How to Handle A Difficult Roommate

You know that in your college, one of the topics that people would like to talk about is their roommates. You will hear some people complain about their roommates because of different reasons. There are some roommates that are noisy and inconsiderate. There are also other roommates that are so messy that you can barely see their beds.

It is okay if you and your roommate are really friends because at least you can talk it over and set some rules so you will not have too many issues. There are times when the topics that you may fight about are totally unrelated to your college life and even your dorm. For example, you may be discussing the best sensory toys for kids because it is related to your lessons. You know for a fact that sensory toys are good for children who have special needs but suddenly, your roommate will disagree with you. If you are already irritated with how your roommate asks, this can be the last straw.

How to Handle A Difficult Roommate

In order to handle a difficult roommate, you would need a lot of patience and the things that you will do will depend on the situation that has occurred.

  1. Your Roommate Stinks.

Even if your roommate does not have bad body odor, the things that your roommate is bringing in may stink up your whole room. This can be enough to make you uncomfortable. What you can do is to set some rules about the type of food that can be eaten inside the room. This way, you can avoid some of the foul smelling food that your roommate is bringing in.

  1. Your Roommate Always Uses Your Things

This can be very irritating especially if you are someone who tends to be very protective of your things. You are very careful about everything that you own especially if you worked hard in order to purchase the different items that you have. What you can do is make sure that you will clear up which items are yours and you may even place them in a cabinet with a lock so your roommate will not be able to get your items without permission.

  1. Your Roommate Brings Different People Inside Your Room.

You know that it can be uncomfortable when there are a bunch of people in your room that you are not close to. Sometimes, you may not even know the people that your roommate brings home. Once again, set some rules about this. Let your roommate know that you are uncomfortable and say that you would appreciate it if it would not happen again. If it would happen often, then you may have to take more drastic measures.

If all of the things that you have done in order to make amends with your roommate proved to be futile, now is the time when you should talk to the RA. This way, your roommate will reform his/her ways. If he/she has issues with you too, this will all come out during the meeting so make sure you are prepared. Do you have other tips about dealing with difficult roommates?

The Facts about Dating in College

College is an incredible time in your life where you will meet amazing people. There will be people from around the world on your campus any given day of the week. This opens the door to some fantastic dating opportunities. But, you should probably prepare yourself for the realities of college dating.

While some self-professed dating gurus can offer advice for getting women (or getting men for that matter) you should probably read the tao of badass review for a more accurate assessment. Like most relational aspects of life, these things are best learned through experience.

The Facts about Dating in College

So what are the facts?

  • More Women- Ladies, this is possibly rough news for you, but women make up 56% of the college population. Men have more options and you have more competition. It’s rough.
  • Virgins- Believe it or not, but not everyone in college is sleeping around. In fact, research says that 25% of college seniors have maintained their celibacy. This is a challenging feat, just ask Olympic athlete, Lolo Jones (read her story here).
  • Long Distance- Some people go away to college but retain their hometown romances. In fact, a surprisingly large percentage (32.5%) of college age relationships are considered long distance. It is sometimes hard to let go of those high school romances.
  • Spousal Hopes- That old adage about women going to college to get their MRS degrees, is still pretty accurate. In truth, 63% of ladies in college are hoping to meet their spouses while they are there. That means only 2 out of 5 are not trying to get the ring while they earn the real college degrees.
  • One Night Stands- This statistic is quite sad. The concept of a one night stand is probably a huge contributor to the fact that 1 in 4 college students has an STD. That makes sense when statistics indicate that 72% of college seniors admit to having participated in a one night stand.
  • The Shocker- And not that repulsive sexual imagery one either. No, the real shocker is that a third of college seniors say they have been on less than two dates in the four years they’ve been in college. So, don’t get too bummed if all the “hangin’ out” you do never amounts to dates and flowers. You’re just part of the minimal dating club.
  • Cheating- A big factor in college break-ups is contributed to cheating. To learn more about the negative effects of cheating in relationships click this.
  • Casual- Studies show that short term relationships are preferred by college students because they allow for greater focus on studies and other academic endeavors. This fact is problematic for the 63% of women hoping to find their spouses in college.
  • Vacation- An amusing truth here, is that a majority of college relationships break up whenever a scheduled vacation occurs. So spring breaks, winter holidays and summers equate with higher break up percentages. This probably adds to that one night stand statistic as people breaking up over vacations are probably doing so in hopes of finding someone more interesting while apart.

While college will probably prove to be some of the best years of your life, it can also be completely and utterly life-altering if you choose to participate in sexual activities. Don’t become part of the statistics. Stay abstinent. Learn more here.

Don’t Leave College without It

College is incredible. You now have the freedom of an adult attached to the responsibility of a student. You can pick your schedule and waste time at will. However, don’t leave college without having tried this tremendous list of memory making activities. Graduate with no regrets!

Don’t Leave College without It

Here is our gigantic list of things to do before you graduate college. We are certain that you will find many of them hugely entertaining and adventurous. And, we know these will be days you won’t soon forget. Enjoy this list of ways to make them all the more memorable:

  • Get Published– Your college’s newspaper and/or yearbook is probably looking for a few good pieces. You can contact the editors and ask for an assignment. Once you’re in there, your name will go down in history, in print!
  • Dress Crazy– Order some compression wear (don’t forget the socks) here and run through the campus, or the library, wearing these way-too-tight garments. You’ll definitely get a laugh from your friends if nothing else.
  • Crash a Party– Just bust on in somewhere that you weren’t invited and try to make friends. You’ll be totally out of your element and catch everyone else off guard. Sometimes that can be a riot.
  • Take Advantage– Not of people, but of business and establishments that offer student discounts. Frequent them until they know your name. You’ll only get 15% off as long as you have your college ID and believe us, the time will fly!
  • Participate– Don’t stay on the outskirts of campus activity. Sign up for clubs and intramurals. Play hard on top of studying hard. This is indeed going to be the time of your life so make the most of it at every opportunity.
  • Protest– You’ve never had more time to be politically and socially active. If you feel strongly about something, for or against, protest for your side.
  • Dance– You might feel slightly silly, but if you don’t at least try to dance in college you’ll never learn. If there’s ever a line-dancing class on campus do it, you’ll be surprised by how much fun you have. Get your line dancing tips by clicking this.
  • Get Online– That might not sound like a feat, but we’re talking about getting online on your school’s site. Do something that earns you celebrity status and a spot on the school’s webpage (or FB if that’s the best you can do).
  • Study Abroad– Do not pass up the opportunity to go overseas. When we mentioned having no regrets, this is one significant area. You never know if you’ll have the chance again. Go do it and stay up all hours just to take in as much of the country as you can. This holds real memory making potential. For information on traveling abroad, read this.
  • High Five– The guy (or girl) having to run around in your school mascot’s costume, is pretty sweaty. He/she needs some additional encouragement for the devotion invested. Give the mascot a high five every time you see it.
  • Easy Elective– Sometimes you need a brain break. Consider taking the easiest elective on the roster. Something like the Art of Breathing, Giraffe Nutrition, or Underwater Basket Weaving. Your GPA might need the boost.

If these tips aren’t quite enough for you, you can always read this for more.

How Students Can Become More Active

Some students would consider themselves to be inactive because right after studying for a hard exam or after completing the requirements, they would rather stay inside their dorm rooms and just rest. This is considered to be normal but studies show that those who make the effort to become more active usually have more strength to do the demands of college/university life.

Some college students have reported that ever since they started school, they have started to gain weight. They feel more bloated and they feel like their clothes are not fitting them as well as they should anymore. With these things that are happening, the only way to fight inactivity is to become active.

Suddenly exercising after a long hard day may prove to be too much for the bodies of students. It would be best if they could do activities that they can easily integrate into their daily lives so if they would finally decide to do something big like regular exercising at the gym or even animal hunting with the best hunting compound bow, they will be ready for the said activities.

How Students Can Become More Active

Here are some of the simple activities that can be done with ease:

  • Take walks around the university.

There are some students who just want to go inside their dorm rooms and stay there for as long as they can but how can they have the energy when they are not being exposed to sunlight and when they barely move their muscles? Taking walks is normal and is needed by the body. Perhaps when going to a nearby bar, walking can be possible too.

  • Clean the room.

Living sloppily is not healthy because there are some germs, bacteria and viruses that may stay in the room. This explains why some college students can be more prone to sickness as compared to how their health was back home. Students should know how to clean their room and even their bathrooms. If they share the room with someone else then perhaps, cleaning a side of the room is not really so bad.

  • Using a basket instead of a cart.

This is something that some college students do not prefer doing because of course, a cart can be pushed faster around the grocery but doing this will not give the body enough exercise that carrying a heavy shopping basket can. Carrying can be done from one arm to another if the weight of the basket seems too much to bear.

  • Do simple exercises while watching television.

Being a couch potato should not be the main goal of college students. Students can always watch television especially when they want to unwind but for shows that are happening too long, exercising can be done while watching. The exercises do not have to be elaborate. They can be very simple.

Of course, there are still different types of things that students can do so that they can become more active. If you are a student yourself, what are the tips and things that you would like to add to the list? Feel free to say more about it.

How to Enjoy College Life to the Fullest

How to Enjoy College Life to the Fullest

College is definitely a place where you have to learn and discover new things, but it doesn’t have to be stressful and boring. College isn’t just all about going to classes, reading books, completing research papers, and acquiring skills to get a great job in the future – it’s also about getting the opportunity to experience the world and enjoy it. If you’re feeling stressed and lonely at college, here are some tips to help you get an exciting journey in college:

  1. Explore your campus.

During your free time, walk around campus and check out buildings to familiarize yourself better about the place – either by you or with some friends. You might even find cool hidden places where you can hide alone and relax. So explore, and see where it takes you. The more you know about your campus, the more you will feel comfortable and at home.

  1. Join sports and other school activities.

There are countless activities available at college. There are sports activities, art classes, cooking challenges, music clubs, and other fun programs that students can free to join. If you love sports or a certain activity, make sure to get involved. If you’re passionate about a certain activity but it isn’t available at your campus, you can try to create your own club and encourage others to join. Participating in school activities is not only a great way to enhance your skills, but also a fantastic opportunity to meet people, de-stress, and enjoy.

  1. Attend parties and off-the-campus fun.

On weekends, most college students go out either to party or enjoy some off-campus adventure, such as hiking, camping, or swimming. If your friends are planning to party or go out somewhere to enjoy, join them! You don’t have to spend all your weekend reading books and doing school work – you should find the time to relax and enjoy. If you’re over 18 and like loud noise and crowd, visit local bars or clubs near your campus. You don’t necessarily have to drink to enjoy these kinds of places; you can just dance, sing, and chat with friends.

  1. Cook with friends.

If you don’t feel like going out, you can invite your friends to come over your room and cook meal together. It’s not only a great way to bond with them, but also a perfect opportunity to save money as you know that eating out, especially in cities, is very expensive. Make cooking with friends a special bonding moment and you’ll never feel bored and alone at college. You can also add other fun activities, like watching movies and making music to make your free time more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Manage your money well.

Remember that just because it’s okay to go out and party with friends doesn’t mean you should spend that much. One of the many important things that you should learn in college is to budget wisely. It will save you lots of financial headaches – now and in the future. In addition to budgeting, it’s also a good thing to avoid debts and find ways on how to earn extra, like working part-time, investing your money, or even taking advantage of tax breaks that may be available to you, such as tax refunds.

Tips on Finding the Right Housing for Students

Students who are off to college may be a bit scared at times of the fact that they have to live somewhere else aside from home. While they are already adults, the fact still remains that they still have a lot of things to learn. As much as possible, people would need to find the right housing so that they can stay comfortable while they are studying and trying to reach their dreams.

If in case you are a student and it is your first time to try searching for a place that you can call home for the years that you will be studying in college, there are some tips that you have to remember first before you can actually choose the right housing. Do remember that the houses, apartments and properties that you will see are not exactly like Las Vegas homes for sale but you do know that they can still help you out a lot.

Tips on Finding the Right Housing for Students

Here are some of the tips that can help you out:

  1. Remember that you have to check out the property in person before you can send your payment for it. There is a possibility that a property will look better in pictures but the moment that you see it, you will realize that the pictures look so much better than how the housing is in person.
  2. Private accommodations are always cheaper than the dorms that universities offer. If you would like to save up on money or if you would like to have your own room, you may want to have private accommodations better. Just remember that they may be a bit farther than the dorms that are within the school. So you have to make more effort into going to school and leaving school every day.
  3. You may want to negotiate with the price that you have to pay in advance so that you need not discuss it anymore with the owner of the place by the time that you arrive. This way, you do not have to worry about the legal matters of renting anymore because this has already been done beforehand.
  4. If you would have to sign a contract for the lease which you most probably would, you have to read it thoroughly first. If in case that there are some things that you do not understand, you may want to seek legal help for this so you can be sure with what you can expect.
  5. If in case you would need new furniture for the place that you are going to rent out, you may want to make sure that you will get furniture that does not cost a lot of money. Some graduates of the university are willing to give their old furniture for a cheap price or sometimes for free so make sure to check this out.

With these things in mind, you can be sure that you will have a comfortable place to stay in that will allow you to enjoy the next few years of your life.