Smoothies for the Hardworking College Student

Eating healthy when you are in college is a hard thing to do. You probably do not have a lot of time to plan the meals that you are going to eat. You are probably going to be with your friends in fast food joints all the time.

Even if you do not go to fast food joints often, it can still be a problem when you do not have a lot of options about what you are going to eat. You cannot store some of the food that you have always loved because you do not have enough storage. It can be even more problematic if there are some pests around the area.

One of the best options for you is to create smoothies that you can bring when you are on the go. Smoothies are made with ingredients that are packed with nutrients. This can help you study better and breeze through your college life with ease. It is important that you find the best blender for smoothies depending on your needs and the items you are going to blend. Find all the details you need and you will not make a mistake.

Smoothies for the Hardworking College Student

Here are some of the smoothies that you should try doing:

  1. Strawberry – Banana

There are a lot of people who both love strawberries and bananas and mixing these two fruits together can be great for some people. The taste of these two fruits usually complements each other and at the same time, they are packed with nutrients that will keep your bones strong. You can also make your teeth stronger this way. Add a bit of skim milk in order to complete this smoothie. You will not have any regrets.

  1. Energy Burst with Your Fruit of Choice

This type of smoothie will require any fruit that you desire provided that you are going to include all the other ingredients that will provide the energy that you need to last throughout the day. When you are going to attend a lecture and you suspect that you lack the energy to listen to your professor, make sure that you mix your fresh or frozen fruit, plain yogurt and oats together. This smoothie will keep you energized enough to remember all of the lectures you have to listen to throughout the day.

  1. Green Smoothie

From the color itself, you can already guess that this will include something that is colored green. You can choose from spinach or kale. These are both well known to provide the body will all of the needed nutrients without all of the calories. The key to making your green smoothie amazing is adding a few things that you can chew like berries or nuts. It will make consuming the smoothie even more satisfying than you expected. Just remember that these ingredients are needed, spinach or kale but you can do both if you want, almond milk, bananas, avocado and a bit of water. Mix all of the ingredients together except for the avocado that you are going to include later on together with the topping that you choose.

With all of these smoothies available, being healthy while studying will be easy to accomplish.

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