5 Biggest Campus Bars

College campus bars are the most favorite part of a college student’s life. You can enjoy the cheap drinks, amazing snacks, gang of friends, play drinking games, enjoy party, competitions, etc. Whether you stay back late for studying or enjoying parties, campus bars are the most amazing part of any undergraduate’s life. Everyone has their own favorite seat in the campus bars and they enjoy sitting there with friends and enjoying their drinks for hours together.

Here are the 5 biggest campus bars in the US.

1. Rick’s American Cafe:

This campus bar belongs to the University of Michigan. This campus bar is located in Ann Arbor. One major drawback of this campus bar is that it charges a cover fee and tries to make up for the best ways possible. They have giant fishbowls as well as sweaty dance floors surrounded by 3 bar sections. There is a rumour that this bar has kicked out the Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps.

2. He’s not here:

This is the campus bar of University of North Carolina, which is located in the Chapel hill of North carolina. The bar just serves beer because of which its rating is slightly less popular than other bars around the region though it is one of the biggest campus bars.visit http://www.usatoday.com/story/travel/destinations/2013/08/17/best-college-bars-in-america/2666313/ for more information.

However, this bar is not supposed to be under estimated. If you buy beer in the 33 ounce blue cup, then and can be refilled as soon as you finish it just for $3 and $6 depending upon which night of the week you are planning to visit the bar. Besides this, if you want to go for a picnic in this bar, the balcony courtyard is full of picnic tables. The campus bar is more than 300 yards from the fraternity court and is much bigger in size than the other college campus bars around US.

3. Timothy’s bar and grill

This campus bar is found in the University of Dayton which is located in Dayton at Ohio state. This is one of the best college bars in America. This bar may not have the same reputation as other bars, but they have the stipper pole as well as killer drink served in the name of ‘The wall’. visit the original source for more details.

Campus Bars

4. The Sink – CU Boulder

This campus bar is located in Boulder at Colo. This bar is pretty famous because American president Barack Obama visited ‘The Sink’ bar very recently. The bar has a lot to offer including but not limited to giant jenga, beer pong, corn hole as well as other amazing drinks. Every Monday the fans of Sink Rats participate in the flip night where you flip a coin and pay either 25 cents or the full price when you buy your drink.

5. Old stone Jug

This campus bar is located in the Colgate University of Hamilton at New York. The campus bar started as an under rated, but it is one of the biggest college bars now with great music, dance and debauchery. College alumini have a privilege and have a special place when playing for Frank Sinatra’s New York.

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