Go to College in Israel

We know that we generally write about fun things for college kids to do, but it seemed to be a pertinent time to write about going to college in Israel. Israel is all over the news and if you care to do some research, you will discover that historically this is a very significant country to align yourself with. That’s why we wondered what it would be like to go to college in Israel.

Moti Ferder, owner of Lugano Diamonds actually established his company in Israel before coming to the US. But, once he made that move he found great renown. His extensive collection of jewels and precious stones are highly coveted. They’ve also been award winning. And since he originated from Israel, where his company was known as diamond cutters, it seemed like a good idea to know more about the value of attending college there.

Go to College in Israel

Why go to College in Israel?

Israel is not gigantic. In fact, there are only three major cities, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa. But that doesn’t mean Israel isn’t a very diverse country. Each of the three cities will offer you a different view of Israel’s unique culture. And, getting a cultural experience is certainly great when you’re going there to learn, but you are probably wondering what other reasons there are to go to college in Israel. So, here are some of the answers we found:

  • You won’t have to learn Hebrew. That’s probably a big relief as thinking about going to school in another country always includes the language barrier potential. Most Israeli’s speak English and on campus you can trust that everyone there will be fluent in the language. If by some odd chance you fit in so well that someone speaks to you in Hebrew, it’s ok to tell them that you don’t know the language (but you can, go here), they won’t be offended.
  • Enjoy the Day of Rest. Shabbat, the day of rest, is observed every week. This begins just before sundown on Friday and is over about 40 minutes past sundown on Saturday. You’ll probably find that a lot of businesses are closed on that day. Just be prepared.
  • It’s well developed. You won’t be going to a third world country if you choose to get your education in Israel. There are actually a good deal of popular companies that call Israel home. Plus, there are plenty of doctors and medical professionals. So, if you get sick you won’t have to worry about flying home for help.
  • Israel is a welcoming country. There are churches and mosques in every city. It’s the land of the Bible so studying there will enable you to get an education unlike any other on the planet. The people will not judge you for your personal beliefs as their country is rife with significant spiritual historicity. Learn more.
  • It’s fascinating. What better reason to go to college in Israel than the sheer fact it is a historic hotbed with significant landmarks that will forever change your college experience. You can visit the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The culture there is so rich you might find you simply want to stay.

If you discover that going to college in Israel is as amazing as it seems and you want to become a resident, this information should help you. Shalom.