6 Things to Make Dorm Life Easier

Heading to college can be very exciting; living in a dorm room, not so much. Here are a few things that might make your dorm life a bit easier for you. Check them out:

6 Things to Make Dorm Life Easier

  1. Brita Pitcher

Let’s be honest. Fountain water does not taste THAT good. Supply yourself with new, fresh water sifted in a Brita water pitcher for as low as $20! Particularly valuable in making espresso or tea. They make thin, smaller adaptations of the filter which you can easily fit in a small-sized dorm refrigerator.

  1. Electric Kettle

Yet another extraordinary thing to have in the dorm; it warms water without utilizing a microwave. Purchasing an electric kettle can save you from the hassle of heating up water in a microwave turn-by-turn, only to make a cup of coffee or some instant noodles.

An electric kettle can warm a lot of water quick, effortlessly and without a wreck. Soup can likewise be warmed in it, as an additional comfort.

  1. Bed Risers

For only around 10 bucks a set, these are not to be missed. You might have considered them useless before heading off to college, or more specifically your dorm, but now they are a must-have to make your dorm life easier.

The additional space under your bed (which is most likely really low at any rate) adds up an entirely new storage room under your bed. Having that storage space could help you in keeping things sorted an organized, as opposed to having a messy room.

In addition to that, you can get some container boxes or foldable drawers and put them under your bed to store your shoes, or even your books!

  1. Garment Steamer

This is something you regret not purchasing when you are running late for that 8am class, or your clothes look shabby and wrinkled during your oh-so-important class presentation. A garment steamer can help you press your clothes without needing an ironing board. This will be handy for you because keeping an ironing board in an already congested dorm room can be really difficult.

With a garment steamer, you can directly steam and press your clothes while they are on the hanger without having to take them off from the hanger. Check out these Best garment steamers and purchase one for yourself before heading over to your dorm.

  1. Some Extra Containers

Numerous individuals detest having mess in their room so it’s generally decent to have some extra containers for organizing and storing purposes. Obviously, being in school, we would rather have our stuff look decent.

Cigar boxes offer strong storage room for pens, stationary, and so on and are effortlessly stacked. Regularly, Cigar shops will give away these boxes for nothing or at an extremely cheap rate. Numerous home change stores additionally offer brilliant plastic stackable boxes; mesh shelves will serve the purpose too.

  1. Hand Vacuum

Keep in mind the significance of a vacuum cleaner. We aren’t at home any longer, and soil we track into our rooms and pieces that fall onto the floor don’t mystically vanish when mother cleans the house. A small vacuum cleaner takes up almost no space, keeps the room new and won’t cost you a lot. You can get one for as low as $15.