Spice Up Your Dorm and Improve Your Health with an Oil Diffuser

Student life is wonderful because you are finally able to make your own decisions, do what you want and you no longer have to do everything that adults tell you to do.  But a lot of responsibilities also come with your newly found freedom and some of these responsibilities are to keep your dorm clean and fresh and to keep yourself healthy so you can focus better on studies.  If you are looking for a way to do all this and more without lifting a finger then you should definitely get an essential oil diffuser.

Spice Up Your Dorm and Improve Your Health with an Oil Diffuser

What are essential oil diffusers?

Essential oil diffusers differentiate quite a lot.  You can get a basic diffuser that only diffuses essential oils or you can get the best essential oil diffusers that can diffuse essential oils while it humidifies your apartment or dorm.  To find the best essential oil diffusers for your unique needs you might have to do a bit of research before purchasing so you don’t end up disappointed.

How diffusers will spice up your dorm

The diffusers functions by diffusing great smelling essential oils into the air.  When these aromas are diffused into the air your apartment and all of your curtains and linen start to smell fantastic.  The humidification also improves general health in your dorm since it prevents allergies, fights off asthma, keeps bacteria from building in your dorm and eliminates mosquitos. When your dorm smells better you can focus and live easier and all of your friends will love to visit you.

Improved studying with essential oil diffusers

Essential oils relieve stress, depression and anxiety, all of which can affect your studies. It also helps you sleep better when you take a break from studying and promotes brain function which improves your ability to remember and learn.

Better health with essential oil diffusers

Essential oils are also great for improving general health.  When you stress less you are less depressed which improves your immune system.  The essential oils and humidified air also improves general health since you are less likely to get asthma or allergies and the oils create an anti-viral environment which prevents the spread of diseases.

Where to shop the cheapest diffusers

Diffusers are commonly found on the internet and there are a lot of different models, brands and sizes.  It can be tough for you to determine which diffusers are the best for your dorm.  You can have a look at http://purifieradvisors.com/ to learn more about the benefits of diffusers and to have a look at some of the best diffusers that are currently on the market.  The reviews on the site are perfect for guiding you towards the best and most affordable diffusers.

Which essential oils are best for students?

Different essential oils have different effects on your body.  If you need something to wake you up you should try lemon essential oils.  Lavender essential oils are great for getting better sleep and for keeping you calm and relaxed.

Put your student life into focus with Da Hong Pao Tea tea

Your student years are the one period of your life when you simply cannot afford to lose perspective.  Your parents have by now probably invested thousands in your education and upraising, you already went through a lot to get where you are and your current studies and results will determine the rest of your life. When you are young you want to be free, have friends, enjoy life and most of all be worry free.  And now you can be by switching to Da Hong Pao tea so you can get a taste of true royalty and improve your general health.

What is Da Hong Pao tea?

This tea dates back to the Ming Dynasty and is considered to be a royal tea.  The tea is also known as the Big Red Robe and originates from China. Da Hong Pao is tremendously popular, expensive and sought after because it has a strong history and holds some fantastic health benefits to those who drink this tea.  You can now buy Da Hong Pao tea across the globe and enjoy the richness and quality of a tea that is fit for a king from the comfort of your dorm.

Put your student life into focus with Da Hong Pao Tea tea

The history behind Da Hong Pao Tea

The history of Da Hong Pao tea is one that you will love to hear, whether you like history or not.  During the Ming Dynasty a couple of monks sent Da Hong Pao tea to a sick emperor as a wellbeing gift.  The emperor recovered completely after drinking the tea for a couple of days and rewarded the monks with rare cloth to keep the trees protected from the cold during winter.  Since then, the tea has been reserved for royal and titled guests who might visit Chinese households and is today freely available across the globe.

How Da Hong Pao tea can improve your studies

You can use Da Hong Pao tea to replace your coffee with a healthier alternative because the tea contains 12 – 55mg of caffeine that is sure to keep you refreshed and alert when you study for long periods of time.  The caffeine will be released into your system for up to eight hours after drinking the tea and unlike coffee, is actually incredibly healthy for your body.  With this unique tea, you can focus better, remember better and stay alert for much longer which is exactly what students need when they have to balance a tough education and a demanding social life.

Health benefits of Da Hong Pao tea

Students who drink this tea won’t just feel more energized by the level of caffeine; they will actually be a lot healthier.  Here are the top health benefits of the tea;

  • You will lose weight much faster because the tea has slimming properties and all you have to do is drink 4 – 5 cups of tea a day.
  • The tea improves your digestion and dissolves acidity and reduces heartburn so you will feel better.
  • There contains antioxidants that will help you feel better, fight cancer and prevent arthritis.

Da Hong Pao tea also improves your heart condition because it reduces your blood pressure levels.