How to Handle A Difficult Roommate

You know that in your college, one of the topics that people would like to talk about is their roommates. You will hear some people complain about their roommates because of different reasons. There are some roommates that are noisy and inconsiderate. There are also other roommates that are so messy that you can barely see their beds.

It is okay if you and your roommate are really friends because at least you can talk it over and set some rules so you will not have too many issues. There are times when the topics that you may fight about are totally unrelated to your college life and even your dorm. For example, you may be discussing the best sensory toys for kids because it is related to your lessons. You know for a fact that sensory toys are good for children who have special needs but suddenly, your roommate will disagree with you. If you are already irritated with how your roommate asks, this can be the last straw.

How to Handle A Difficult Roommate

In order to handle a difficult roommate, you would need a lot of patience and the things that you will do will depend on the situation that has occurred.

  1. Your Roommate Stinks.

Even if your roommate does not have bad body odor, the things that your roommate is bringing in may stink up your whole room. This can be enough to make you uncomfortable. What you can do is to set some rules about the type of food that can be eaten inside the room. This way, you can avoid some of the foul smelling food that your roommate is bringing in.

  1. Your Roommate Always Uses Your Things

This can be very irritating especially if you are someone who tends to be very protective of your things. You are very careful about everything that you own especially if you worked hard in order to purchase the different items that you have. What you can do is make sure that you will clear up which items are yours and you may even place them in a cabinet with a lock so your roommate will not be able to get your items without permission.

  1. Your Roommate Brings Different People Inside Your Room.

You know that it can be uncomfortable when there are a bunch of people in your room that you are not close to. Sometimes, you may not even know the people that your roommate brings home. Once again, set some rules about this. Let your roommate know that you are uncomfortable and say that you would appreciate it if it would not happen again. If it would happen often, then you may have to take more drastic measures.

If all of the things that you have done in order to make amends with your roommate proved to be futile, now is the time when you should talk to the RA. This way, your roommate will reform his/her ways. If he/she has issues with you too, this will all come out during the meeting so make sure you are prepared. Do you have other tips about dealing with difficult roommates?

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