Reasons why dating older guys are better

It is no secret that young girls today prefer dating older men. There are a few good reasons why this is becoming a popular dating option that include a better life and more respect. It is no longer frowned upon to have a gorgeous salt and pepper guy on your arm. The young guys of today just don’t offer the same respect as an older man would. That doesn’t include everyone however.

First of all things get better with age like a fine wine, men are the same. The great thing about a grey hair here and there is that a guy is just more appealing almost like a silver fox.  The laughter lines and the old school type of style is exactly what appeals to us girls that prefer a night out with a refined gentleman.  Click here for tips on looking gorgeous for your first date.

Girls are tired of the jocks or the bad boys that treat them with disrespect and that would rather attend a party or club than spending quality time with them. With older guys you know that they have been there and done that and that they take the time to find out what you enjoy and what makes you happy in other words there is time to discover new things in your relationship.

Reasons why dating older guys are better

What would really make it interesting for girls to date older guys is that you can broaden your interests by sharing what you enjoy individually. There will be differences and that is what makes it truly great. Get to know more about music from the old days or authors that you have never heard about. That is the fun part of sharing a relationship with someone from another era.   To learn more about dating older guys take a look at sugarbaby dating which is a website that covers interesting articles and wonderful dating advice.

Financial stability is important and it is nice to know that your guy has his head on straight and knows how to plan and budget for the future instead of just jumping around with pocket money that probably wasn’t earned.  You might also find that older guys have better manners. This means a lot when dating someone. It is great to experience old school respect for women and to enjoy someone’s company that actually opens the door for you without being asked.

You will also get to enjoy the fact that technology doesn’t really play too big a part in their life which means you will get to enjoy good old fashioned phone calls and enjoy actual conversations without the interruption of social media updates. It is almost like you will be entering a social-media free zone which is a refreshing change. Click here to get tips on living without tech.

The biggest and most important plus is that you won’t have to wait around while they go clubbing until six in the morning. This is a great thing for every girl and it is comforting to know that you will get to enjoy time with your man at home on a Saturday night.

How to plan the ideal girl’s night out

A night out on the town with your girlfriends can sometimes be the one thing that you need to get rid of built up stress from studying. It can sometimes be rather expensive to have the best time but it is so worth it when it is planned correctly. Whether you are looking for a fun pub crawl or if you just want to dance the night away some planning will always make the night a raging success unless something really unforeseen happens.

Gather your crew

You should find girls that are likeminded and in the mood for a good time. Ask a good mix of friends to come along so that you know everyone will get along. This is quite important because we have all encountered cat fights on girls’ nights.

How to plan the ideal girl’s night out

Look out for budget events

There are many events that are reasonably priced and going out doesn’t mean you should have to spend your entire allowance in one fell swoop. Take time to see what is going on and decide on the fun events you would like to attend. Find those that have a low cover charge or are free to attend.

Have a fun makeover session

Before your night out get the girls together for a makeover. Have fun pampering yourselves and make sure that you are drop dead gorgeous and ready for the night of fun that you have planned. There are many options to have a spa evening on a budget with natural ingredients you can really do wonders. Click here to take a look at a few ideas for your makeover day.

Arrange safe and reliable transport for your night out

With uber there is no longer a need to worry about a designated driver on your night out. This is best and safest way for you and the girls to get from the bars or clubs to home.  Take a look at this uber code for more information. Gone are the days of worrying about accidents.

Make the most of happy hour

Everyone loves happy hour because you actually get value for money on your night out. Search online for times that you should attend in order to make happy hour on time and save a bunch on your drinks for the evening. The extra money can be spent on a great outfit for the party.

Take photos

Photographs will capture every moment of your time with your girlfriends. Take pictures to keep the memories alive and to share on all your social networking channels. You would want to have something to look back on and to remember the great night you had. Don’t be afraid to ask strangers to take the photos for you because you want to take the most flattering poses with all of you in the picture. Who knows, you might just find a cute aspiring photographer to take the picture for you. Click here to get tips on taking the perfect group photo.

The Facts about Dating in College

College is an incredible time in your life where you will meet amazing people. There will be people from around the world on your campus any given day of the week. This opens the door to some fantastic dating opportunities. But, you should probably prepare yourself for the realities of college dating.

While some self-professed dating gurus can offer advice for getting women (or getting men for that matter) you should probably read the tao of badass review for a more accurate assessment. Like most relational aspects of life, these things are best learned through experience.

The Facts about Dating in College

So what are the facts?

  • More Women- Ladies, this is possibly rough news for you, but women make up 56% of the college population. Men have more options and you have more competition. It’s rough.
  • Virgins- Believe it or not, but not everyone in college is sleeping around. In fact, research says that 25% of college seniors have maintained their celibacy. This is a challenging feat, just ask Olympic athlete, Lolo Jones (read her story here).
  • Long Distance- Some people go away to college but retain their hometown romances. In fact, a surprisingly large percentage (32.5%) of college age relationships are considered long distance. It is sometimes hard to let go of those high school romances.
  • Spousal Hopes- That old adage about women going to college to get their MRS degrees, is still pretty accurate. In truth, 63% of ladies in college are hoping to meet their spouses while they are there. That means only 2 out of 5 are not trying to get the ring while they earn the real college degrees.
  • One Night Stands- This statistic is quite sad. The concept of a one night stand is probably a huge contributor to the fact that 1 in 4 college students has an STD. That makes sense when statistics indicate that 72% of college seniors admit to having participated in a one night stand.
  • The Shocker- And not that repulsive sexual imagery one either. No, the real shocker is that a third of college seniors say they have been on less than two dates in the four years they’ve been in college. So, don’t get too bummed if all the “hangin’ out” you do never amounts to dates and flowers. You’re just part of the minimal dating club.
  • Cheating- A big factor in college break-ups is contributed to cheating. To learn more about the negative effects of cheating in relationships click this.
  • Casual- Studies show that short term relationships are preferred by college students because they allow for greater focus on studies and other academic endeavors. This fact is problematic for the 63% of women hoping to find their spouses in college.
  • Vacation- An amusing truth here, is that a majority of college relationships break up whenever a scheduled vacation occurs. So spring breaks, winter holidays and summers equate with higher break up percentages. This probably adds to that one night stand statistic as people breaking up over vacations are probably doing so in hopes of finding someone more interesting while apart.

While college will probably prove to be some of the best years of your life, it can also be completely and utterly life-altering if you choose to participate in sexual activities. Don’t become part of the statistics. Stay abstinent. Learn more here.