Earn an Extra Income for Your Studies by Making and Selling Compost

Student life is quite expensive.  Your books are expensive, your living cost is expensive, your clothes are expensive and spending time with friends is expensive.  Student life is also one of the toughest times of your life because you have to spend a lot of hours in front of the books and probably don’t have time much time for a part time job.  If you want to earn a bit of spending money easily then it is time to consider making compost and selling it.

Why compost is the best money project for students

  • You can make compost completely free since all you need for good quality compost is waste products.
  • It doesn’t take up much of your time to make compost. One hour a day is plenty of time!
  • Compost is the only business type that has a 100% markup profit.
  • Every home owner, gardener and nursery uses compost for their plants and especially for potted plants which means you will always have plenty of clients.
  • You can make compost anywhere when you have a good quality tumbler.
  • You can grow your own mini veggie or herb garden from your own compost and save money on groceries.
  • Your dorm potted plants will flourish and grow much better with your own hand grown compost.

Earn an Extra Income for Your Studies by Making and Selling Compost

Get a good quality compost maker

As a student you probably don’t have time to waste.  Compost making and making your own compost barrels or compost makers requires a lot of time and skill.  A good quality compost tumbler will help you make much more compost in less time and will cut back on a lot of the effort involved in mixing your compost heaps.  If you are going to buy a compost maker then the compost tumbler by Yimby is one of the best possible choices you can make because it has a 37 gallon capacity and you can have good quality compost ready every second week which enables you to cash in frequently.

Get free compost ingredients

Compost ingredients are available freely since compost is made of processed plant materials.  But if you want to make good quality compost that your clients will learn to trust then you should try to be a bit more diverse than just sticking to grass cuttings and falling leaves.  There are plenty of other plant sources that you can add to your compost maker to improve the quality of the compost such as;

Coffee and tea – The minerals in coffee and tea is sure to give your compost a much richer feel and will boost plant growth a lot.

Eggshells – Hear from local bakers about all of their eggshells since these are an excellent source of calcium.

Veggie and fruit offcuts – You can use all of your fruit and veggie peelings and even hear from restaurants about theirs to fuel your compost.

Newspapers – Newspapers and cardboard boxes are also wood and is will help your compost bind much better.

Sawdust – Sawdust is also terrific for your compost and will help you make much more at a much more affordable rate.

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