How to Choose the Right Fish Finder

Fishing – it’s one of our most favorite things to do, especially on weekends and holidays. This is especially true for college students when they need to take a break from study. But just like any other activity, you can only get the most out of your fishing experience if you have the right equipment at hand. And for that, you may want to consider buying a fish finder for your next fishing trip. What is a fish finder?

fish finder

A fish finder, or also known as a depth finder, is the most important tool for fishermen because it allows them to catch more fish. It has advanced features that enable you to see fish and other objects below the water’s surface. Well, it sounds simple, but there are different types of fish finders, and choosing the right one for you can be difficult without some research. Here, we will help you find that best model for your needs. Typically, there are 3 factors to keep in mind when buying a fish finder. And here are the:

  • Model type. With the so many models available in the market, finding the best one can really be difficult. But the selection process would be easier if you will know the type of fish finder you want. There are basically three main model categories for fish finders, and these are: standalone units, GPS combo units, and networked units. Standalone units don’t have integrated GPS, but some models are designed to link to a separate GPS. This type of fish finder is best for fishermen who only fish small lakes and areas that don’t require GPS, as well as for those who are on a limited budget. Standalone units use sonar to view objects underwater, determine water temperature, and measure the depth of the water.

The GPS combo units, as the name implies, have a GPS feature. The best thing about having a GPS capability is it helps the anglers locate hot fishing spots easily without having to “find” fishing spots every time. This is an ideal choice if you fish the high seas, or you’re fishing in a tournament. Last but not the least are the networked units. These are the most advanced of all the three and an ideal choice for fishermen who want to take their fishing experience to the whole new level. It can assimilate all the electronic systems onboard. By just plugging it, you can already access all the data that you need easily and simultaneously. Well, the only downside is they are expensive. But if you’re looking for convenience, they’re definitely the best option.

  • The next important thing to keep in mind when buying a fish finder is its power. Well, the general rule of a thumb is the more power, the better your fish finder will perform. So I recommend that you select the unit with the largest power output that you can afford, but of course it is also important to consider the location where you fish. If you only fish shallow water, then only choose the unit with enough power that is appropriate for the job. But if you fish deep water, then obviously, you should get the most powerful unit you can afford.
  • The display is also one of the most important factors to consider in choosing a fish finder. Some units have colored monitors, while others have grayscale. The easiest way in order to determine what model to buy is to base it on your budget. Well, of course colored units are much better, but they tend to be more expensive than the gray ones.

Aside from the color, you may also want to consider the size of the unit. While it may be best to get the largest unit you can afford, it’s also crucial to consider your purpose for buying. If you will only use it for relaxing or killing time, then you may want to go for smaller-sized units. But if you’re on a business or on a tournament, that’s the time for you to consider buying the largest one available. When it comes to the quality of the display, it’s always recommended to find a unit with a high pixel count, so you can view the images and information clearly and easily.

So that’s it! If you want more information on how to choose the best fish finder, visit

Reeling in the Experts

technightlifeTechnology has permeated every aspect of life, even nightlife.

For example, on one’s smart phone the heart beat can be measured or at the touch of an app, an individual can have displayed before them their entire financial net worth including investments, credit cards and bills owing. In addition, the technology within one’s hand offers the person the opportunity to stay in touch with not only their business associates and customers, but relatives as well. Even when on a night out with friends.

All of this power conveniently located in a pocket or purse and available to the individual in moments.

In addition, the technology is making a great impact on our hobbies and personal life. This technology is so vast and far-reaching it is now available in helping fisherman actually find fish so that they do not need to come back with just a mere fish story.

Therefore, a quick look at what is available, technology wise, for the fisherman and to look at a vast array of options ranging from those on an unlimited budget to options for those on budget.
First of all, there are ways that one can find out what is available to enhance their fishing experience by utilizing the latest in greatest technology.

One of the ways could be to attend a sports show usually held at a local convention center. At these sports shows, the various technical gadgets are displayed and the individual sportsmen is able to see how they can be best utilized.

In addition, an avid or not so avid fisherman can attend their local sports store and learn what may be available. Generally these items are displayed or are sometimes highlighted during special presentations throughout the week.

Another opportunity that can be utilized is by searching online. One such website, Reel Experts, can be accessed and the individual will be delighted to see all of the various devices available on the market. In addition, are various reviews of these products as submitted by actual purchasers and users of the product?

Also, the various websites and other venues will state their case as to why the need of this new technology is needed.

The downside to technology is that the latest and greatest gadgets available can sometimes be pricey. Therefore, for those sports persons who are on a limited budget there are a number of options that may prove helpful in order to utilize or purchase this latest technology. One of those options could be contacting the sports store and volunteering to test the technology and then come back and tell others or write a review about their experience.

Furthermore, there are some items that are returned to the merchandiser and therefore placed back in stock. Often these items are not sold as new and can be discounted to an individual as either a used or refurbished model.