What the US Government Has Done Regarding Youth Nightlife

Every student goes through a phase in life where it’s all about partying for them. Be it schools, colleges or universities; students engage in night parties, clubbing, drinking, dancing, and to some extent even taking drugs. The concept of enjoying nightlife is totally acceptable to the extent that it does not cause harm to anyone, especially in terms of health.

The Good VS the Bad

Now there are some good sides to partying and clubbing throughout the night etc and some bad.

What the US Government Has Done Regarding Youth Nightlife

THE GOOD: The good is obviously the fact that you get to enjoy with your friends what are known to be the golden years of your life. You also get rid of any mental stress or depression you may have been battling with or at least tend to forget about it for a while. Another advantage is that you get to socialize, meet new people and make new friends while you’re in the process. You also get exposure to different kinds of people and places which can be a good thing if you’re a person with an open mind who loves to explore new places and likes to meet new people.

THE BAD: The bad involves an alarming amount of elements that could cause harm to you, your body as well as your life. Starting with alcohol, it can have a negative impact on your body if you over-consume it. In addition to that, underage drinking is common at such parties which have often resulted in extremely dangerous situations for the teenagers. In addition to that, fighting etc at such parties or in clubs has also become very common and numerous cases have emerged where teenagers have been hurt physically, and in some cases even have been shot. Cases of rape as well as assault have also increased as a result of these night parties and rave sessions. Many people have been put behind bars under such circumstances which have affected their studies, their physical and mental health as well as their social life.

THE ROLE PLAYED BY US GOVERNMENT: The US government has not stayed behind in this situation. The Whitehouse Office of National Drug Control Policy has played an important role in defining certain rules and regulations and keeping a balance and check on such situations throughout the country.

This has caused a serious decrease in such cases. Important politicians such as Mark Dubowitz have always played an important role in forming as well as implementing such policies to keep the situation under control. Policies have been formed regarding drugged driving, prevention, prescription drug abuse and heroin use as well as special populations. Research has shown that up to 60% of American population lives in an area which is served by an ONDCP-funded HIDTA program which goes to show how successful the US government has been so far!

There is also a youth anti-drug media campaign which specifically targets teenagers and young adults who are involved in intake of drugs and excessive partying and clubbing. It is very obvious that with these efforts the US government will be able to almost fully control the situation throughout the nation in a reasonable amount of time.

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