Tips to host an unforgettable college party

It is no secret that college parties are a blast and can turn out to be some of the best and fun times for students. If you are in the position of hosting your first college party you might want a couple of tips on making it a fantastic and fun experience. With so many ideas on how to host a college party you might not know where to start. This article will give you starter steps to host one of the best college parties ever while keeping things safe and fun. People will be talking about it for days to come.  Make your first hosted college party an iconic experience.

Tips to host an unforgettable college party

Firstly consider the time and location. Don’t throw a party in the middle of exams during the week. You want people to actually attend so make sure you select a weekend night to really make the most of the time you spend with your guests. You should also consider where you will be hosting the party, it doesn’t work out too great to have a party in a small apartment where your personal items might get destroyed. Find a large location where people will have space to move. Click here to get ideas on decoration for your party. There is nothing worse for guests than having to stand all night because there is nowhere to sit. Make sure you provide enough seating.

Select a theme for your college party. This is a fun and important step when planning your ideal party. You don’t necessarily have to settle for a toga party even though it is the most popular choice. You can go for a costume party or anything that you would like the theme to be. You can also host a variety of activities at your party that will make the experience fun for everyone. Take a look at these games for kids for inspiration on party games that you can host at your college party. Games are fun at a party and it gets people together and also interactive. If the party is awkward bring out the games.

Music is a very important part of your party enjoyment so make sure you get a good DJ to play everyone’s favorite tunes. There is no problem with setting up a playlist on your PC either. Just make sure you consider different tastes.  Make sure that you send your invites out ahead of time so that you actually have guests. You can easily get more people to attend by spreading the word. That is really how college parties work. Word of mouth is everything! Click here for cool invite ideas. To save yourself a bit of money you should team up with a couple of your friends and share the cost of beverages and snacks. The budget for a college party can easily run high so make sure you have a couple of buddies that will share the load with you. It is a lot more fun to plan a party with friends.

Don’t Leave College without It

College is incredible. You now have the freedom of an adult attached to the responsibility of a student. You can pick your schedule and waste time at will. However, don’t leave college without having tried this tremendous list of memory making activities. Graduate with no regrets!

Don’t Leave College without It

Here is our gigantic list of things to do before you graduate college. We are certain that you will find many of them hugely entertaining and adventurous. And, we know these will be days you won’t soon forget. Enjoy this list of ways to make them all the more memorable:

  • Get Published– Your college’s newspaper and/or yearbook is probably looking for a few good pieces. You can contact the editors and ask for an assignment. Once you’re in there, your name will go down in history, in print!
  • Dress Crazy– Order some compression wear (don’t forget the socks) here and run through the campus, or the library, wearing these way-too-tight garments. You’ll definitely get a laugh from your friends if nothing else.
  • Crash a Party– Just bust on in somewhere that you weren’t invited and try to make friends. You’ll be totally out of your element and catch everyone else off guard. Sometimes that can be a riot.
  • Take Advantage– Not of people, but of business and establishments that offer student discounts. Frequent them until they know your name. You’ll only get 15% off as long as you have your college ID and believe us, the time will fly!
  • Participate– Don’t stay on the outskirts of campus activity. Sign up for clubs and intramurals. Play hard on top of studying hard. This is indeed going to be the time of your life so make the most of it at every opportunity.
  • Protest– You’ve never had more time to be politically and socially active. If you feel strongly about something, for or against, protest for your side.
  • Dance– You might feel slightly silly, but if you don’t at least try to dance in college you’ll never learn. If there’s ever a line-dancing class on campus do it, you’ll be surprised by how much fun you have. Get your line dancing tips by clicking this.
  • Get Online– That might not sound like a feat, but we’re talking about getting online on your school’s site. Do something that earns you celebrity status and a spot on the school’s webpage (or FB if that’s the best you can do).
  • Study Abroad– Do not pass up the opportunity to go overseas. When we mentioned having no regrets, this is one significant area. You never know if you’ll have the chance again. Go do it and stay up all hours just to take in as much of the country as you can. This holds real memory making potential. For information on traveling abroad, read this.
  • High Five– The guy (or girl) having to run around in your school mascot’s costume, is pretty sweaty. He/she needs some additional encouragement for the devotion invested. Give the mascot a high five every time you see it.
  • Easy Elective– Sometimes you need a brain break. Consider taking the easiest elective on the roster. Something like the Art of Breathing, Giraffe Nutrition, or Underwater Basket Weaving. Your GPA might need the boost.

If these tips aren’t quite enough for you, you can always read this for more.

Become the Grill Master at Your College

Watching movies and playing video games with your friends in your stuffy student dorm can be fun. But it can get old real soon. A great way to entertain friends at your tiny home is by investing in a grill. This will allow everyone to get out of the shadows a bit; you can get a great tan for summer and lighten the moods by surrounding yourselves with nature.   There are few things that bring people together the way food does. Hosting a grill is the perfect way to make new friends and to keep in touch with all your old friends.

Become the Grill Master at Your College

How a grill can optimize your college experience

  • Portable grills will allow you to go on camping trips more often. You will save a lot of money by camping in a tent. Tent camping is also a lot more fun and a greater experience than chalet camping
  • Prepare food at any party or event with your quick-to-assemble grill. Any location can become a great adventure
  • Give yourself a break and get your friends to prepare their own meats on your grill while you chill
  • Host an outdoors party and invite a whole lot more friends than your tiny dorm can handle
  • Learn a fun and new skill and impress all your friends with your fantastic BBQ skills

The most portable grills

If you are a free spirited student who likes to travel a lot and love to get the most out of even the simplest situation then a charcoal grill is the perfect solution for you. The smaller charcoal grills are lightweight and assemble-able so you can transport it anywhere. Modern charcoal grills have built in fire lighters so you will never have to struggle to get your BBQ going. Charcoal is also one of the most popular grill methods since the smoke provides the best tasting meats and allows you to prepare meat according to all your friends’ tastes. If you have a large dorm then you could also invest in a large charcoal grill for greater functionality.

The fastest grills

Gas grills are ready instantly. There is no need for you to wait while the charcoal heats properly. You can simply switch it on and start grilling away. Gas grills are also extremely predictable, more stable and you can adjust the temperature. These grills can be a bit tricky to transport since you require a gas bottle for it to function but it is do-able if you invest in a smaller gas grill. Gas grills have the most modern and multipurpose functionality and there are some very sleek looking grills that will look fantastic in your student home.

To find out which grill is the perfect solution for your student dorm, home or apartment you can read BBQ reviews. On the reviews you will find all the specifications of the different types of gas and charcoal grills which will help you decide on the perfect grill to suit your student needs.