How to plan the ideal girl’s night out

A night out on the town with your girlfriends can sometimes be the one thing that you need to get rid of built up stress from studying. It can sometimes be rather expensive to have the best time but it is so worth it when it is planned correctly. Whether you are looking for a fun pub crawl or if you just want to dance the night away some planning will always make the night a raging success unless something really unforeseen happens.

Gather your crew

You should find girls that are likeminded and in the mood for a good time. Ask a good mix of friends to come along so that you know everyone will get along. This is quite important because we have all encountered cat fights on girls’ nights.

How to plan the ideal girl’s night out

Look out for budget events

There are many events that are reasonably priced and going out doesn’t mean you should have to spend your entire allowance in one fell swoop. Take time to see what is going on and decide on the fun events you would like to attend. Find those that have a low cover charge or are free to attend.

Have a fun makeover session

Before your night out get the girls together for a makeover. Have fun pampering yourselves and make sure that you are drop dead gorgeous and ready for the night of fun that you have planned. There are many options to have a spa evening on a budget with natural ingredients you can really do wonders. Click here to take a look at a few ideas for your makeover day.

Arrange safe and reliable transport for your night out

With uber there is no longer a need to worry about a designated driver on your night out. This is best and safest way for you and the girls to get from the bars or clubs to home.  Take a look at this uber code for more information. Gone are the days of worrying about accidents.

Make the most of happy hour

Everyone loves happy hour because you actually get value for money on your night out. Search online for times that you should attend in order to make happy hour on time and save a bunch on your drinks for the evening. The extra money can be spent on a great outfit for the party.

Take photos

Photographs will capture every moment of your time with your girlfriends. Take pictures to keep the memories alive and to share on all your social networking channels. You would want to have something to look back on and to remember the great night you had. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers to take the photos for you because you want to take the most flattering poses with all of you in the picture. Who knows, you might just find a cute aspiring photographer to take the picture for you. Click here to get tips on taking the perfect group photo.