Look Fresh as a Student

Being a college student is hard especially if you have a lot of things on your mind. You cannot help but think about the project that is due in a couple of days as well as the long assignments that you have to finish at the soonest possible time. One of the things you will not consider important anymore is how you look especially if you are not trying to impress anyone.

Being too busy with the things that you are doing does not give you an excuse to look tired and haggard. In fact, when you make an effort to still look fresh despite all of the issues you may have, this can be your training for the things you are going to do in the future. Can you imagine getting a job someday and looking haggard and untidy for your meeting simply because you did not get a lot of sleep the night before? The work you do should not be an excuse to look like you did not make any effort to at least make yourself presentable.

If you are passionate about putting on makeup because you know it makes you look good and you want to apply it flawlessly, it will help if you have the best makeup mirror with lights. Take note that there are a lot of makeup mirrors available. Some may use LED lights while others are still using incandescent lights. Choose makeup mirrors with the best features and you will have something in your dorm room that you and your other friends will love. Just remember that since you are still a student, try to keep your makeup fresh – looking. Heavy makeup will only make you look older than your actual age.

Look Fresh as a Student

Here are other things that you can do to look fresh:

  1. Do not forget to do your skin care routine. No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, you should do your routine for your skin. This is usually composed of removing your makeup, getting rid of all the excess oil before finally cleansing and washing your face. Make sure to use a toner to remove dirt that was not removed by your facial cleanser and facial wash. Your moisturizing cream will ensure that your skin is well hydrated. By doing this, you will not look too haggard even if you lack sleep.
  2. Constantly groom your hair and your nails. Make sure to clean your nails at least once a month. Even if you dislike wearing nail polish and having long nails, making sure that your nails are clean will make you look better in general. Your hair is your crowning glory. If it is untrimmed and you have not brushed it yet, you will look untidy.
  3. Pay attention to your clothes. It is always important to check the clothes that you are wearing. Make sure that they do not have any holes or stains that will make you look unorganized and unprepared for the lessons you are going to take for the day.

Can you still think of other ideas that will allow you to look fresh as a student? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts. It will be widely appreciated by a lot of people.

A College Student’s Guide to Skin Care

You have to admit that your life as a college student is highly different from how you used to live your high school life. Right now it may be full of nights when you would stay up late not only to finish your projects and your assignments on time but also to make sure that you will party with the rest of your friends.

College life can be fun especially if you attend a lot of parties wherein you can know a lot of individuals but you also have to admit that it can take a toll not on your health and of course, your skin.

When you do not have good skin, it will take a toll on your self-confidence. This means that you will have a harder time communicating with other people. What you can do is make sure that you will get proper skin care. You can check out Skinicity Skin Centre. They have different treatments that will surely appeal to you as there are different types of skin treatments you may need. You can prevent the early signs of aging and get to know other tips to care for your skin better.

A College Student’s Guide to Skin Care

Aside from getting regular treatments, here are other skin care tips that will surely help you out:

  1. Drink enough water everyday. When you are busy with all the deadlines that you have in college, you may forget doing simple things like eating and drinking. Doing this will eventually show on your body. Make sure that you hydrate yourself so that you can get rid of the toxins that may become stored in your body.
  2. Do not forget to wear sunscreen. Even though you will be inside the classroom most of the time, there are some activities that will require you to be outside. When you do go out, make sure that your skin is protected by having proper sunscreen. You may forget about this most of the time or worse, you ignore the need to do this but once your skin starts acting up, you may regret not wearing sunscreen sooner.
  3. Follow a night routine. Do you know that those who are very meticulous about their skin care routine especially at night usually have better skin that those who do not make any effort at all? The effort will show on your skin and it will not take a long time anyway.
  4. Try to get enough sleep when you can. When you are in college, getting enough sleep seems to be next to impossible but if you get the chance then get the sleep that you need. Just remember not to disrupt your routine because this might become confusing to the body.
  5. Do not forget to moisturize. Moisturizers can be very useful when the weather is cold. Your skin will have the tendency to dry up and will become flaky. You need to use this especially at night in order to help your skin rejuvenate.

You may also need to steer clear from too much junk food and sodium because the intake of these food products will start to become obvious through your skin.

Health Risks and the College Student

While you may be enjoying your significant night life, the truth is, you could be doing damage to your health. Let’s face it, we know college is, undoubtedly, the time of your life. But, we also know that it can make or break you. All those parties and late nights can take their toll. That’s why we wanted to inform you of the health risks you will face as a college student. Take these issues seriously, and do what’s necessary to protect yourself.

One big thing we notice with college kids is the propensity for tooth decay. We recommend you visit an Overland Park Dentist on a regular basis. Given the fact that college kids eat way too many sugary foods, and drink far too many sodas, cavities are on the rise during the college years. You will need a dentist who puts your needs first and will provide you the starting point to a healthy smile. And, by the way, your teeth can impact your whole body’s health!

Health Risks and the College Student

Other Significant Health Issues

College kids have a lot on their minds and their health frequently gets pushed to the back. This is why these other significant health-related issues arise. It is time to be informed about the health risks you will face as a college student. Here they are:

  • Lack of sleep– Sleep deprivation is a common problem among college students. And though it is easy to laugh off the tired feelings created by all-nighters, there are additional effects attached to sleep deprivation that you might not even realize. Anxiety and irritability, as well as weight gain can be attributed to not getting enough sleep. Read this to learn more about sleep deprivation, its effects, and ways to avoid it.
  • Eating disorders– This issue is no laughing matter. Eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia, stem from a need to keep things in control. Unfortunately, we can’t provide you with a statistic about how rampant these issues are on campus, but we can tell you that 10-20% of people dealing with an eating disorder will die from complications that arise from that disorder. College can be hugely stressful and some people find that stress too difficult to handle. In an effort to regain some semblance of control in life, those individuals will begin to control their caloric intakes. If you know someone who is demonstrating the signs you can read about here, please get her help, immediately!
  • Mental health- As we mentioned previously, college can be an incredibly stressful time. The transition that occurs in living arrangements and responsibilities can create a mind that is easily troubled. Stress, anxiety, and depression are common issues among college students who are now wondering why they are here and who they are. These questions, though necessary for growth, can become too burdensome for some students. Unfortunately, some of your peers will turn to drugs and alcohol to alleviate the mental pressure within. And, statistically, the third leading cause of death in kids your age, is suicide. If you are struggling with depression, or suicidal thoughts, or know someone who is, it’s time to contact a professional. Learn more about suicide by following the link provided.

We didn’t include the STD risks that are equally problematic in college students, but you should definitely practice abstinence. If you need help with that read this. Have fun in college, sure, but stay healthy at the same time!

Keeping a Pet in Your Dorm Room

Yes, college will be some of the best years of your life. However, you might also find that it can be an incredibly lonely experience. That sense of loneliness might provoke you to do something stupid. Like, sneak a pet into your dorm room. You know full well that they aren’t allowed and yet, that need to pet something while you cram for exams all night long, pushes you to the brink. So, here’s your not-so-advisable guide to keeping a pet in your dorm room.

First, let’s talk about cats. We like cats. They are quiet. They don’t require bathing. And they don’t ever have to leave your room. But, unless you are successful at teaching cats how to use the toilet, your room is going to stink. And that will be a dead giveaway. However, there are people who have been quite successful at toilet training their cats. So, if you are fortunate enough to have a private bathroom, then a toilet trained cat will probably be your most successful attempt at keeping a pet in your dorm room.

Keeping a Pet in Your Dorm Room

Things to Know Before Putting Any Pet in Your Dorm Room

As we mentioned at the beginning of this piece, hiding a pet is really not a bright thing to do. At the very least, you will have to get rid of your beloved animal. At the worst, you could face serious fines and even expulsion. This is not a feat to take lightly. Your college career, and the life of your pet, is at stake. But, if you just can’t help yourself, consider these steps before making your move:

  1. Research– Before adopting any animal, you should do all the necessary research to ensure you are capable of providing it with a happy life. But, when it comes to keeping an animal in a dorm room, there are other considerations to be faced. Can that pet live indoors all the days of its life and still be happy and healthy? Can you afford to feed it? These are all very valid things to think about. Learn more about pets.
  2. Sneaking it in– Now that you have chosen the pet that is right for you and your budget, getting your wee thing into the dorm undetected is the next step. There is safety in numbers, so enter the dorm in a group, with your pet safely concealed in the center of said group. Hopefully, you have chosen a silent pet so no odd noises will draw attention to your stealth.
  3. Keeping it hidden– You might have gotten past the security at the front desk, and even your RA, but how are you going to keep that thing hidden? Keep in mind, that your pet’s safety is more important than its hiding place. Make sure that you have ample space for concealment in an area that will still provide all that your adopted loved one requires. Buddy up to the RA so that you know in advance about fire drills and other “surprise” inspections. That will help ensure your pet stays hidden. Click this for more hiding secrets.

Please keep in mind that hiding a pet in a dorm room is a risk for you and sweet “Smoochie.” Don’t make this decision based on impulse. Be sure you are prepared to provide and persevere. Smoochie is depending on you! If you need more information about taking pet ownership seriously, read this.