How to Set Up the Biggest Party of Your Life

If you want to set up the biggest party of your life, then it’s much more feasible than you imagined. Think BIG. A larger than life, once in your life-time kind of party. One that will make you, the party thrower, goes down in local history. Be prepared to be the go-to party planner, and to gain lots of popularity (if you don’t already have it). If you don’t want it to cost so much, have a few different friends pitch in and everyone can share the credit.


Throwing together a concert can’t be done overnight. It takes hours of planning and preparation. Make sure not to leave the budget out of your plans, throwing such a large party will be expensive but you might want to give yourself a spending limit so you don’t do too much, however you will have to be prepared to spend enough money to make it the largest party of your life.

How to Set Up the Biggest Party of Your Life

Finding a Venue

For planning your very own concert you’ll need to find a large venue to set all the pieces in place. If you don’t want to take the time to rent out an entire stage on your own, you can make one almost as easily. With a large enough field, you could set up your own stage, this means your venue options are almost limitless. Want to party next to a lake, or a spring? At the edge of a forest? No problem.

Getting Your Supplies Together

The next step in setting up your party is to get everything together. Your drinks alcoholic and non-alcoholic, your food, and your stage. You could get caterers for your food, and hire a bartender to make your drinks. The easiest way to get your drinks together though is to order a few kegs and call it a night. Then you just need a stage, and while you might think that setting up your own stage is impossible, it isn’t. You can get your own portable stage rather effortlessly.  Then it just takes getting all your equipment and supplies to your venue.

Getting Things in Place

This is as simple as picking up your kegs and getting them to your venue. So, you probably won’t need a commercial sized transportation truck for most of your equipment but if you went the path of renting your own portable stage, then you may need Gecko hiab Perth, to help you transport it. With the help of the HIAB crane you’ll be able to set everything in place, no matter how much the stage weighs.

Being, Finding or Hiring Your Entertainment

With everything else in place, you only need to find adequate entertainment. Thankfully, finding local talent won’t be hard, they can be searched for in local bars, parks, or in clubs if you want someone with DJ talents. If you want high end talent you would have to be willing to fork out extra cash for the expensive entertainers, or you could go the cheapest route: being your own entertainment. If you have musical talent, or even your own band you could play for your own party. That would surely leave you a spot in your local history books.

Having the Night of Your Life

The last step to set up the biggest party of your life is simply to enjoy it. The entertainment, food, drinks, and even stage are all set and ready. Now is the time to go out and relish in the beauty of your own concert. Take lots of pictures, post lots of videos and earn the title of best party thrower of all time.