Big Selfie Mistakes That Most Student’s Make

Selfies are incredibly popular and completely acceptable these days.  If you have got it then why not flaunt it, after all?  It is good to be proud of your look, your body and showing off what you are up to is also a great way to lure some reaction from your friends.  But selfies can also ruin your reputation if you aren’t careful. Most big mistakes you make is easy to erase or make excuse for but a selfie is sealed evidence.  The internet and especially social media is also completely unforgiving when it comes to embarrassing moments. A silly selfie can quickly become the next big popular and very negative meme that will leave your reputation in shreds and might just cost you a lot of employment opportunities in the future.  Here are the big selfie no a’s that you just shouldn’t make while you are studying.

Big Selfie Mistakes That Most Student’s Make

Any photo you take while partying

Taking photos while under the influence of alcohol is never a good idea.  Your ability to choose responsibly is the first thing that flies out the door when you are a bit tipsy and that great looking selfie you take right now might not be so great tomorrow morning.  It is best to avoid posting or sharing any images of yourself while partying and rather wait till morning so you won’t end up sharing anything that could damage your reputation permanently.  Another big reason to avoid party selfies is because so many employers will have a look at your social media page while considering a job application and your photos could give a terrible personal opinion.

Driving selfies

With all the terrible tragedies happening on the road you definitely don’t want to be one of the jerks to contribute to these numbers.  It’s not just your own life that you are messing with on the road.

Nudes and intimates is always a bad idea

Yes, you do look sexy in that bathing suit or that new pair and most of us have a burning desire to share these intimate images with someone.  But nudes and intimates should never be shared online or on any electronic device for that matter.  You never know just how trustworthy the person you are sending your intimate image to is and your photo could quickly make its way to porn sites or social media.

Background burps

Watch out for no a’s like embarrassing things in the background. Your face could become a mocking meme that will roam the internet for many years to come and these meme’s are impossible to stop.

Consider photography instead

If you absolutely love to photograph people then don’t just stop at selfies.  Seeing scales of selfies of the same person online gets dull real soon no matter how pretty you think you are.  Give portrait photography a shot and photograph some of your friends or family members for a change.  On Photography Gear Guide you can find information on the best photography gear and especially the best lens for g85 that will help you take superb selfies and wonderful portrait shots of all of your buddies.