10 Largest Bars in the US

Largest bars are those which host star bartenders, cool designs, expert cocktails and many other features make the nightlife more enjoyable in the cities all around the US. It is time to figure out the 10 largest bars in the US and gear up your drinking capabilities in these popular bars with your friends and family or sometimes enjoy drinking alone with strangers. Based on the ratings and regular selection of bars, these 10 largest bars have been nominated and preferred by many people in the US.

1. Canon

Located in the hearts of Seattle, Washington, this bar is popular for cocktails like gin based La Bicyclette served in glass flask.

2. The NoMad Hotel

This big and beautiful American bar is located in New York city and is anchored by a 24 foot mahogany bar and consists of rooms like you have in libraries. Soft cocktails as well as dark spirited drinks like Leo Robitschek and a mix of scotch, lemon, absinthe called Morning Glory Fizz are the classic drinks in the NoMad Hotel bar.

3. Pour Vous

This bar is located in Los Angeles, California and is a Persian style cocktail bar which features the gorgeous looking red velvet banquettes. Focusing on French menu, Parfum with Pret a Poire drink is served regularly.read full post at http://www.gayot.com/restaurants/best-us-top10-sportsbar_01us.html.

4. Woodsman tavern

Found in Portland, Oregon, is a popular bar of all Olympic stars. This huge bar has all the amenities and best bartenders.

5. Midnight Cowboy

This bar is located in the same place where the massage parlor – Midnight cowboy Modeling was previously located in Austin, Texas. You can make your own drink selections including drill and tonic as well as hot and bothered rum, ginger beer or fire damnation bitters.

6. Scott & Co.

Located in Tuscon, Arizona, this beer bar is pretty new opened in 2010, but one of the largest top 10 in the entire US. Preakness Punch is the seasonal drink offered made of pepper corn infused gin, lemon and chartreuse. They also occasionally serve Vagabond made of orange bitter, nectar, lime and tequila.read more news here!

7. Williams and Graham

This bar is located in Denver city of Colorado. Drinkers will have to walk through the faux bookstore and dark space before entering this bar. Smoky mountain is the most popular drink served in this bar and is made of mix of locally produced honey vodka as well as the mezcal which is considered to be the attitudinally appropriate drink for visitors.

8. Bellocq

This is the best alternative to Bourbon Street and is very classy in the looks and consists of the most modern features from cocktail bar cure. The drinks and food are rich and popular in the city.

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9. The Barrelhouse Flat

Found in the heart of Chicago city in Illinois state, is a brilliant huge bar with jukebox in the downstairs and a gorgeous punch bowl like setup.

10. The Hawthorne

This location is found in Boston in Massachusetts state. There are few other major bars and eating places where you can visit before coming to the Hawthorne. The bar consists of several lounges with comfortable room like vintage Russian bars.

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