Is Sleep Deprivation Causing Your Bad Grades?

Are you struggling to improve your grades despite your extra classes and all of the hours you spend on studies?  The chances are pretty good that your bad grades are resulting from not getting enough sleep.  Adults need about seven hours of sleep a day and not just any sleep.  You need good quality, uninterrupted, relaxing, ache and pain free sleep.  Not getting enough sleep has many terrible health and psychological effects on your body and mind and by focusing on improving this one aspect in your life, you can get surprising good improvements in the classroom.

Is Sleep Deprivation Causing Your Bad Grades?

Sleep deprivation is bad for your health

Researchers are frequently investigating the effects of sleep on your mind and body simply because sleeping is such an interesting topic. They have found that sleep deprivation can lead to a lot of terrible health conditions such as;

  • Accidental death when you are too tired to focus on the roads or on the task at hand.
  • A weakened immune system which leaves you vulnerable to infections and diseases.
  • Weight gain which is bad for your heart and your self confidence
  • You are much more likely to suffer from frequent colds and flue
  • You can get Type 2 diabetes
  • You can get heart disease

By now you probably know how tough it is to study while you are ill and it is shocking to realize that many of your diseases might result from simply not getting enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation is bad for mental health

Too little sleep also causes many mental conditions such as depression, moodiness and especially impaired brain function and memory problems which will definitely affect your ability to remember your work and your ability to concentrate in the exam rooms.

How to get better sleep?

The good news of overcoming sleep deprivation is that there are plenty of remedies and techniques that you can try to improve your quality sleep. The top ways for you to improve your sleep are;

Schedule dedicated sleep times – If your brain and body is used to sleeping certain times of the day, you will automatically start feeling tired when it is time for bed which will improve your ability to fall directly asleep.

Get a better mattress – A good quality mattress will help you sleep much better because health mattresses improves blood circulation throughout your body, prevents body and joint aches, promotes your breathing and allows you to relax much better.

Get a good pillow – A bad pillow can lead to back, shoulder and neck pain and can even affect your body posture.  On you can check out the best contour pillows that will help you sleep better and overcome bad posture and pains and aches.  The website gives a good review on all of the best contour pillows on the market, some of which are specially designed to keep you cool during the summer like the modern PharMeDoc cooling gel contour memory foam pillow that has cooling Aloe Vera gel that promotes health.