Keeping a Pet in Your Dorm Room

Yes, college will be some of the best years of your life. However, you might also find that it can be an incredibly lonely experience. That sense of loneliness might provoke you to do something stupid. Like, sneak a pet into your dorm room. You know full well that they aren’t allowed and yet, that need to pet something while you cram for exams all night long, pushes you to the brink. So, here’s your not-so-advisable guide to keeping a pet in your dorm room.

First, let’s talk about cats. We like cats. They are quiet. They don’t require bathing. And they don’t ever have to leave your room. But, unless you are successful at teaching cats how to use the toilet, your room is going to stink. And that will be a dead giveaway. However, there are people who have been quite successful at toilet training their cats. So, if you are fortunate enough to have a private bathroom, then a toilet trained cat will probably be your most successful attempt at keeping a pet in your dorm room.

Keeping a Pet in Your Dorm Room

Things to Know Before Putting Any Pet in Your Dorm Room

As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, hiding a pet is really not a bright thing to do. At the very least, you will have to get rid of your beloved animal. At the worst, you could face serious fines and even expulsion. This is not a feat to take lightly. Your college career, and the life of your pet, is at stake. But, if you just can’t help yourself, consider these steps before making your move:

  1. Research– Before adopting any animal, you should do all the necessary research to ensure you are capable of providing it with a happy life. But, when it comes to keeping an animal in a dorm room, there are other considerations to be faced. Can that pet live indoors all the days of its life and still be happy and healthy? Can you afford to feed it? These are all very valid things to think about. Learn more about pets.
  2. Sneaking it in– Now that you have chosen the pet that is right for you and your budget, getting your wee thing into the dorm undetected is the next step. There is safety in numbers, so enter the dorm in a group, with your pet safely concealed in the center of said group. Hopefully, you have chosen a silent pet so no odd noises will draw attention to your stealth.
  3. Keeping it hidden– You might have gotten past the security at the front desk, and even your RA, but how are you going to keep that thing hidden? Keep in mind, that your pet’s safety is more important than its hiding place. Make sure that you have ample space for concealment in an area that will still provide all that your adopted loved one requires. Buddy up to the RA so that you know in advance about fire drills and other “surprise” inspections. That will help ensure your pet stays hidden. Click this for more hiding secrets.

Please keep in mind that hiding a pet in a dorm room is a risk for you and sweet “Smoochie.” Don’t make this decision based on impulse. Be sure you are prepared to provide and persevere. Smoochie is depending on you! If you need more information about taking pet ownership seriously, read this.