The Threat of Heart Disease is Being Ignored by College Students

Young men and women in college are taking cardiovascular disease far too lightly. They are ignoring the warnings signs and the threat. In fact, only 25% of those questioned, realized that heart disease is the most common cause of death to women. It’s time we opened up your eyes to the fact that the threat of heart disease is being ignored by college students. Somehow we’ve got to ensure you and your peers are informed.

While True Health Diagnostics can help diagnose cardiovascular disease early on, that means actually going to the doctor. Their labs are set up to accurately diagnose, prevent, and manage heart disease, as well as diabetes, genetic disorders, and other metabolic problems. This helps them achieve better patient outcomes. But, when it comes to college students, the risk of these health concerns has to be realized first.

The Threat of Heart Disease is Being Ignored by College Students

What Do You Know?

According to a thesis survey conducted by Kristina Collins, most college kids think cancer is their number one health concern. Of course, that’s not surprising since there has been a lot of money invested in cancer, particularly breast and colon cancer, awareness. So, perhaps the media is to blame for how little college students know about heart disease.

Collin’s survey asked more than 1400 students a series of open ended questions. There were 35 of them, and the answers suggested that the students surveyed were not well-informed about cardiovascular disease. At the time of publication (2004), this was one of the largest studies of its kind.

One professor suggested that students should realize that tobacco usage (including smoking), and a sedentary lifestyle are the greatest contributor to the disease. Of course, high blood pressure, alcohol consumption, and poor nutrition can also be problematic. Sadly, many of these factors are quite prevalent in the lives of college students.

You can read the rest of that research here.

Drinking and Heart Health

We mentioned the fact that alcohol consumption plays a part in the potential development of cardiovascular disease. And, since college students have a tendency to drink more than they should, more frequently than they should, it seemed important to discuss drinking and heart health. We want you to be as well informed as possible, because we want you to prevent your own development of cardiovascular disease.

Studies show that there’s more than a hangover attached to frequent binge drinking. Slamming multiple drinks in a limited amount of time can immediately affect your circulation. And, the binge drinking going on in college has become all the more destructive and pervasive to student’s future health. It is neurotoxic and can cause serious consequences to the cardiovascular system, even in young adults.

Those of you in college who fall in the 18-25 age range are at the highest risk for binge drinking. Studies on older adults who regularly participate in binge drinking shows that they are at hugely increased risks for stroke, heart attacks, and even sudden cardiac death. However, studies on younger individuals had not be been performed.

So, when the authors of a 2013 study chose to test binge drinkers and those that abstain, they found that the drinkers had impaired cell function in the arena of blood flow. This is a precursor to hardening of the arteries and other cardiovascular diseases.

We suggest you walk away from all your binge drinking escapades and begin taking your health more seriously. We understand that you are young and want to have fun, but we suspect you want to be able to live a full life as well. You can’t do that if your heart stops beating. Drinking really isn’t worth it. But, if you don’t believe us, read this.