Prom Tips and Cost Breakdown for Guys

Your prom night as a student is one of the nights you will remember for your entire life. There are numerous things you can do that will make the night a particularly charming one. Obviously everybody’s concept of fun is different, so each of you will have somewhat unique needs, however there are a few concerns and thoughts that are generally the same for everyone. Check out the cost breakdown and tips for making the best of the prom night.

Prom Tips and Cost Breakdown for Guys

How much will it cost?

The cost of Prom Night can vary incredibly from around $150 to as much as $1500. Be that as it may, you don’t need to spend a fortune to have a decent time on the off chance that you prepare and settle on careful decisions. Simply make certain that when you choose to burn through cash on a specific thing the cash spent is justified, despite all the trouble to you. It is your cash and your night; spend wisely. The accompanying is a rundown of things that will most likely be a piece of your night’s costs:


This will differ from school to school. A few schools still have their proms in their school gymnasiums, and in these cases, the cost of the ticket could be as low as $20 per couple. In any case, most secondary schools have their Junior-Senior Prom off-grounds at an inn, nation club, or other dance hall office. In a couple of these cases, the ticket will cost $40-$50 per couple, yet most prom tickets now cost between $100-$175 per couple. In these cases, dinner is incorporated into the ticket cost and your whole night can be gone through with your companions at the prom itself. On the off chance that your prom’s ticket is in the $100-$175 range, you and your date might need to consider part the cost of the ticket. Most students do. It is quite recently excessively costly for one individual, making it impossible to pay for the entire thing.


Most guys wear tuxedos to their proms, which falls under semi-formal attire. But in the event that you have a decent colored suit, you may have the capacity to wear that, contingent upon your specific dance. The school or social mores where you live may require a tux for the night. If you rent a tuxedo (which can incorporate shoes) for the night, the going rate is $50-$150 relying on what additional items you may need. The fancier the tuxedo, the costlier it will be.


A limousine is an exceptionally costly extra for your prom night. It can be a good time for three or four couples to go together to the prom in a limousine, and some do. Simply make certain that you need to do this and spending plan in like manner. The standard cost for a limo for the night begins around $400. On the off chance that you split the cost between you eight, it may be something you might want to do. The Limousine Royalty offers limousines at the best prices, and at the end of the day, it will definitely be a once in a lifetime experience.


It is standard for the person to purchase a corsage for his date. It can be a stick on sort corsage, or one she can wear around her wrist. Some even purchase an adjusted nosegay that a young lady can carry in her grasp. It is a smart thought to recognize what color dress your date is wearing so that the corsage you pick doesn’t mismatch. A few couples jump at the chance to go together and pick the flowers. Once more, the amount you spend on this thing differs enormously and what you need decides the cost. A great many people spend through $25-$50 on a corsage.

First Time at a Bar – Things You Need to Know

First time going to a bar? Check out this guide and tips to gain some insight on what to do at your first visit.

  1. Go through “1001 cocktails”:

When you’re 21, you would need to stroll to a bar to get yourself a drink however what you will see will be a staggering scope of cocktails. In this way, before you go to your bar, you may require some learning about the basic beverages that are served in your bar, or besides any bar. The choice of your drink will rely on upon the liquor content, your taste and furthermore the cost. You can browse extensive variety of vodka, tequila, bourbon, brew, rum, wine, blended beverages or mixed drinks with extra flavors and shifting liquor content. Some extremely famous beverages to arrange at bars are sex on the shoreline, Jack and coke, tequila dawn, bourbon acrid, cosmopolitan, white Russian, lemon drop, blue Hawaiian and screw driver.

First Time at a Bar – Things You Need to Know

  1. Tabs:

The vast majority of the general population going by bars realize what a tab is, yet in the event that it’s your first time, or in the event that you have constantly paid in real money some time recently, then you should know how to open a tab. On the off chance that you need to pay with your charge card, most bars will ask for you to open a tab. This implies they would clutch your charge card while you’re drinking and you need to pay toward the finish of the night. In any case, in the event that you open a tab, you ought to watch out for it. Know the cost of your beverages and ensure your companions are not abusing it by saying “Put it on his tab” unless you plan. Likewise, bear in mind to gather your Visa toward the finish of the night or they will charge you extra. Remember to keep your money and cellphone at the same place in case you get too much drunk and need to call someone. One way to do this is to get a mobile phone wallet case from It will help keep your cash, cards as well as your cellphone all in the same place. Something else is that when you exchange a tab starting with one barkeep then onto the next, you are likewise exchanging the tip.

  1. Lipsmacking foods:

Presently bars are not just about beverages however beverages are the real reason. There are some superb and lipsmacking food alternatives offered by a few bars. Most bars offer snacks till late night hours, since they realize that is there’s food on a table, individuals will undoubtedly have it, regardless of the possibility that they guarantee that they are not eager to do so. In any case, one critical thing that you should know is that, for beverages you don’t pay charges, however in the event that you order some food stuff, you should pay assess on the whole bill including the beverages. Most basic are hors d’oeuvres like fries or nachos, which are quite recently idealize alongside the beverages.

  1. Tips:

Tips are what the barkeeps are serving you for and managing you at 2 am the point at which you practically carry on like an intoxicated moron. You ought to tip them liberally, no less than 20% or your bill or more. You can tip $2 per drink as well. Barkeeps will doubtlessly recall that you on the off chance that you give them a decent tip and will serve you brisk whenever. In the event that you need some insane or extraordinary drink or some other support, tip them more. It may get costly however it is the tradition that must be adhered to. Likewise take after some bar manners while you give out a tip. Try not to ask the barkeep the amount he needs as a tip and don’t call attention to the amount you cleared out for the tip.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Keeping Your Energy Up for a Night Out

If you spend your days putting in serious effort at work, sometimes you just want to cut loose and have a great night out. But if you are giving your job everything you have, how do you find the energy for a fun night in the clubs? By following some of the tips below.

Eat a Healthy Dinner

When you’re planning a night out, it can be tempting to grab some greasy bar food instead of having a proper meal. But choosing something fried and heavy may actually make it harder to keep yourself going into the wee hours of the morning. Instead of diving into the nearest plate of nachos and hot wings, give yourself a real meal featuring lean protein and some fresh vegetables. That way, you have the right kind of fuel in place to keep your body moving, and you’ll avoid some unhealthy fats too.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Keeping Your Energy Up for a Night Out

Stay Hydrated

The mild symptoms of dehydration include a tired feeling and sense of fatigue, and neither of those will help you have a great night out on the town. So, before you hit your first bar or club, make sure you give yourself a chance to have a glass of water or two. And then make sure you have a drink here and there that doesn’t necessarily contain alcohol or caffeine to help keep you going throughout the night.

Now, it is important to note that drinking water does not counteract the effects of alcohol in any notable way, but it can help alleviate any effects of dehydration that a night of drinking and dancing can lead to.

Consider Supplements

Some supplements may help you feel more energized and alert, allowing you to have fun throughout the night even if you already worked through a long day. The best nootropic stack options available may improve cognitive function, which might help you stay more alert or think more clearly. It may also give your energy levels a boost.

But, just like drinking water, supplements won’t counteract the effects of alcohol, so it is best to plan accordingly.

Take Breaks3

You don’t have to literally dance the night away to have a good time. Instead, listen to your body and, if you feel you need to have a seat for a few minutes, don’t be afraid to take a break. Most clubs and bars have a reasonable amount of seating available, so options should be available at least periodically throughout the evening.

No When to Call It

Sometimes, everything is just going to catch up with you. After a long workday (or week), you might not have as much energy as you were hoping for. If you find yourself getting tired, then it may be better to call it a night and head home. Then, you can get a good night’s sleep and get back to your life the next day.

However, if you have had a few drinks, make sure that you arrange for a ride home even if you drove your car to the bar or club. Between traditional taxis and other car services like Uber and Lyft, you should be able to find a ride pretty quickly. Then, you can make it home without putting your or anyone else’s safety at risk.

Travel Abroad This Spring Break

It is important to take a good rest from your studies during your spring break so you can be ready and focused on studies when the next semester starts again.  And by break I don’t mean lay around in bed or in front of the TV for your summer break.  A good break means getting out, enjoying plenty of fresh air and sunlight, seeing and exploring different things, relaxing, having adventures and all of those crazy things you never get to do while you are giving your all during studies.  One of the best ways to make the most out of your spring break is to travel abroad because you can see the world, gain experience, have great adventures and relax in just a few days.

Travel Abroad This Spring Break

Go with Rustic Pathways

Rustic Pathways has the best traveling programs for students. They offer over 90 different summer programs from which you can choose.  The programs have different focuses such as community service, education and adventures.  You can even find a program that suits your skill and practice these skills while you are having fun on international tours.

Travel affordably

One of the best reasons to give Rustic Pathways a try is the affordability of the programs. The spring break programs mostly have duration of 8 days and include various activities and adventures.  Some programs like the Sacred Valley Service program only cost $1995 plus airfare while others like the Surf and Service spring break program cost $2 195 excluding airfare.

Things you will do on your spring break

All of the Rustic Pathways programs include a great variety of activities, travels and learning and there are different types of programs for different types of skills.  The most common things you will enjoy on all trips are;

Community service – Community service is part of most of the programs.  You can help communities by building schools and more.  Some programs involve limited community service while others like the Rebuilding New Orleans Spring Break include a lot of hard work.

Explore – You can explore any country when you enjoy these trips.  Rustic Pathways has programs in more than 20 countries that all have terrific sights to see, activities to enjoy and services you can try.

Travel – The spring break programs are perfect for students who would love to travel and see the world.

Have fun – You get to enjoy a lot of different activities while on these programs.  Activities like surfing, swimming, rafting, zip-lining, kayaking, island hopping and mountain climbing makes out a big part of each program.

Learn Internship programs are great for gaining experience in a certain line of work like photography, teaching, business management, community uplifting and more.  If you have your heart set on a certain career path then you can get some valuable insights and ideas for your future career and get a taste of what it will be like to work in such a position one day.

Help others – One of the best parts about these spring breaks is that you get to help other people by giving them physical assistance or teaching them.

Mountain Biking Through College

College is your opportunity to explore your interests and to determine what it is you wish to do with your life. That doesn’t mean that you have to put aside your childhood delights. In fact, if you are still enamored with the thrill found in mountain biking, but it’s time to go to college, we’ve got good news for you. You can read this article to learn about mountain biking through college. Now, that doesn’t mean you will ride through various campuses. But, if you’ll read on, you will discover which colleges offer you the best mountain biking opportunities.

As a biking enthusiast, you should probably check out Two Monkeys Cycling. They are located in Australia, but if you order $200+ you can get free international shipping. This means you will have access to top of the line bikes and gear. And, if you visit regularly, their blog will keep you abreast of biking news and great places to explore. With that resource in the back of your mind, let’s determine which college is best for your biking desires.

Mountain Biking Through College

The Four Best Colleges for Biking Enthusiasts

If you haven’t already chosen your college locale, this list might be of great use to you. That is particularly true if you would like to use your free time to mountain bike all over the place. These are the four best colleges for biking enthusiasts:

  1. Fort Lewis College– Located in Durango, Colorado it is considered a powerhouse in mountain biking circles. NCCA Division I championships have placed them as winners for the last 13 years. Their mountain biking team is considered a club sport, but the school is offering them funding thanks to their tremendous competitive success. Anyone can join. So, you don’t have to be a die-hard biker to enjoy the thrill of the ride with those who are. Learn more.
  2. University of Colorado– Colorado is a great place for sports enthusiasts of all kinds, including those with an affinity for biking. The Boulder campus has done quite well in the NCAA Division I championships too. They came in second place. Those of you who love mountain biking and are focused on aerospace engineering, will find that this is the school for you. Especially since they are ranked in the top 10 for graduate programs in that field, according to US News and World Report.
  3. California Polytechnic– If you are desirous of attending school on the West Coast, this is the place for you. The Great Loop and Stenner Canyon are available for your exploration and enjoyment. The Great Loop is useful if you are just beginning your mountain biking focus. You can traverse a 6.5 mile trail that is designed for mountain biking beginners. The biking team there might have only achieved 4th place in the NCAA Division championships, but that’s still impressive. It’s the top-ranking engineering programs that should really draw your attention anyway. Read more.
  4. Warren Wilson College– Located in Swannanoa, North Carolina, it’s a great school for college level mountain biking. Their mountain biking team is considered varsity. That is a good thing since they don’t offer football or baseball. If you are looking to stay on the east coast, while enjoying the mountains, don’t miss the trails in the Blue Ridge area.

College is a great time to explore. You can seek out new adventures and methods in which to take them. Mountain biking might be the best option for you. Feel free to learn more about it here.

Eating Healthy in College Made Easy

When you are in college, you know that one of the hardest things that you can do is to eat healthy. This can be hard to do because you first have to focus on studying for your tests, doing your assignments and at the same time, finding time to spend with your friends. There will be days when you just want to party and drink alcohol but once you are already experiencing one of the worst hangovers of your life, you cannot help but vow that you just want to want to eat healthy. How are you going to do that?

It will help if you have all the right tools that will make preparing food an easy task for you to accomplish. For instance, you would like to have the best chef knife set so that when you are preparing salad, you can easily cut the vegetables into pieces that you want. You can eat carrot sticks as snacks and just prepare a scrumptious dip that you would love to share with your roommate and other friends.

Eating Healthy in College Made Easy

You may think that college is not the best place to start eating healthy but if you would not start here? When are you going to start? Do you think that it will be better when you are already working? The earlier that you establish healthy eating habits, the better it would be for you. Here are some tips that you ought to remember to begin eating healthy in college:

  1. Instead of eating other candy bars and chocolates for sweets, opt to eat fruit instead. You may think that the fruit is the least appealing dessert that you can find in your canteen but take it even if you do not know if you truly want it or not. Eating fruit will be the best way to cap off your meal and it will make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.
  2. Treat some food as treats. Perhaps you have always loved all meat pizza but you know that one slice can give you so many calories that you would need to workout for days in order to remove the amount of calories you have gotten. At the same time, you cannot deny the fact that pizza is full of grease and salt. Find high quality food that you can reward yourself with as a treat. This will let you condition yourself to not eat the food everyday.
  3. You have to pay attention to what your body is trying to say. Why are you eating? Are you eating because your body is saying that you are hungry or you are only eating because the time says that you should eat. Your body knows if it needs food or not but if you would not take your body seriously, you may end up under-eating or overeating. You can check out some recipes of food you can prepare here.

Another thing that you should remember is to not eat hours before you go to sleep. You may be tempted to take food before sleeping because you are feeling hungry but because your body is at rest, it will be harder for your body to digest the food.

Steps to launch a successful student campaign

As a student you are finding your voice and might find how good it feels to be able to campaign. You are certainly in the right position to hold people and governments accountable. You might find that you are surrounded by likeminded individuals that share the same desires and have the same needs as you do. Make sure that make the most of this exciting time and voice your opinion. It is sometimes hard to decide where to begin if you are looking at launching a campaign. You could join existing campaigns or movements but trying to launch your own is an exciting and awakening experience. The first thing to remember is to stay on track. Click here to take a look at some of the most successful student campaigns that have been launched.

Steps to launch a successful student campaign

First of all you need to find your focus in other words find something that you feel passionate about. You need to know what you are campaigning for and what you would like to change in this big world of ours. You really need to care about what you are campaigning for to make it a successful step in your life. If your target is animals, politics etc. make sure that you find the right audience to support you and perhaps volunteer and get involved with you. You need to apply pressure to the right authorities and your protests needs to be interactive but safe and respectful. Going in guns blazing has never benefited anyone and breaking the law is definitely not in your best interest. Take a look at Philadelphia 3.0 for inspiration on how any political matter or campaign should be handled. Make time to do research and take advice from these individuals that make it their business to be informed about political matters in Philadelphia

If you want to dress up as a bunny and campaign in front of the biology building to free the animals that are held there make sure that you have your facts right and that you are making valid arguments. Understand that you are going to be opposed and that your opposition will do everything they possibly can to make the fight difficult for you. By being informed you will make your argument so much stronger. Get the right support from the beginning so that your word will always be shared and you will gain more support while you are running. Click here to read more about speaking in public. This is going to be a necessary thing to do because you need to have a voice online and in person. If you need to raise funds for the cause you are supporting you should find creative ways to get the financial support you need. Make it fun for people to contribute to your cause. Petitions are also a fantastic way to get support and will make your campaign a lot stronger. If people share their opinion and agree with your ideals you might find it easier to reach those that aren’t involved.

How to Dress for Style and Comfort for a Night out at the Club

When you plan for a night out at the club, you want to make sure you look good. But feeling good while you dance the hours away is also important. Luckily, there are numerous ways to dress with style without having to sacrifice comfort. To help you choose the best options for you, consider these tips when buying your next outfit.

Why Busy Moms Need to Focus on Ergonomics When Working from Home

Focus on Footwear

One of the biggest points of pain for ladies at the club relates to their footwear. While you want to make sure your shoes look great, that needs to be balanced with a style that allows you to dance (and walk) comfortably.

Luckily, certain styles provide more physical support while also being a cute part of an outfit. For example, wedges provide more stability than traditional heels. They have more surface area that contacts the floor and provides a solid foundation under your foot.

If you want the look of traditional heels, consider a pair with a platform under the toe. That lets you get the additional height with a less dramatic difference between the height of your toe and heel. And, as most women know, a three-inch heel can feel significantly more manageable than a four-inch heel. If you add a one-inch platform under to a traditional three-inch heel design, you get four inches of height with three-inch heel comfort.

However, no matter the design, your first time wearing a pair of shoes should not be during a night out. Even if you just take a test run around your home, try to wear the shoes for at least a few hours while doing normal activities, such as walking around. That way you can find out if any spots rub your feet wrong and you can compensate accordingly.

Understand Materials

Generally, natural fibers breathe more than synthetic ones. That means, if you tend to overheat while dancing, you might be more comfortable in natural materials or blends. Luckily, that doesn’t mean you can’t find luxurious fabrics just because you are avoiding synthetic materials. Silk is a natural option as well as cashmere.

If one part of your body tends to have issues with heat, then consider choosing the associated clothing pieces based on being more comfortable and then use synthetics elsewhere if you have a certain look in mind. There is nothing that says your top can’t be natural fibers while your skirt is synthetic (or vice versa).

Consider Leggings

One easy way to make a cute dress or skirt an option during cooler weather is through the addition of leggings. You can find options in a wide range of styles, colors, and prints, letting you choose options that work with your existing wardrobe or as a piece of a new outfit.

If you want to make sure you look and feel great, then the best leggings for you may be compression leggings. Not only can compression leggings make you look slimmer and more toned, but they can also reduce muscle fatigue. That can make it easier to dance the night away without the traditional aches and pains associated with spending the evening on your feet. Leggings also work well with a wide variety of shoes, so you can still wear your favorite pair with a well-chosen pair of leggings.

Fun things to do instead of clubbing

Students find that they are exposed to a lot of independence when they start studying for the first time. Enjoying clubs and their newfound freedom for the first time can sometimes wear thin and take a toll on their budget. If you study you need to keep your funds available for study material food and living costs so partying around the clock is sometimes out of the question. Alcohol and partying can also take a toll on your health which means you need to find some other activities that are a little calmer and a bit more productive. If you are a social butterfly that enjoys going out at least four nights a week, kudos to you but if you would like to save a little money and have fun in other ways there are many alternatives to choose from. Click here to learn more about saving money as a student.

Fun things to do instead of clubbing

Start a side business with arts and crafts. It is a great idea for students to make a little extra money by showing off their entrepreneurial skills. You can learn so much from starting your own little side business and you will enjoy the benefit of actually making and saving your own money. Learn how to bead or perhaps make clothing or jewelry and start selling it on campus. You will love the idea of becoming famous for your designs and after purchasing the crafting materials you will enjoy the profit you make.

By saving all your clubbing money you can invest in a few cookbooks so that you can start your own food adventure. Experiment with different things and see how far your culinary skill goes. Make the most out of every meal by getting rid of anything instant and cooking from scratch. You might think you are unable to create any meals like mom does but you will surprise yourself. It is also great to get involved in a student campaign that you feel passionate about. See which campaigns are running and get active with likeminded individuals that feel the same way you do about a certain cause. Take a look at the foundation for defense of democracies to learn more from this foundation that so actively stands for democracy and heads up many activism situations.

Read a book at a café. Enjoy a cup of good coffee or tea and read a book. Reading is great for you and by just enjoying the relaxing environment in the café you will feel rejuvenated and ready for any tests or assignments. While you are at it you can also actively get involved in a charity project on campus that will provide you with a satisfying experience and a fulfilled mindset. These are all activities that will give you a reason to save a bit of money instead of spending it and you will feel the pleasure of doing something meaningful in your free time. Click here to read more about relaxing during examination times.

Fun and safe girl’s night ideas while studying

Your studies can take it out of you at the best of times and downtime is most definitely a pre-requisite. Take time out of your busy schedule and get together with your girlfriends and have fun in a safe and relaxing way. It is always good to enjoy your time off by checking out the clubs and pubs on campus. For relaxation though you might want to look at doing a few things that will be just as satisfying but also calm. Here is a compiled list of great activities that will keep you and your girlfriends occupied and out of trouble. This is ideal if you are coming down from a frenzied week of tests and exams.

Fun and safe girl’s night ideas while studying

Host a cooking evening

If you love cooking or you are a person that likes to learn how to prepare new dishes you can involve your friends and have a bit of fun exploring new dishes. This is ideal for bonding and you can actually learn from it. By taking time out and making something you can share and taste each other’s masterpieces. This will be a lot of fun and a safe activity. Find the best traditional recipes here. Make your cooking night interesting with experimental ingredients and a delicious bottle of wine. This will make your night just a little more fun and bring endless chattering to the table while you are exploring your meals. Click here to take a look at some delicious meals from around the world.

Indulge in a good TV series or movie

It is fun to enjoy a movie at your own place. The great part about hosting it at your own place is that you will save a bunch on travel, movie tickets and snacks. Decide on your favorite genre and make the most of your evening by preparing popcorn and snacks at home. Click here for some fantastic and low-budget movie snacks.

Find out what the future holds

Book a psychic to do a few readings for you and your girlfriends. It is fun and interactive and will give you the best experience with a bit of mystique. Take a look at psychic source review for ratings and reviews about the best psychics in your area. You don’t have to be a believer to enjoy finding out what the future holds for you. You might find out that your tall, dark and handsome stranger is waiting around the corner for you.

Arts and crafts

This is another fine and dandy way to spend an evening. Learn a new craft and get hold of the materials that you need to start beading, knitting or painting. It depends on what you are interested in but will provide you with hours of safe fun plus you actually learn something. Arts and crafts are great for relaxation and will actually be therapeutic at the best of times. Knitting a scarf for winter is a great project to start with.