The Amazing Montel Williams Blender

montel blenderJust like its name suggests, the blender is so amazing because it gives you services that are contrary to what you would expect from such a gadget. It’s actually a must have gadget for all those who have a strong desire of eating healthy foods. Whether you are craving for smoothies, fruit salads or simple healthy meals, this is the gadget that will help you do all of that at the touch of a button. The device is highly recommended for all because it’s very pocket friendly considering that you will get three devices at the price of one device. Just so you may know, with Williams blender, you will be able to blend your fruits, cook meals and also mix your favorite ice cream flavors.

Energy and Time Efficient

It goes without saying that Williams blender is energy efficient thanks to its 1200 watts motor that runs at a very high speed. This makes it possible for you to blend your fruits much faster and hence does not hike your power bills. The blades of this blender are saw-toothed and so you don’t have to worry about dry or hard fruits because it’s designed to split any material that comes its way. Gone are the days that frozen fruits could not be blended because they would break the blades of your blender. With Williams blender, you simply place your frozen fruits into the jar and they will be blended into a fine juice in a matter of seconds. And as if that is not enough, all the nutrients will be intact because the blender is designed not to cause any vapor or liquid spill off. For any doubting Thomases out there, click here to watch the video on how the blender works. You can also click to find out more about the amazing blender.

Portable Cooker

Ask anyone who has Williams blender at their home or workplace and they will tell you that it also doubles as a portable cooker. This makes it the most sought after blender in the market. In fact, its jar can hold enough food for about three people. This is because you can first cook your food and then blend it. The good thing is that there are no limitations on the kind of foods that can be prepared using this blender. The lid is large to make it easier to accommodate many fruits and vegetables which is contrary to other blenders that have small lids that have to be pressed from the top to prevent juice from spilling off. In case your blender stops functioning, you simply call Rapid-Electric and they will fix it for you at an affordable fee.

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