Travel Sickness: A Few Tips for Students to Alleviate it

All human beings are prone to illness, and it is part of life. Likelihood of bad health increases when you are on roads. You never know how the atmosphere of the designated place is going to treat you. Students mostly behave heedlessly on the college trips or when they take a tour with friends and end up spoiling the whole trip with their ill health.

Yes, you cannot be immune to the diseases of all kinds. Nevertheless, chances of illness can be minimised with a little care. You have heard it right ‘prevention is better than cure.’ That is true indeed, and this is what you must not ignore.

Travel Sickness: A Few Tips for Students to Alleviate it

Here you go with the tips that would aid you to keep the motion sickness at bay when on travel:

Do Not Drink Contaminated Water:

We are never sure about the purity of water in the areas where we are traveling. There are chances that the sanitation out there is not great and you should never drink tap water. What filthy water does to your body would not going to be pleasant. The perfect solution for it is gravity fed water filters. These gravity water filters are portable, and no electrical connection is required for them to get running. They remove impurities like chemicals, chlorine, and other dirt. This solution is likewise best for home use.

However, you need to look up for a couple of things when buying these gravity fed water filters. It is better to go through the buying guide at before purchasing a filter. Doing that would help you take your filter buying decision wholeheartedly.

Be Careful Of the Food You Eat:

The main reason for diarrhea and gastrointestinal problems on a travel adventure is contaminated food. You expose yourself to lots of nasty diseases by being careless about the stuff you take in your mouth. Make certain that the food you are eating is fresh and properly cooked. Try to look out hygiene practices at the food court or some stall you are at. Do not jump straight to the spicy food with the view to get the pleasure of eating local foods if your stomach is not used to it.  Just be careful and do not let the stomach be upset.

Protection against the Sun:

Sun protection is something you should not tune out, especially when you are traveling to the region with hot and tropical climate. You tend to have a terrible sunburn when you expose yourself to the sun for long without applying sunscreen. The situation can get worse if dehydration sets in as it may result in heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

It does not seem practical to stay away from the sun totally, nonetheless, you can lessen the effect by wearing unrevealing clothes, covering head with a cap or some scarf, and applying sunscreen on the exposed parts of the body.

Get Vaccinated:

It depends on the vaccination you already have and likewise on your medical history. It is better to see your physician before you hit the road. Follow the instructions doctor advised you. Get vaccinated if it is recommended.

Protect Yourself From Mosquitos And Other Bugs:

Mosquito bites can leave you with painful and itchy marks. This is not it. As we all know, this nasty little creature is notorious for transmitting the diseases like yellow fever, dengue, malaria, Japanese encephalitis, and chikungunya.

Air-conditioned room is a perfect solution. Other alternatives can be the mosquito repellents, sleeping under permethrin-coated nets, anti-mosquito coils, and plug-in devices. You may also encounter other bugs that can cause skin infections. Avoid these as well.