Rings & Finger Symbolism: Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On?

Assuming that you’re thinking of going on that night out with friends, but you’re not sure on which finger you should wear your rings. This shouldn’t surprise you, because there are many people out there who honestly have no idea on which fingers to wear their rings. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things to look at when wearing rings. We are going to discuss the finger symbolism when it comes to wearing rings.

Rings & Finger Symbolism: Which Finger Should You Wear a Ring On?

Right Hand vs. Left Hand

This is something that has left many people puzzled, but the truth is that at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter what finger that the rings are worn on. It all actually depends on factors like culture, and the rules of institutions such as schools. For the average American, though, it is really a matter of preference.

The Little (Pinky) Finger

For most people, when a ring is worn on the little finger, it is meant to bring out a “statement”. Such rings are usually not associated to religion or culture, and are instead the flashiest rings, bringing out eye popping statements. According to some astrological or palmistry symbolism, the little finger is associated with intelligence and persuasion, representing Mercury. Mercury is a liquid material, and this means that you won’t be wearing any ring made of relevant metal here.

Fourth (Ring) Finger

In most part of the world, the right fourth finger with a band indicates that one is engaged, while a band on the fourth finger of the left hand indicates marriage. Most people go for simple gold or silver bands for their wedding as compared to diamond studded engagement rings that women tend to prefer. This finger is associated with romance, beauty and creativity, with silver being the preferred metal for non-wedding rings because the moons metal is silver, symbolically.

The Middle Finger

This is the largest and boldest of all the fingers, which is probably why it is used for the obvious hand gesture. Most people that are wearing rings for the first time feel most comfortable with the rings on the middle finger due to its central feel, sturdiness, and manliness. One wouldn’t want to wear a bulky ring, though, because it can be quite a hindrance to manual tasks. The middle finger is associated with Saturn because of the central location, and the common metal for Saturn is lead, making simple gray metals like steel the best options.

The Index or Pointer Finger

Aside from the thumb, this is the most used finger, and for a long time, it has been the preferred ring finger for men. It is the perfect finger for class rings, fraternal rings, family rings and membership rings, although most people prefer it out of choice or habit. This finger is associated with Jupiter, symbolizing power, leadership, and authority. Bright silver metals are the preferred choice for this finger.

The Thumb

Thumb rings are associated with wealth and influence, and to that effect, they also tend to be bulky. This is the perfect option for people that love wearing many rings, since the thumb is somewhat isolated. When it comes to gestures, thumbs are associated with friendship and interaction, and hence the “thumbs up”. It is perfect for chunky rings but nothing gaudy or expensive looking. They are best when they are bold and simple. According to classic mythology, the thumb is an indicator of character, straight thumbs showing an authoritative personality, while crooked thumbs show dishonesty or wickedness.

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Factors Students Must Look Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a new and expensive car isn’t a piece of cake. Various folks can’t afford to spend a lot of money. However, virtually everyone requires a car. The best option in such circumstances is buying the used car as it is less expensive and can allow you to stay in your budget.

Everything embraces a sunny and a dark side. It is a misconception among students that used things are of poor quality. That’s why they are advised to spend more money and opt for a new one. These are all fallacies. All you have to do is just be careful before finalizing it.

Factors Students Must Look Before Buying A Used Car

Here are a few advises every student must review before buying the used car:

  • Check the condition of the Car:

The very first thing you must look for is the condition of the car. No one wants to purchase a car that is rusty or broken and spend money on its repair. Therefore check the exterior and interior of a car thoroughly so that you don’t have to face problems later on.

  • Always go for Test Drive

When you buy clothes, you always try them beforehand to check whether they suit or not. Same is the case with cars. Whenever you look for a used car, always take a test drive to check its functioning. Doing so will help you in analyzing that if the brakes are fit and can respond to the sharp turns smoothly or not? Moreover, it gives you an idea about the performance of the engine and how much oil it consumes per kilometer.

  • Inspect a car with the help of your Mechanic:

A student doesn’t have an idea about the minor details of the cars. You can only check the main things like color and condition, but a mechanic knows everything. When you take a mechanic with you to inspect the car, he finds out about the hidden problems. Not only this, but you know about the actual worth of the car. There are numerous cases when folks purchase something expensive that is not even worth spending so much money. To avoid losing huge bucks, it is always better to get the assistance of a professional auto mechanic.

  • Research about the Make and Model:

When you are looking to purchase a car, always do a little research about its model. It is vital because doing that would help you get to know how old the car is and what’s the actual market price of the brand new car. In addition to that, it helps you in negotiating the price, and you won’t be fooled by the scammers.

  • Check the Registration Papers:

Before buying the car always ensure that the car is registered under your government. Sometimes the second-hand cars are the stolen ones that are illegal for the owner to have. To avoid the clashes in future always check the registration papers and make certain that if they are original or not.

  • Look for pre-owned cars:

Looking out for certified pre-owned cars comes handy for you. For it can offer you a warranty of the quality of the vehicle. When you purchase these cars, the dealers offer you quality assurance and warranty.

  • Check the Reviews and Dealers reputation:

The best way to buy a car from a dealer is to check the reviews and feedbacks of his other clients. Carvision is the best place to look for the trusted dealers. It is an online platform that provides you the buying, selling and trade services. Furthermore, they have the customers’ reviews on their site which help the new audience to go for the best dealer. Carvision have experienced and trustworthy sellers, so you won’t have to worry about finding the good one. Check the reviews of certain clients and go for one which you find right. Contacting them will not be an issue since there is already complete information about them on their site.

The Best Cars for College Students

Heading off to college is an exciting moment in the life of a young person. However, there are a number of concerns for parents. Many parents ascribe to the “buy your own car” mentality, and we certainly support that. However, it’s important to help your kids pick the best cars for college students before they leave home. You want to ensure that they’ve got a car they can afford and that will keep them safe.

We suggest looking at your options via Car Vision. They have a large selection of used vehicles at reasonable prices. College students will want to pick one of the cars on our list to be confident that they are heading off to college with a peach not a lemon. The experts at Car Vision can help your children make an informed choice before they move on to make even greater life lasting decisions at college.

The Best Cars for College Students

Top Seven Used Cars for College Students

If you are interested, you can do a quick search for the top seven used cars for college students, or you can trust our list. We utilized Edmunds, which happens to be a well-respected source for used and new car information. Hopefully this list will help you and your soon to be college student narrow down the options and pick something that will last the next four years and beyond.

  1. Mazda 3 (2008)- You can get this in a hatchback or sedan version. Both options are very versatile and will offer plenty of space for hauling groceries and all the necessities to move into the dormitories on campus.
  2. Kia Soul (2013)- The Kia Soul is exceptionally inexpensive when purchased in a used state. They offer abundant features, style, and functionality necessary for leaving home. Since the back seats fold down your student will have plenty of room to get things moved into his/her new space. Learn more.
  3. Honda Fit (2009)- What’s not to love about a Honda? At least you know that your son or daughter will be purchasing a vehicle that holds its value very well. And, the economically designed Fit will be great for the gas budget.
  4. Honda CRV (2002)- We’ve already voiced our appreciation for Honda’s, but if your kid is hoping for a bigger car, the CRV is a good option. This will allow for plenty of room to take the friends to the beach on open weekends.
  5. Scion tC (2006)- The Scion is made by Toyota so that is always a plus. And, it is a relatively inexpensive used car that offers a good amount of interior space for carting stuff and friends. Read this.
  6. Acura TSX (2005)- Also made by Toyota, the Acura TSX is a luxury car. But since it will be purchased used, it shouldn’t break the bank. It will appeal to others at the university level as well.
  7. Ford Mustang (2005)- We couldn’t close out the list without incorporating at least one sports car. We understand that college students want to look cool and that they want to drive fast. They will have both in this car. But the best part is that it’s reasonably fuel efficient for a sportscar and it’s not super expensive to maintain.

To look at some more great options just click this.

Escape Your Comfort Zone “Plan an Outdoor Adventure”

Every now and then, each person requires an escape from their tedious everyday routine to have a sound mind in a sound body and lead a happy life. However, it requires a person to escape their comfort zone which can be quite challenging and tricky at times but don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Staying inside that little cocoon of comfort you have created for yourself is an easy way of staying isolated from the world and preventing yourself from experiencing all the thrilling, unique, challenging and fun events in life. Life is all about ups and downs, achievements and failures, challenges, and exciting experiences. You need to push past your fears and test your limits to achieve this, and for this to happen, it is necessary to escape your comfort zone.

To do this, you need to get uncomfortable by bringing yourself some challenges that test your skills, activities that are not your type and experiments that question the beliefs you have. Planning an outdoor adventure is a combination of these all and the ideal option to help you escape your comfort zone that won’t leave you disappointed.

Escape Your Comfort Zone  "Plan an Outdoor Adventure"

Which outdoor activities should you consider?

The options available for outdoor activities are diverse including hunting, hiking, paddling, fishing, mountain climbing, et cetera. And sometimes it might get difficult to choose from these and decide that which one of these you should actually consider for planning an outdoor adventure. Numerous factors can influence the outdoor activity you should opt for. For example:

  • Level of difficulty (beginner or advanced)
  • Budget
  • Your style of physical activity

If you are a complete beginner and have no experience with outdoor adventures before, you probably have no clue about packing a backpack, and neither are your muscles used to the vigorous physical activity. In this case, you should opt for outdoor activity spots closer to your hometown and those that are comparatively lenient on the body muscles such as hunting et cetera.

Apart from this, the budget you have for your outdoor adventure determines that whether you should plan on going for a one day trip or a multi-day trip and to a faraway spot or a closer spot. Last but not the least, your style of physical activity is the major factor that you should consider before opting for any outdoor adventure. If you like to walk, you should probably opt for hiking if you like to climb you should go for mountain climbing and the list goes on and on.

How to prepare for such outdoor activities?

Agree or not, preparing beforehand for an outdoor adventure saves you from a lot of disasters during your expedition and ensures a comfortable outdoor experience. Preparing for an outdoor adventure includes many things and the best way to cover all aspects of preparation and make sure that you do not miss out of anything, the outdoor veteran is the best option.

It serves as your ultimate training guide when you decide on going for hiking, hunting, paddling, fishing or any other such adventure by aiding you in the selection of the best spots for an outdoor adventure. That guides you for packing your backpack whether you are going alone or with your buddies and offering a list of the best outdoor adventure podcasts and blogs to follow to mentally and physically prepare yourself for your expedition.

Moreover, it reviews the best sunscreens, sunglasses, gear and other essentials to help you have one of the most comfortable experience ever. In short, it is a complete package for preparing for an outdoor expedition.

Why Students Should Opt for Jobs

In the past decade, the world has advanced a lot. One of the remarkable changes that have taken place is in the education sector of the World. Students now embrace different lives than they had in the past. They are encouraged to take as much exposure as possible from the real World while they are still studying. An idea like this brought about the increasing popularity in student jobs.

Student jobs are for individuals who are completing their degree to gain some experience. These jobs have a shorter time and more perks for them, however, not much pay. Students can join internships in their field, or they can work in any other area of their interest. For some, it becomes a compulsion to support themselves with some extra cash; nevertheless, it is an excellent idea in general. Studies show how important it is to be diverting your brain from studies every few hours a day to ensure that you do not lose interest.

Why Students Should Opt for Jobs

One way to do that is choosing bike riding. You know, what you can do in this matter, purchase Road Bikes below 1000 USD and head out for an adventure every day with your loved ones and it ensures physical exercise as well. Read the guidelines and advice to purchase the best bike before buying one. Currently, hybrid bikes are quite popular among all kids, men, and women. Another way to divert your mind from stress is to find a part-time job! Finding a part-time job not only support you, but it will also provide you some time off studying entirely.

The idea of student jobs is still circulating and being accepted by several folks. If you are not convinced yet, here are a few reasons why students’ jobs are beneficial:

  1. You can earn some cash:

Students that are still living with parents or are in dorms will have to get a job and a place to live sooner or later. While you are taking classes, a few extra bucks can support you save and prove useful in long term. The sooner you begin saving, the more easy and luxurious life you are going to spend with few loans. Moreover, the extra cash can help you hang out with your friends and give a treat to them without worrying about wasting significant money.

  1. Gaining experience:

One of the vital aspects companies ask for is job experience. Small jobs can assist you in gaining experience in your field, or in the working World overall. You will have an idea of how to deal with people professionally and how things are done. In the long run, that would help you get a job more easily than others. Organizations hire students to let them learn, allowing them to gain all the necessary experience. Additionally, it allows you to figure out if the field is working for you or not? That can help you in making a right decision about selecting your specialization before it is too late.

  1. You will make connections:

Strong contacts are more significant than your merit. To show your resume to an influential person to get yourself a good job, you require finding a way to talk to him and not just send your resume and wait for a reply. Working as an intern or a part-time job allow you to make more connections. These connections may then help you meet influential individuals according to your skills, and you can secure a job.

Sometimes companies also offer a signed contract of a permanent job as soon as you get your degree which makes the market want you more. Links with various folks help you in every aspect of your life, which is why making them at an early age is essential.

Ways to Revel in the Student Life

At the young age, when students have least responsibilities and they can enjoy their life to the maximum, assignments, exams, and plans leave them stressed out. They start getting all this on nerves and end up feeling depressed. That usually happens when one fails to manage the load of studies and gets the fear of failure on one’s head. Worrying too much is not an illness, but it can make you feel sick.

Therefore, a student must know how he can beat the stress because this, at very young age, can leave you devastated when the time to achieve something arrives. There are loads of things to do to live a stress-free life. Life has so much to offer if you are willing to avail the opportunities. All it takes is just a bit change in your daily routine and indulgence in some healthy activities. As a result, all your depression vanishes away, and you enjoy your student life. There are some tips to make your life full of fun and enjoyment.

  • Find a part time job:

Do not waste your spare time rather spend it while earning some extra money. In this way, you get a chance to add some experience in your CV as well. You do not have to be worried about the future whether you would get your dream job or not. When you get enough working experience before your graduation, heaps of opportunities would be waiting for you when you pass out. Likewise, you can grab everything you want when you have enough finances. If part time job is difficult to manage, you can try earning online. This is one of the perfect ways to make money.

  • Take part in sports:

The benefits sports can provide, are parallel to nothing. It does not only make your body fit and strong but also enhances the mental abilities. There is a bundle of categories in sports, and you can pick any one you like the most. Join a team in your school and enjoy playing it with your pals.

Ways to Revel in the Student Life

In summers, water sport makes a perfect combination with the summer heat. In this regard, Northwinds water sports can make it exciting for you. You can get the windsurfing lesson here, and they also rent paddle boards and kayaks. Do you really think that you can get the enjoyment and health benefits at the same time from somewhere else?

  • Do not miss out the parties:

Parties are the best way you can take joy in. Do not make excuses when your friend invites you to a party at their home. You get a chance to append quality time with your favorite ones. These parties later turn out to be one of your memorable moments. Dress up and get ready to rock the party. It keeps your mind engaged in something refreshing. If you do not get an invitation once in a while, plan one by yourself and let your stress go away.

  • Take care of your body:

Do not let your body take an ugly shape. That happens when you do not take care of what you eat. A healthy diet and exercise keep your body and mind healthy. You may not get time to go to a gym after a stressful day at school and work, but doing only 15 to 20 minutes exercise daily is quite enough to keep yourself fit and vigorous. We all know that a healthy body is a prerequisite to surpass your goals. Make fruit, vegetable, and a little workout an essential part of your life.

Essential tips for successful students

Studying can be stressful and this is especially true for those students that strive to be the best and want to make the most of their studies. It happens often that students end up over working themselves and put too much pressure on themselves to do better than what is expected. Here are a few tips that will help you get to the top in no time.

Be responsible and active at all times. You need to get involved in your studies by making sure you except responsibility for what it is you need to do. Make time for activities that are related to your studies like field trips and visits to places and locations that might inform you even more in your chosen field of study. Click here to take a look at some of the best museums in the world.

Essential tips for successful students

It is also very important to set goals for you and to make them as achievable as possible. It is a good thing to strive to be better most times but you need to realize that you will also need time off and a bit of a break from the books now and then. Take a look at Occidental Vacation Club for some great time-share options. This is a wonderful way to plan the ideal weekend away and will give you and your fellow students the opportunity to get away from it all and prepare for your next big test. Studies have shown that students perform better when they are well-rested and relaxed.

Be interactive in class by not sitting in the back and taking notes during class. This will only strengthen your studies and make your class sessions a lot more helpful. There are many ways to make the classroom work for you and one of the main ones is to have a good teamwork relationship with your professors. It is a good thing to ask questions if you are not sure about something and to stay informed at all times.

Another valuable tip is to take good notes. Successful students take a lot of notes and they do it in such a manner that they most of the time don’t need to summarize their studies. Click here to learn how to take notes during class in the most effective way.

Talk to your classmates about what you learnt and have discussions about the things you don’t understand. This is also a very effective way to remember things. The best way to study is to have study groups and discussions to help all of you understand and learn better. Remember that time management is very important and that you have to be able to balance your lifestyle as you don’t want to have to cram your studies into one night for an examination that is happening the very next day. Make sure that you are well-prepared for every examination and that you are also rested and ready for those trick questions that might come your way.

Can’t Find A Good Job? Read On!

One of the biggest problems faced by the college-going students is the stress they have regarding a good paying job. While they are studying, they are never sure about getting a job that would pay them off well and fulfill all their dreams. Finding the right job is surely a tough nut to crack as the job market has narrowed quite a lot. As more and more people are getting educated, the number of people eligible for a single post is also increasing. It is causing a general shortage of the jobs and finding them has become a hard task for everyone. If you are a fresh college graduate and are looking for to a good job, here are some simple things you need to do.

  • Have a profile on LinkedIn

Making contacts is the very first thing you have to do to get your hands on a good paying job. Making a LinkedIn profile would assist you in doing that in the right manner. The sooner you do it; the more advantages you be able to get from it. Several youngsters deem the process of filling the information form of LinkedIn useless and think that it is not going to land them a job.

It is, however, not true. A link in profile helps you in making contacts and tells people about your abilities and skills. All your qualifications, extracurricular activities you were a part of during college, hobbies, training workshops you have been a part of and awards you have won are mentioned in your profile. That helps employers in finding you and considering you as an excellent resource for the company.

Can't Find A Good Job? Read On!

  • Have an internship:

Students mostly look for a job and avoid getting their hands on an internship. That is because they think an internship pays less and is for a short period. They think investing their time on an internship is useless. However, that is not the right attitude. A good internship can surely land you a job if you work with dedication and perseverance.

Your internship can even get permanent and turn into a job once your employer thinks you are capable enough for that. Therefore, try to get an internship as it will add some experience to your CV and will make it more credible.

  • Find career counselors:

The teenagers are mostly confused about what they like to do in their lives. That causes numerous problems to them in building their career. There is a high possibility you might also end up being confused about what you want to do in your life. If yes, you require to get rid of this feeling immediately and find the right path for yourself.

A career counselor can help you in that quite well. Find a person who is well experienced in this and would be able to guide you to the right path. Doing that would give you a direction for your efforts.

  • Don’t stress out:

Not being able to find a good job leads to the college graduates into a low phase of depression. If you are going through the same phase of depression, you must ease and relax. You have a lot of time to find a good job, so you do not need to stress out yourself so much.

To overcome these negative feelings, find a good hobby or be a part of some adventure. Buy some of the best summer hiking boots for yourself and go on a hiking spree with your friends. Choose the ones that are durable enough to stay with you for an extended period. Hiking will help you in relaxing your nerves, and you will be able to freshen up yourself!

How to Find Your First Real Job

You are already preparing yourself because you are going to graduate soon. You are already done with your internship and have learned a lot about the industry that you are going to be part of. You have to be prepared that the things that you have experienced are not enough in order to prepare you for the real job. You may be given more attention because you are intern. You were expected to make mistakes because it was your first time but when you get your first job, making a mistake will become a real problem.

You need to learn to be consistent in doing your job. There is a need for you to constantly become knowledgeable about the tasks that are given to you. Some of the tasks will be hard to understand but with perseverance, you will get through.

How to Find Your First Real Job

The first thing to expect is that you are probably going to be offered an entry – level job. This means that you will be starting from the bottom portion of the ladder. It will be up to you to work your way all the way up until you reach your goal. You have to learn to become one with the rest of the people you are going to work with. Just like school, there are some weeks when you will be busier than most but if you would do your best, all the effort will be worth it in the end.

Now that you know what to expect when you get your first job, it will be more applicable if you know how to apply for the job that you want. If you want a career in banking, you can check IBPS Recruitment. You will gain more details about the exam schedules plus all the other requirements and details that you need to land your first job.

Here are other tips to further help you in finding your first job:

  1. Get to know what you can expect from the job that you are applying from. It is important that you know exactly what position you are applying for and what possible tasks you have to do if you get the job. If you would be unprepared, you may end up being over or under qualified for the job.
  2. Learn everything that you can about searching for a job. There are some jobs that are highly popular because they are offered by large companies while there are some that are offered by small companies. It would depend on you what type of company you wish to work for.
  3. List down some referrals on your CV. Spread the world to your family members and friends so that they can refer you to people who are part of organizations and companies. Your entry to companies or organizations will be easier this way.
  4. Have options available. You do not want to choose one job because this is your only choice. You would like to have choices so that you can pick the best one.

If you cannot find a job right away, do not worry. Complete the applications for the jobs that you are interested in and continuously allow yourself to learn new things. Your knowledge and skills will always give you an edge over the other applicants.

Top Water Sports to Enjoy On Your Next Break

Study breaks are great fun and should be cherished and appreciated as much as possible.  Once you qualify or graduate it will be time to go job hunting and once you have started working, off time is quite limited.  In fact, for the first year of your job at a new company you can almost count on no off days since you don’t have leave yet.  This means that your short weekend and off afternoons have to suffice for all of your personal activities and for maintaining a good social life.  But that is something you don’t have to worry about right now.  Right now you have to focus on making the most out of each and every break and water sports are is one of the best activities to enjoy on your next break.

Top Water Sports to Enjoy On Your Next Break

Why water sports are the best

There are plenty of great activities, sports and adventures you can try on your study breaks so why should you choose water sports specifically?  Well, here are a few reasons to convince you that water sports are the best activity for you and all friends;

Good workout – Water sports like rowing, swimming, sailing and more gives you a great full body workout.  In fact, there are few sports that have as many cardiovascular and muscle development benefits as water sports.

Plenty of vitamin D – When you enjoy water sports you spend plenty of time in the sun and your body absorbs a lot of Vitamin D which is essential for a healthy and strong immune system and for great looking skin and healthy skin.

Improve your look – While working out and getting a bit and getting a tan in the sun you get a much better overall look which is great for boosting self confidence levels.

Cool off – what better way to cool off during summer than with swimming?

Enjoy friends – You can enjoy a lot of friends and have heaps of fun with them as you swim or enjoy various water sports.

Top water sports to enjoy this break

When you have some watery fun you probably want to take up a new challenge, learn something new and enjoy a few thrills and that is exactly why you should give these three top water sports a shot on your break;

Stand up paddle boarding – Stand up paddle boarding became tremendously popular basically overnight because so many celebrities love this water activity.  Paddle board rental in Collingwood, Ontario offers you the opportunity to rend as many paddleboards as you like incredibly affordably. 

Kayaking – Kayaking is also a great water sport that anyone can master in minutes and gives you a lot more freedom on the water surface. 

Wind surfing – If you are looking to develop a new skill then wind surfing is a must.  You can go for windsurfing lessons on your study break and once you have mastered this terrific sport you can rent a board and have heaps of fun with friends while getting a full body workout since this sport is so intense.