Promotional Tips for Student Entrepreneurs

With the current cost of a good education, more and more students are seeking out ways to earn money while they are completing their studies.  Some work part time at businesses; others work full time and study part time. And some students have their own small businesses on the sideline.  The great thing about a small business on the sideline is that students can be much more flexible.  They can plan their study and exam hours around their work and get much more done on an average day.  Most of these student entrepreneurs have small businesses such as cleaning services, gardening and landscaping businesses, party planning services, baked goods and more.  A business is a business no matter how small and using the right marketing methods will help you make a much bigger financial success of your small business, even if you are only running the company as a temporary income.  Here are the best promotional tips to help your sideline business grow so you can enjoy a great income while you study.

Promotional Tips for Student Entrepreneurs

Use DropMock to create online content

Anyone can create a social media page like a Facebook business page and anyone can post adverts for their business.  But not everyone has the skill and software to create content to post.  When you are promoting on social media you have to focus on creating visual content because visual content like photo adverts and video adverts capture is much better for capturing the interest of your audience.  DropMock is a great site that you can use for all of your virtual content. This Mock Up Online website enables you to create just about any promotional content that you will need for your social media site.  You can crate wonderful video adverts, photo adverts and even for creating a catalogue that showcases images of your products or services.  You can also use DropMock for basic editing such as cropping, color adjustments and to add text to any image.

Use social media management tools

Buffer, IFTTT, SocialOomph and TweetDeck are just a few of the many terrific social media management tools available online these days.  With these tools you can schedule your social media posts ahead of time. This enables you to plan and schedule your entire week or even months posts ahead so they will automatically load onto all of your social media pages. You can promote your products or services of your small business to numerous social media sites without lifting a finger and schedule important adverts ahead of time so your clients can still enjoy info on your products even though you are busy with studies or examinations.

Facebook VS website

If you are only running a temporary business then paying for a domain can be a bit extreme, especially since your business is already just a part time job.  Facebook is a great alternative to a website because you can even add an ecommerce store to your business Facebook page, include your contact details and feature all of your adverts on the same page without paying a dime for your virtual presence.