How to Plan the Perfect College Movie Marathon

Bet you thought that college life was all fun and games right?  Well, the ideal is far from reality.  In reality, college life is hard work.  You also endure much more stress than you ever anticipated because of all the homework and study work and when you do have a break from studies and classes you are most likely to be too broke to go out for drinks.  It is however still important to take a good break from your studies and by ‘break’ I don’t mean going on holiday or having some expensive fun.  Your dorm is the perfect place to have heaps of fun with a movie marathon that won’t cost you much and that will provide the distraction you need to reduce stress levels. Here’s how students can plan the perfect movie marathon.

How to Plan the Perfect College Movie Marathon

Buy a projector

Your small TV set just won’t do if you are inviting plenty of friends over.  A home theater projector is a must for your movie marathon.  On HTP Reviews you can check out the best home theater projectors on the market.  These theaters are perfect for your movie marathon and can be used for a long time to come in your dorm while you are enjoying a bit of streaming.

Get a screen

A projector only works if you have a white screen but luckily this isn’t a very big problem.  Students with white walls can use the wall as a screen and those that don’t have wall space or white walls can hang a sheet or construct some other DIY theater screen for free or for basically next to nothing.

Choose your marathon

Now the real work begins.  It is time to choose your marathon and to get your hands on all the movies you will need.  A good movie marathon should be about 26 hours long and should include sets of matching movies.  There are plenty of different movie marathon’s to choose from like the following;

  • Disney movie marathon where you watch as many Disney movies as you can.
  • Pixar movie marathon that includes all the best Pixar movies.
  • Romantic movie marathon with hits like Bridget Jones’s Diary, The Notebook and other fantastic movies
  • Harry Potter movie marathon
  • Marvel collection movie marathon where you try to watch all the superhero movies in chronological order
  • Hunger games marathon
  • The lord of the rings marathon starting with the hobbit movies
  • Horror movie marathon that features all of the scariest horrors like The Saw collection, Strangers or other blood curling movies – these are especially great to enjoy along with other couples.
  • Comedy movie marathon with all of your favorite comedy actors like Jennifer Aniston, Gerard Butler and Adam Sandler.

No, you don’t have to spend on snacks

The only thing now to worry about is invites and snacks and no, you don’t have to buy everything yourself.  Just get all your friends to pitch in a bit or charge a snack entry fee for anyone that likes to join in on the fun.