cheap College Student Travel

It won’t matter when you plan to travel if you don’t take the time to follow these guidelines. The thing about finding cheap travel is planning ahead. These tips should help you access some pretty great deals and be able to travel to exotic places your parents wish they’d visited when they were your age. Take these 5 tips to heart:

  1. Research- You are in college so research should be a fairly common state of operations for you. Planning where you will travel is no different. With a little research you can determine when the cheapest time to fly will be, which days make for shorter delays and less costly tickets, etc. There are a number of travel deal apps available that will keep you abreast of pricing changes. You might even get a great deal on a flash sale if you are linked in to these apps. Learn more.
  2. Flexibility– The more readily available you are, the better your chances of scoring a cheap rate. If you only have a locked in time for travel then you will have to bow down to the rates that apply during that frame. However, if you can be flexible, you will stand a much better chance of saving money. Just keep up with your school work so that when an opportunity arises you will be able to take it.
  3. All Options– Don’t think your travel plans have to be solely attached to airplanes. You probably haven’t seen all the great things your own country has to offer, let alone the world. Take a chance on a train or a great rental car deal. You are in college, what’s stopping you from grabbing hold of every chance that comes your way? Read this.
  4. Friends– Travel is often better when you do it with friends. Get a group of your dearest and nearest to determine to hit the roads, skies, and tracks together. Make memories and take lots of pictures. Since you’ll have your laptop with you there shouldn’t be a problem posting everything to social media.
  5. Scholarship– If you don’t think you will be able to afford traveling the country, or the world, and then apply for scholarships. If you get one you will be able to study abroad as if you were still in your own dorm. What have you got to lose? Find more information here.

Seriously, there’s nothing better than college except finding inexpensive ways to travel while you’re there.