Student Stress: Can Stress Really Cause Hair Loss?

There has been a lot of talk about how stress can make someone’s hair go gray or cause people to lose hair. This is particularly true among adult students who are typically under a great amount of stress. As we all probably know, many students today are suffering from hair loss – not just the women, but even the men as well. And many of them believe that one of the main culprits of losing hair is stress. But can stress really cause hair fall?

Can Stress Really Cause Hair Loss

While there may not be that much evidence showing the effects of stress on hair, experts believe that stress and hair loss can be related. When someone is under stress, certain hormones are released that can shorten the life of hair follicles leading to hair thinning. But keep in mind that there are different types of stress causing hair loss. These can include:


  • Emotional stress – The type of stress that students may feel due to exams, relationship problems, or work.
  • Physical stress – The type of stress that students may experience because of physical activities, such as travel, inadequate amount of sleep, or long study hours.
  • Medical Stress – The type of stress that students may have after surgery, illness, or medication.


Any stress or trauma can disrupt the hair cycle and cause hair fall. But the great thing is that not all types of hair loss are permanent. In fact, some types of hair loss are just temporary, that you don’t even have to treat them to restore your hair and prevent further hair fall, such as telogen effluvium. This type of hair loss typically occurs about 1-3 months after childbirth or major operation. During this phase, the growth of hair is interrupted or stopped, then some hair strands start to fall out. But once the stressful event is over, the hair starts to re-grow and return to normal.


But keep in mind that even though some types of hair loss are self-limiting and don’t require any treatment, it is still important that you take care of yourself to keep your hair look better and healthier. The following are some tips to help your hair get back to its normal cycle, as well as maintain its health:


  • Exercise. This doesn’t necessarily mean going to gym or lifting some weights, but at least try to become active. It’s better if you do things that you enjoy, such as swimming, running, biking, or playing tennis. This will help you feel more relaxed.
  • Follow a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy foods not just gives you more energy, which enables you to handle stress; it also provides you vitamins and essential nutrients that are great for your hair and body’s health.
  • Avoid harsh hair products. Shampoos and other hair products that contain harmful chemicals can also lead to hair loss. To avoid further hair loss, use products that contain natural ingredients, such as Nioxin shampoo. (Visit the Hold the Hairline for more information and review of Nioxin shampoo.)


Hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. If you follow a healthy lifestyle and get your stress under control, your hair will eventually get back to its natural growth process. But of course, it’s still important to talk to your doctor if you notice sudden hair loss or more hair loss than usual.

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