Can Board Games Be Good Entertainment For Campus Nights?

The world’s idea of student life is that a student will have endless parties during this time and will spend just about every evening with friends.  Reality is quite far from this.  In real life, students actually have to study most of the time to pass their grades.  The times they do actually have to spend with their friends are usually spent in the dorm… because students are mostly broke.  But your dorm time does not have to be boring or restricted to watching TV.  You and your friends can have a blast by simply being a bit more open minded about activities.

You’re never too old or cool for good clean fun

Cool kids don’t spend their evenings playing board games.  But cool kids don’t have that much fun either.  You see to be cool, you are restricting yourself a lot because you always have to act a certain way, look stunning and be in with the other cool kids… who are also always acting like they are better than you.  Ditch cool completely and start enjoying your life.  You will be surprised at how many more true friends you will make by simply being your silly, goofy, young self.

Can Board Games Be Good Entertainment For Campus Nights?

Have a look at some party games for kids

Party games for kids are great fun.  You can ask any parent.  One of the best parts about being a parent is being able to shop for kids toys again and to play with them with your kid.  You should have a look at some fun party games for kids so you and your friends can have a blast without a care in the world as to what everyone thinks of you.

Give family party games a try

There are plenty of family board games that are great fun to enjoy with your friends.  Board games are one of the cheapest ways to transform even the most boring of evenings into a lot of fun.  You can stock up on a great variety of board games that anyone of any age can enjoy.  Here are some of the best family games to look out for;

Monopoly Monopoly have been around for a long time and is still one of the most played board games out there.

Battleships – The game is only for two but provides good clean fun

Twister – Twister is perfect for enjoying a bit of together time with a few cute opposite sex friends

Check out some games for adults

There are plenty of games out there that are especially for adults.  Some of these games involve a lot of drinking while others require a lot of clever thinking.  Here are the top adult board games you can try:

Drink-A-Palooza – This game is perfect for helping one of your buddies get over a terrible breakup or to help everyone recover after a tough exam.

Battle of the Sexes – This game is based on finding out who is better, women or men?

Cards against Humanity – This adult game is quite intriguing and involves a judge, players and cards that are utterly hilarious.

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