Take Your Night Out to the Next Level with These Additions

You don’t have to be a Hollywood star like Stephen Collins or Jeffrey Dean Morgan to party like one. In fact, just a few simple additions to your normal night out on the town can make an average experience feel extraordinary. So, whether you are looking to bring something new to a celebration, or just want to have some additional fun, here are some easy ways to elevate your next night on the town.

Dress the Part

If your normal night on the town involves jeans and t-shirts, consider dressing up for a change. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to go as far as suits and ties or cocktail dresses (though it can). Even giving your appearance a little extra effort can make it feel more glamorous.

Take Your Night Out to the Next Level with These Additions

In some cases, dressing up means your normal hole-in-the-wall bar destination won’t feel right, so be open to trying someplace new if your attire calls for it. Who knows, you might be introduced to a new hotspot that you would have otherwise never seen.

Upgrade Your Ride

A fun way to help make the evening feel more special is to upgrade your transportation to something more fun. For example, you can rent a limo for the evening or upgrade your Uber experience from the standard to one of the luxury options. Either way, you can make the night feel a little classier by taking your transportation up a notch.

Not only will these options help you feel more like a rock star, but they will also keep everyone safe without having to choose a designated driver.

Make Reservations

Choosing a restaurant that takes reservations can feel upgraded even if you occasionally visit the establishment anyone. Knowing that there is a table waiting for you at a specific time can feel very luxurious. It also guarantees that you and your party won’t have to sit in a waiting area any longer than absolutely necessary.

If you do have some time to plan, then consider choosing a restaurant that almost requires a reservation to get a seat. It can make the night feel noteworthy through the illusion of exclusivity, and might not cost any more than you would spend elsewhere.

Try a New Drink or Food

Whether at a bar, club, or restaurant, consider giving an upgraded drink a try. It can be as simple as choosing a new imported or craft beer or trying the establishment’s signature cocktail. This isn’t necessarily about spending a large sum of money. Instead, it is about doing something special or unique, and about reaching out at least a little past your comfort zone.

The same can be done with dinner or light appetizer options. Consider branching out and selecting at least one option outside of your traditional go-to foods. Yes, there is a risk you might not enjoy it, so feel free to include some tried-and-true selections as well. But, this is another area where you might discover something new that you really enjoy, and that can help make the night more memorable.

Often, upgrading your night out doesn’t have to increase the cost significantly. Plan ahead, check out your options, and select items that will work for your budget. Then, you can have the occasional extravagance to make your night out feel special.

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