Don’t Leave College without It

College is incredible. You now have the freedom of an adult attached to the responsibility of a student. You can pick your schedule and waste time at will. However, don’t leave college without having tried this tremendous list of memory making activities. Graduate with no regrets!

Don’t Leave College without It

Here is our gigantic list of things to do before you graduate college. We are certain that you will find many of them hugely entertaining and adventurous. And, we know these will be days you won’t soon forget. Enjoy this list of ways to make them all the more memorable:

  • Get Published– Your college’s newspaper and/or yearbook is probably looking for a few good pieces. You can contact the editors and ask for an assignment. Once you’re in there, your name will go down in history, in print!
  • Dress Crazy– Order some compression wear (don’t forget the socks) here and run through the campus, or the library, wearing these way-too-tight garments. You’ll definitely get a laugh from your friends if nothing else.
  • Crash a Party– Just bust on in somewhere that you weren’t invited and try to make friends. You’ll be totally out of your element and catch everyone else off guard. Sometimes that can be a riot.
  • Take Advantage– Not of people, but of business and establishments that offer student discounts. Frequent them until they know your name. You’ll only get 15% off as long as you have your college ID and believe us, the time will fly!
  • Participate– Don’t stay on the outskirts of campus activity. Sign up for clubs and intramurals. Play hard on top of studying hard. This is indeed going to be the time of your life so make the most of it at every opportunity.
  • Protest– You’ve never had more time to be politically and socially active. If you feel strongly about something, for or against, protest for your side.
  • Dance– You might feel slightly silly, but if you don’t at least try to dance in college you’ll never learn. If there’s ever a line-dancing class on campus do it, you’ll be surprised by how much fun you have. Get your line dancing tips by clicking this.
  • Get Online– That might not sound like a feat, but we’re talking about getting online on your school’s site. Do something that earns you celebrity status and a spot on the school’s webpage (or FB if that’s the best you can do).
  • Study Abroad– Do not pass up the opportunity to go overseas. When we mentioned having no regrets, this is one significant area. You never know if you’ll have the chance again. Go do it and stay up all hours just to take in as much of the country as you can. This holds real memory making potential. For information on traveling abroad, read this.
  • High Five– The guy (or girl) having to run around in your school mascot’s costume, is pretty sweaty. He/she needs some additional encouragement for the devotion invested. Give the mascot a high five every time you see it.
  • Easy Elective– Sometimes you need a brain break. Consider taking the easiest elective on the roster. Something like the Art of Breathing, Giraffe Nutrition, or Underwater Basket Weaving. Your GPA might need the boost.

If these tips aren’t quite enough for you, you can always read this for more.

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