College Students Love These Party Songs

Obviously we understand that one of the thrills of college life is the partying that goes on. Surely you have wondered what songs are making the top playlists in the college party circuit. Not to worry, we are ready and willing to provide those best drinking and dancing songs to you so that you can ensure they are on your mp3 list the next time you host a gathering.

But, if you really want to score some points in college, learn to play your own rad music. We recommend trying out the ESP LTD EC 1000. They call this a crunch machine. It has a lightweight mahogany body and its fretboard is made of either rosewood or ebony depending on which color you get. And, there are abalone flags with gold hardware. This is a vintage looking machine that will make you the envy of the party, especially if you can play some jams and demonstrate the crunch.

College Students Love These Party Songs

Party Songs from Across the Country

Every area of the country has its own style and party preferences. So, if you are looking for a giant list of great music for your upcoming soiree, these songs should help you get a playlist together. There’s no doubt that you will recall hearing some of these songs at the bar or another off-campus party you attended. Check them out and determine which songs you want on your list:

  1. Sorry- Justin Bieber
  2. Lean On- Major Lazer
  3. Truffle Butter- Nicki Minaj
  4. Roses- The Chainsmokers
  5. Hotline Bling- Drake
  6. I Like Tuh- Carnage
  7. Come Get Her- Rae Sremmurd
  8. Heads Will Roll- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  9. Classic Man- Jidenna
  10. Shout- The Isley Brothers (listen to this one here)
  11. Bitch Better Have My Money- Rihanna
  12. 679- Fetty Wap
  13. Trap Queen- Fetty Wap
  14. Jumpman- Drake & Future
  15. How Deep is Your Love- Calvin Harris & Disciples
  16. Antidote- Travis Scott
  17. Brightside- The Killers
  18. Gold Digger- Kanye West
  19. Pop That- French Montana
  20. Jordan Belfort- Wes Walker & Dyl
  21. Intoxicated- Martin Solveig & GTA
  22. Dessert- Dawin
  23. Stacy’s Mom- Fountains of Wayne
  24. Country Roads- Hermes House Band
  25. Birthday Sex- Jeremiah
  26. All Night Longer- Sammy Adams
  27. What do You Mean- Justin Bieber
  28. Again- Fetty Wap (learn more about Fetty Wap)
  29. Pretty Girl Dance- Yalee (feat. Fetty Wap)
  30. I Don’t Mind- Usher (feat. Juicy J)
  31. Runaway- Galantis
  32. Bricks- Carnage & Migos
  33. I Don’t F*ck With You- Big Sean
  34. Come on Eileen- Dexy’s Midnight Runners
  35. Birthday Cake- Rihanna
  36. Back to Back- Drake
  37. Hood Go Crazy- Tech N9ne
  38. Tipsy- J-Kwon
  39. Gasolina- Daddy Yankee, Lil Jon
  40. Ignition Remix- R. Kelly

We’re not sure you noticed, but some of the songs on this list are pretty old-school. We were particularly shocked by the presence of Shout by the Isley Brothers. That song was released in 1959! And, Mr. Brightside, by the Killers was released in 2004. That seems like an odd song for a current party scene. But maybe we’re just too old to understand. Although, we are fond of Come on Eileen.

We will admit that there were people on this list we never even heard of. That will tell you just how long we’ve been out of the college crowd. But, if you’re in it, then we hope these songs are just what you’ve been looking for. If you need some additional ideas, this is a great article.

The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

We start off a lot of our pieces telling you how great college is. And, maybe you are one of the many who is truly enjoying your college experience. But, we shouldn’t neglect to assist those of you who are finding college to be incredibly overwhelming and stressful. In fact, it would be in our best interest to take the time to discuss the top emotional issues college students face.

Maybe you have tried everything, including hypnosis for confidence, to make things at school seem a little easier. You thought that might help improve your memory and alleviate the panic attacks. You were so certain that it could help you face fears and phobias. And, maybe it did, but college still seems to be such a weight on your shoulders and you just don’t know what to do. The best thing we can say to you is, “You are not alone.” College is a great time of growth, but it is also potentially a place of disconnect.

The Top Emotional Issues College Students Face

The Emotional Struggles College Students Endure

If you came from a great family, college might be the first time you are on your own and that loneliness might feel like a lead blanket on your heart and mind. On the flipside, if your previous home life was beyond the average dysfunction, college might feel like a warm bath. Or, maybe everybody has moments of each: comfort and anxiety. The important thing to note is that the emotional struggles college students endure are real, and can be helped. Keep reading to find out the top 3 issues:

  1. Depression– Loneliness coupled with the exhaustive stress of high achievement can be enough to put someone into a depressive state. A bad grade on a final or paper, a failed relationship, has the potential to put a student’s fragile psyche over the edge. Depression, and even suicidal thoughts, is common in college, but they are treatable as long as you seek out the proper avenues for help. Here are some additional tidbits of advice if you are battling depression.
  2. Anxiety Disorders– College is slam full of potentially anxiety-inducing situations. There is the ever-present necessity to meet new people each semester. And then, the professors like to request that you pair up in groups for presentations. The group situation can be stressful. But, having to stand in front of your peers is enough to give your anxious heart a quasi-heart-attack. If you’re struggling with anxiety, learn more about how to better cope with the triggers.
  3. Substance Abuse– Frequently, the “good kid” goes off to college and hits a wall of rebellion that ultimately decimates who he/she has always been. The availability of narcotics and booze on college campuses is astronomical. It is very easy to fall prey to the promises of a quick release, or an emotional stimulant. And, it is even easier to become taken by those things that seem harmless at the moment you first try them. Not everyone who drinks will become an alcoholic, but there are some people who drink one time, and gets alcohol poisoning (read more). It’s the same with many of the illicit drugs. Complete abstinence is always the best coping mechanism. Otherwise, make sure you have someone in your life to hold you accountable. Substance abuse is a dark road that damages the lives of all you love.

If you didn’t find your struggle on our brief list, go read this.

Keeping Food Costs Down While in College

Many college students find themselves short on funds on a regular basis.  Whether it is long hours of studying that limit one’s ability to work, or the high cost of attending classes, finding ways to help bring certain costs down can make a big difference for a student on a budget.

One way to keep costs down, even for students in dorms, is to consider starting a small container-based vegetable garden.  Not only can this help improve the food costs down by providing a supply of fresh vegetables, it can also bring in a pleasant, natural element into a living space.

Keeping Food Costs Down While in College

Preparing for a Garden

In order to get the most use of your indoor container garden, it is important to plan for the basics.  First, you will need to determine what you would like to grow, as this will help determine the size of the containers you will need.  In cases where space is limited, it will be wise to use container sizes to help determine what plants will be ideal.  Vegetable plants may be available in dwarf sizes, allowing them to be more easily planted in small containers, allowing for a wider range of options than if only full-sized variants are considered.

Since the plants will be placed in containers, you can choose to gather and prepare the soil in multiple ways.  Some soils can be purchased by the bag from home improvement stores, though it is important to examine which options are best for the vegetables you are looking to grow.  If you want to improve the quality of a soil yourself, creating your own compost may be ideal.

Jora makes a great composter for looking for a simple option to start composting on their own as long as you have the outdoor space.  For those living in student housing, consider speaking with decision-makers at the university about starting a composting program using cafeteria waste for use by students or the public at large.

Planting the Vegetables in their Containers

In order to plant the vegetables in the most ideal fashion, you will need containers with drainage holes in the base as well as a dish to catch the water runoff.  In the base of the container, you will want to add a layer of gravel to further promote proper drainage, followed by a layer of the proper soil.

Carefully remove the plant from its original pot from the retail store by gripping the plant firmly, but gently, near the roots to remove it from the pot.  Place the root ball in the middle of the new container making sure it lies approximately two inches below the rim.

Add or remove soil accordingly to fill the space, and then press down firmly on the soil to compact it a bit in order to provide the necessary support to the plant.  Water the plant where the base of the plant meets the soil, adding more as necessary based on the needs of the specific variety.

Maintenance and Harvesting

Continue to water the vegetables based on their individual needs, and consider adding an appropriate fertilizer on approximately a month basis to provide additional nutrients.  As the vegetables reach the desired size, carefully remove them from the rest of the plant and enjoy the results of your hardwork.

Management of Bed Bugs in University Dorms

As the educational year is near, universities and colleges are checking their lists to make certain that the whole thing is up to par with what their incoming college students are anticipating. One aspect which can potentially throw a wrench of their plans: bed bugs in dorms.

Bed bugs are determined in places with excessive visitors and usage, inclusive of resorts, so it’s no marvel that instances of bed bugs in dorms and house halls has improved, specifically with the high turnover of recent and returning students. A current survey indicates an alarming fashion in relation to new instances of bed bugs in dorms and residence halls throughout campuses within Canada.

How do college students Introduce bed bugs in Dorms?

Bed bugs in dorms no longer discriminate and infestations aren’t the result of college students’ social fame or cleanliness. Well known for their hitchhiking talents, bed bugs are introduced into dorms from the outdoor and are frequently unknowingly transported and relocated as college students travel on campus and to and from classes, other students’ dorm rooms, or their homes, and many others. Bed bugs can effortlessly hitch rides and journey on objects consisting of bags, backpacks, briefcases, garb, shoes, handbags and furniture (chairs, couches, dressers, night stands, beds).

For example, if a student visits a friend in a dorm room and lays their jacket or backpack on a bed infested with bed bugs, the bed bugs may want to without difficulty connect to the jacket or backpack and go back home with the student. Or, if a student brings in a used bed or nightstand formerly infested with bed bugs, they’ve most possibly brought those pesky bugs into their dorm room and set a capability infestation in motion.

Management of Bed Bugs in University Dorms

Sugar ants can also be very intrusive and should be prevented at all costs. If you overcome sugar ants in your dorm, then you must take measures to get rid of them. View Here to find out more.

The Way to Save You from Bed Bugs in Dorms

With the fast growth of bed bugs in dorms and residence halls, it’s vital for facility and house workforce to no longer most effective teach college students about bed bugs and offer preventative records, but to also cope with a bed malicious program infestation as quick and effectively as feasible.

To help prevent bed bugs in dorms and residence halls, it’s beneficial to set up a few prevention pointers for each workforce and students. We have some useful tips for you:

Inspection – establish ongoing inspection software requiring rooms and not unusual areas to be inspected before, all through and after the faculty yr.

Facts – provide bed bug records to staff, students and parents, who which includes bed bug identification, signs and symptoms, conduct and prevention guidelines, in addition to a clean protocol explaining what to do if bed bugs are observed.

Clutter/cleansing – inspire students to maintain their surroundings litter unfastened (to keep away from bed bug hiding spots) and to wash their bedding in warm water and dry on high warmness frequently. Vacuuming their dorm room, especially in the region wherein they sleep or rest, is likewise advocated.

Mattress Encasements – offer or inspire college students to purchase bed, box spring and pillow encasements that are licensed for bed bug safety.