Teen Suicides: Suicide or A Murder?

Suicide is now no longer a rare thing that we hear these days. Hearing that someone committed suicide is very common now. Presently, it is considered as a trend. There was a time when suicide used to have a great impact on people. However, now it is like an everyday story that we do not flinch anymore neither pay attention. What we do not know is that when someone commits suicide, the whole family dies with that person.

As there are more suicide cases, the majority of them are associated with the teenagers. Our teens are the victims of this curse. We just criticize the families and people who commit suicide. However, we do not look behind the scenes; we do not even try to understand the circumstances that may have forced the teenagers to take such a huge step.

There is one thing for sure that people commit suicide only when they find death easier than the life. If someone says that the suicide is the cold murder, it would not be an understatement. Because it is us, who make someone’s life hell and force them to take this step.

Teen Suicides: Suicide or A Murder?

Here are some reasons due to which the teens are committing suicides. After going through, it is sure you will realize that who actual criminals are:

  • Bullying:

Bullying is a grave crime in our society nowadays, which we neglect mostly, thinking it is just a prank and nothing serious. What we do not know is the victim of such pranks and bullying can go into a severe depression. Especially, the youngsters and students in the college and universities.

Even when the bullying gets more serious, instead of telling the parents or someone else they keep it hidden in the fear that it will get worse. Gradually losing self-esteem and getting tired of it the teens end up their life leaving their families in trauma.

  • Peer Pressure:

We often read in newspapers that, “this boy committed suicide due to depression” and news like that. However, we do not go into detail that what was the cause of his depression. Currently, the depression patients have a higher percentage of youngsters then the adults.

Psychologists concluded the reason is unnecessary pressure on individuals. The pressure from parents to be successful, the pressure from the school to get good grades and the pressure from society to be a person according to their mindset. All this pressure combined is too much for a child to bear and ultimately lead to extreme depression and hence suicide. Now, will you still say that this was just his mental abnormality that leads to death?

  • Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence has been a great curse in our society for ages. Numerous charity organizations are working for the victims of this crime like Terence J. McCarthy have been contributing a lot to these charities.

Still, there are countless children out there who are not able to take help from such organization and suffer all their life. Several of them find the death their only way of escape from such a horrible place. It is not a suicide; it is a cold murder done by the family the only difference is they kill the children slowly and painfully not at once by abusing them, not only physically but mentally as well.

  • Ignorance by Parents:

Parents are the most significant part of a children life. The way parents can take care of their children no one can. When they start ignoring and neglecting the presence of their child due to their work or some other reasons, it affects the kids brutally. Maybe not physically, but they get emotionally disturbed all the time. Being ignored and thinking about the negative things all the time naturally trigger suicidal thoughts. They think no one will care whether he or she live or die and hence end their life in a glance.