Rings & Finger Symbolism: Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On?

Assuming that you’re thinking of going on that night out with friends, but you’re not sure on which finger you should wear your rings. This shouldn’t surprise you, because there are many people out there who honestly have no idea on which fingers to wear their rings. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things to look at when wearing rings. We are going to discuss the finger symbolism when it comes to wearing rings.

Rings & Finger Symbolism: Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On?

Right Hand vs. Left Hand

This is something that has left many people puzzled, but the truth is that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what finger that the rings are worn on. It all actually depends on factors like culture, and the rules of institutions such as schools. For the average American, though, it is really a matter of preference.

The Little (Pinky) Finger

For most people, when a ring is worn on the little finger, it is meant to bring out a “statement”. Such rings are usually not associated to religion or culture, and are instead the flashiest rings, bringing out eye popping statements. According to some astrological or palmistry symbolism, the little finger is associated with intelligence and persuasion, representing Mercury. Mercury is a liquid material, and this means that you won’t be wearing any ring made of relevant metal here.

Fourth (Ring) Finger

In most part of the world, the right fourth finger with a band indicates that one is engaged, while a band on the fourth finger of the left hand indicates marriage. Most people go for simple gold or silver bands for their wedding as compared to diamond studded engagement rings that women tend to prefer. This finger is associated with romance, beauty and creativity, with silver being the preferred metal for non-wedding rings because the moons metal is silver, symbolically.

The Middle Finger

This is the largest and boldest of all the fingers, which is probably why it is used for the obvious hand gesture. Most people that are wearing rings for the first time feel most comfortable with the rings on the middle finger due to its central feel, sturdiness, and manliness. One wouldn’t want to wear a bulky ring, though, because it can be quite a hindrance to manual tasks. The middle finger is associated with Saturn because of the central location, and the common metal for Saturn is lead, making simple gray metals like steel the best options.

The Index or Pointer Finger

Aside from the thumb, this is the most used finger, and for a long time, it has been the preferred ring finger for men. It is the perfect finger for class rings, fraternal rings, family rings and membership rings, although most people prefer it out of choice or habit. This finger is associated with Jupiter, symbolizing power, leadership, and authority. Bright silver metals are the preferred choice for this finger.

The Thumb

Thumb rings are associated with wealth and influence, and to that effect, they also tend to be bulky. This is the perfect option for people that love wearing many rings, since the thumb is somewhat isolated. When it comes to gestures, thumbs are associated with friendship and interaction, and hence the “thumbs up”. It is perfect for chunky rings but nothing gaudy or expensive looking. They are best when they are bold and simple. According to classic mythology, the thumb is an indicator of character, straight thumbs showing an authoritative personality, while crooked thumbs show dishonesty or wickedness.

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